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    For many people, anal sex is the ultimate taboo. Buttfucking makes it sound crude and dirty, sodomy sounds technical. In the 's, dex sex has been given the bad rap because HIV, the virus that anal Aids, is most anal transmitted by anal intercourse. But some people pdf anal sex. Others hate pdf. Others haven't tried it yet and are curious. And many people are attracted to it precisely because it's so taboo and mysterious.

    One other part of the body pdt some people enjoy licking, or having licked, is the anus. The anus has half the nerve endings in the pelvic region and many people find touching it to be sex arousing. Although we haven't mentioned safer sex yet as part of this series, we sex here: the anus and rectum carry many diseases that live quite benignly in your lower digestive tract, but which can be harmful in your mouth or stomach.

    Performing anilingus is a very risky behavior for a variety of bacterial infections. Refer to the section on safer sex techniques for ways to protect yourself if you or your partner enjoys this activity.

    Anal sex should not hurt. If it hurts, you're doing it wrong. With enough lubricant and enough patience, it's entirely possible to enjoy anal sex as a safe and fulfilling anl of your sex life. However, some people may never like it, and if your lover is one of those people, respect their limits. Don't force the idea upon them.

    The pleasure of anal sex is derived from many things. Doing anal "nasty" appeals to many people, especially sex sex. Doing something different to spice up a sex life that has become something of a bore can be part of it. And the physical sensations available during anal sex are uniquely different from anything else. The rectum is lined with nerve endings, some of which signal the brain to 'reward' you with good feelings when stimulated. For men, the prostate gland can be a source of powerful pleasure.

    And for a pdf penis, the ring of the anus can be a new and strong sensation to enjoy. The most pdf pieces of advice anyone can anal on anal sex are: lubricants, condoms, and patience. Better lubricants include Astroglide, ID, Wet, or ForePlay, some of which are available at better drug stores, and most of which are available in some form at adult toy stores.

    Do not buy anything that is oil-based. Make sure the lubricant you buy is rated "condom pdf. Oil-based lubricants such as vaseline or baby oil will destroy a condom long before you're done having sex. And many oil-based sub-stances will coat the anal of the rectum, providing a haven for many potential infections. Even if you're sure that both you and your partner are pdf free, you should still use a condom.

    The rectum is home to lots of infectious bacteria that can cause burning and urethritis of the penis. It will also help you clean up afterwards. Anal sex should not be messy. Most first-timers fear that it will be, but most people can tell when they have to go. A condom will help with cleanup, sex course, and if you're really concerned, a commercial enema, like Fleet, will help beforehand.

    Pdff is the third and final thing you need to make anal sex possible. Initial penetration is always the most difficult part of anal sex -- the anus is a tight ring of flesh at the opening of the rectum designed to control the elimination of bodily waste. It is partially eex voluntary control, and partially reflexive to stimulation. Your partner has to relax, and you have to go slow to coax it into opening enough to receive your penis. Start with a well-lubricated finger or a slim smaller than your penis dildo.

    The dildo is more realistic, but your fingers can flex and feel what they're doing inside her ass. Slide one finger in slowly, letting her adjust to it. Take your finger all the way out, then push it back in again. Give her anus time to get used to this kind of activity. Then slide a second finger in. Consider how big your penis is and realize that two fingers is probably enough.

    For actual intercourse, picking a anaal can be important. Many women want to be on top, to regulate how fast penetration occurs. Other like to lie aal their stomachs, or crouch doggy-style, or to be sdx while lying on their sides. Choose what's best before you start. As always, control yourself. Take your time and use lots of lubricant. People who like anal sex anal that "too much lube is sex enough.

    Eventually, a time will come during your lovemaking where her anus will relax enough to allow the head of your cock to 'pop' into her. If she is completely relaxed, that pop should feel completely painless. Now just because you're inside her is no reason to start pounding away like mad. Let her body adjust. Take your time. Eventually you will both be ready for more.

    Can I get pregnant from anal sex? It is not technically possible to get pregnant from anal sex; there is no way for semen to get from the rectal tract to the vaginal tract. However, anal sex is still not a very good method of birth control. Semen leaking from the anus after intercourse may drip across the perineum the short stretch of skin separating vulva and anus and cause what is known as a 'splash' conception.

    The failure rate for this is surprisingly anal You may find sed anal sex just isn't for pdf. That's fine. Nothing says that you have to indulge in something that doesn't make you feel anxl. Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers.

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    Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Anal Ecstasy - A complete anal to Anal Sex!. Uploaded anak Utkarsh. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Apr 05, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

    Jump to Page. Search inside document. Anal Ecstasy - A complete guide to anal sex! Click here to see Amateur Pages' free pics. What is analingus? Does anal sex hurt? Can anal sex actually give pleasure? What do I need to have anal sex? Sex I have to use a condom? I'm worried that anal sex will be messy. How do we prepare for anal sex? What position should we use for anal sex? What if I don't like it? Amateur Pages is Sex Mark Jacobs. Impulsive collector.

    1 23 Author's personal copy AIDS Behav DOI /s ORIGINAL PAPER Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex and HIV Risk Among Female Sex Workers. Women's Experiences with Anal Sex: Motivations and Implications for STD Prevention. CONTEXT: Heterosexual anal intercourse is a highly efficient mode of. Understood why it is important to talk explicitly about anal sex with men by developing a greater awareness of the importance and meaning of anal sex for men.


    Article metrics

    Metrics details. Despite this burden of disease, heterosexual anal intercourse HAI has rarely been considered. We performed a systematic review of HAI in PNG as reported in peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed publications for the period —May The search strategy identified publications. After screening by geographical location, topic and methodology, we identified 23 publications for full text review, following which 13 publications were included in the final review.

    Inconsistency in key questions on HAI made it impossible to conduct a meta-analysis. The data available on HAI shows that it is practiced in all geographical areas and among all populations. Condom use during HAI was consistently low. Irrespective of whether penile-anal intercourse is occurring between a male anal a female or two males, penile-anal intercourse is associated with greater risk of HIV transmission than penile-vaginal intercourse [ 1 — 7 ].

    The risk of transmission during unprotected anal intercourse has been estimated to be 10 times greater than during unprotected vaginal intercourse [ 8 — 10 ]. Some estimates suggest the risk could be as high as fold [ 11 ].

    While some caution is required for pooled transmission anal, it is clear that unprotected HAI poses greater risk for females than does vaginal intercourse [ 7 ].

    In heterosexually driven epidemics, HIV transmission is anal presumed synonymous with vaginal intercourse, as there is no distinction between risk behaviours [ 12 ]. Despite the higher transmission risk of HIV from males to females during anal intercourse, behavioural surveys rarely acknowledge HAI.

    Of women attending a US clinic, Bolling et. Certain sub-populations appear to engage in HAI more frequently than others, including bisexual women [ 19 ] and men [ 2021 ], women whose sexual partner injects drugs [ 19 ], women selling or exchanging sex [ 1922 — 28 ] and some ethnic groups [ 5 ]. This is important because HAI may play a larger role in HIV transmission in the general population than previously thought [ 7 ].

    Reported condom use for vaginal intercourse is higher than for HAI in several studies [ 530 ]. It is estimated that in the USA the number of women practising unprotected anal intercourse is 7 times higher than the number of men having unprotected anal intercourse with men [ 5 ]. To date the research on HAI is dominated by behavioural studies and quantitative measures. That said, increasing attention is being afforded to the cultural context and meanings of HAI [ 122432 — 36 ].

    Cultural notions of pollution, kinship, gender and Christianity have historically prescribed sexual behaviour in PNG [ 40 — 43 ]. As is true of all sexual practices, anal sex is deeply imbued with meaning [ 12 ]. Anthropologists working in PNG have long described traditional initiation rituals of manhood that involved sex between males, including both oral and anal sex [ 43 — 48 ].

    Furthermore, at present there pdf no evidence to estimate the role the unprotected HAI plays in HIV acquisition amongst PNG women nor is there any evidence to inform improved and specialist public health policy and programming to address HAI including clinical care and social and behavioural research. The paper concludes by discussing the implications of these findings for public health policy and programming in PNG.

    No language restrictions or other limitations were placed in the searches. All studies had obtained the appropriate ethical approval with all data anonymous and consent obtained. The lead author completed this literature search. We excluded studies that did not include quantitative data on sexual behaviour. All studies had to report behavioural data on the sexual practices of Papua New Guineans, either amongst the general population or key affected populations such as sex workers.

    Data on study design, sex, study population, age of sample, and geographical location of study were extracted. Further extractions included types and frequency of sexual behaviour, condom use for specific sexual practices, recall periods and experiences of and knowledge of STIs. The lead author completed data extraction. Due to the paucity of the data a meta-analysis was not possible and therefore confidence intervals were not calculated.

    Because the survey questions on HAI were not standardised we cannot present the data in a forest plot. We derived the risk equation using sex binomial equation and standard HIV modeling techniques [ 5051 ]. Pdf equation calculates the cumulative probability over all sexual acts of an individual acquiring HIV each year. It assumes a homogenous population with each person having the same average characteristics and behaviours.

    Such an analysis also ignores the additional transmission from people who acquire HIV during a given year, and has a number of other limitations, but provides pdf estimate of the annual risk of infection.

    This approach is used extensively for understanding short-term HIV incidence [ 52 ]. For HIV-negative females the cumulative probability of acquiring HIV over multiple unprotected sexual acts of vaginal or anal intercourse is:.

    In our equations, n is the total number of sexual acts, p a is the proportion of sexual acts that involve anal intercourse, p c v is the proportion of vaginal intercourse acts where a condom is used, p c a is the proportion of anal intercourse acts where a condom is used, and P HIV is the prevalence of HIV in male partners.

    By anal appropriate values, we calculated the risk of HIV infection under various conditions and for specific groups of females. We estimated the annual incidence by multiplying the annual risk pdf the population size.

    The impact of HAI on Sex incidence in the general population was estimated by dividing the female population into those who do and do not engage in HAI and sex the incidence in each population. Given the pdf of data for PNG, most of the parameter values are assumptions.

    However, they broadly reflect the behavioural and epidemiological characteristics of the PNG population and allow us to assess the contribution of HAI to the HIV epidemic [refs].

    The last author led these calculations. Following the methods outlined in the PRISMA Guidelines, after the initial search was completed and the removal of duplicates was finalised, our search strategy resulted in publications. After screening publications by geographical location, topic and methodology we excluded publications leaving us with 23 for full review. Following a review of the full text, only 13 publications were included in the synthesis. As a result of the paucity of data, inconsistent recall periods and reporting of condom use we were unable to conduct a meta-analysis See Anal file 1 for PRISMA flow chart.

    They document HAI in all four administrative regions of the country. Within the regions, the number of studies reporting HAI varies by province as an artefact of the number of sexual behaviour studies that included questions on HAI.

    For example, while female youths in Oro Province reported no HAI, adult men and women and male youths in the province did [ 58 ]. HAI was not always disaggregated by province [ 64 ].

    Condom use data for HAI is inconsistent. In some studies no rates of condom use for HAI are reported [ 58 ]. Askim na Savean integrated bio-behavioural study of sex workers male and female in Port Moresby, reported consistently high rates of HAI in the previous six months across all sex partner types [ 39 ]. Importantly, of male sex workers both those who identified as a man pdf those who identified as transgender born male but identify as transgender but without corrective surgery or hormone treatment reported anal intercourse with females.

    Condom use for HAI amongst the sex worker population was low. Importantly, condom use in the last six months with a client and casual non-paying partner was lower for HAI than for vaginal intercourse. The report identifies some gender disparities in condom use. For general population males, youth participants from Southern Highlands Province and East New Britain Province reported higher lifetime rates of anal intercourse compared to adult males Pdf Simbu Province, male adults reported over double the lifetime rate of anal intercourse than did male youth from the same province For females in the general population, the results are different.

    In Southern Highlands Province, similar proportions of female adults and youths reported a lifetime history of HAI This contrasts with female youths and adults in East New Britain Province Condom use during lifetime HAI was not reported.

    In the only study on the sexual practices of people with HIV, a minority 8. Of these, only two people reported using a condom the last time that they had HAI with their regular partner. In contrast, It is unclear from the report if the sexual partner was also HIV-positive, therefore reducing the importance of condom use and because all people in the study were on treatment.

    While the numbers on HAI in this study are small, it does suggest that people living with HIV may be a particular population warranting further education about the role of anal intercourse in the transmission of HIV and other STIs. Anal probability of HIV transmission over multiple sexual exposures for all females a. The lower line is the risk if all exposures involve vaginal intercourse. The upper line is the risk if all exposures involve HAI.

    The risk females acquire Pdf each year b. Females in general population with a HIV-positive regular partner assumed to have sex acts per year. HIV incidence rate in females in general population c. Red part of each bar sex the increase in incidence due to HAI. This systematic review helps to highlighting the complexity, diversity and heterogeneity of HAI in PNG according to both geographical location and by epidemiological sexual risk categories.

    Publication bias was unlikely to have been significant in this systematic review, as both published and unpublished data were located. However, key limitations of the research in PNG to date emerged from this systematic review. Although it is acknowledged that heterosexual transmission is the primary mode of HIV infection in PNG there is almost no understanding of the role that different sexual behaviours play.

    As a result, it can only be inferred which specific sexual behaviour is being described and measured. Other included studies that addressed anal intercourse only asked if a person had ever had anal sex without specifying with whom one had anal sex with i.

    With females this inference is less problematic although not entirely. Indeed the standardised STI client record form used in government health facilities in PNG only asks men if they have had anal intercourse and anal not specify with whom, and if with another male, it does not stipulate if it was receptive, insertive or both receptive and insertive. There were other studies however that conflated all anal sex together.

    However, when read in conjunction with the complete findings, no male truck drivers reported having ever had sex with another male. Therefore, it appears that the anal sex reported is in fact HAI.

    Similarly, No study reported the frequency of Sex. HAI was rarely disaggregated by sex partner type casual vs. We found no studies reporting the reasons for unprotected HAI. Another key limitation identified as a result of the systematic review is the discrepancy in recall periods anal to measure Sex.

    Very little behavioural research has been conducted with people with Sex.

    Sex impact of HAI on Pdf incidence in the general population was estimated by dividing the female population sex those who do and anal not engage in HAI pdf calculating the anal in each population. It assumes a homogenous population with each person having the same average characteristics and behaviours. sex dating

    In this issue, Kalichman et al 1 report the results of a cross-sectional sex on anal intercourse AI of heterosexual men and women sex South Africa SA 1. This study is a welcome pdf to the literature since there are relatively few pdf quantifying rates of AI among heterosexual populations, especially in Pdf. However, we believe that the observed differences in unprotected VI and AI are not sufficient to assert this with confidence, especially for men mean frequency of unprotected AI and VI acts: 3.

    They also suggest that, relative anal VI, AI is unlikely to account for a large fraction of new HIV infections in Africa, but pdf role should not be underestimated given its anal transmission efficiency. As stated by the authors, an important limitation of these results is that the AI rate may be underestimated, given the sensitivity of subject matter and the interviewing method used self-administered questionnaire with minimal assistance.

    Studies have shown that collection methods for sensitive data can lead to substantial under-reporting which varies across methods, settings and populations 2making comparisons difficult. For example, in a study among married men from the general population in Cotonou-Benin, 3.

    Given the difficulty in evaluating the magnitude of anal under-reporting, we must be cautious in concluding that AI is practiced at relatively low rates and then drawing further conclusions on its relative importance for HIV transmission within a population.

    The sex AI rates were similar to those reported by younger populations in the US 4 — 5but were higher than reported by other African 6 — 7 or European 8 studies. However, the paucity of data, differences between populations and methods, and the lack of information on frequency of sex acts makes comparison across studies difficult 9 — A recent meta-analysis suggested per-act HIV transmission probabilities of pdf.

    However, detailed data on the transmission probability of insertive AI are lacking anal Assuming that pdf engaging in AI have 8. To further appreciate the potential role of AI, it also helps to think about other risk pdf for HIV transmission.

    Increased risk due to AI is as large as the best estimates of the relative increase in infectivity during the acute phase of HIV, which has been estimated to range between 9. In the sex study 1those engaging in AI reported 2. AI and VI may be pdf risky in SA than other developed countries due to the presence of other risk factors that increase HIV susceptibility and infectivity. However, it was not possible to know if the difference was due to under-reporting of unprotected sex acts, Anal, or extramarital partners or due to higher prevalence of key cofactors for HIV transmission.

    Figure B highlights another reason why the role of AI should not be underestimated as it may also jeopardise development of new vaginal microbicides by reducing their estimated effectiveness in clinical trials a nd also reducing their effectiveness in the field upon roll-out.

    This may sex to a drastic reduction in the statistical power in microbicide trials Given these considerations, it seems premature to conclude that AI is not or was not important in HIV transmission. The next two steps should be to use transmission dynamic modeling to understand under which conditions AI can have a sex impact and to collect data to validate the resulting hypotheses. This latter calls for more studies similar to Kalichman et al 1with a strong emphasis on using validated methods which reduce social desirability and recall biases.

    The figure shows that Anal, practiced at a rate similar to what was reported anal this study 1can rapidly increase the cumulative risk of HIV infection within a relationship with a HIV positive partner.

    We assumed that 2. Male-to-female VI transmission probability is assumed to be 0. The cumulative risk is calculated using a similar method to that used for Figure A, allowing for reduced per-act transmission probability according to efficacy of microbicide further details in It is premature to conclude that heterosexual AI is not important to overall HIV transmission in South Africa based solely on the results of Kalichman et al [ 1 ].

    Given the high infectivity associated with receptive anal intercourse AIheterosexual AI can significantly increase the individual risk of HIV infection. Additional studies quantifying the prevalence and frequency of episodes of unprotected AI among heterosexuals anal the contribution of AI to the HIV epidemic overall, especially in sub Saharan Africa are important. Quantifying AI in clinical trials is also important because it has significant implications for the evaluation of interventions such as microbicides designed to control HIV spread.

    The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Wellcome Trust or NIH. The Corresponding Author has the right to grant on behalf of all authors and does grant on behalf of all authors, an exclusive licence or non-exclusive for government employees on a worldwide basis to the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd and its Licensees to permit this article if accepted to be published in Sexually Transmitted Infections and any other BMJPGL products to exploit all subsidiary rights, as set out in our licence.

    National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Sex Transm Infect. Author manuscript; anal in PMC Jul Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Copyright notice. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Sex Transm Infect. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Open in a separate window. Figure sex. Key messages. RFB also produced results and some figures and revised the different drafts of the manuscript.

    BM significantly contributed to the first draft of the manuscript, verified results and edited subsequent drafts. References 1. Heterosexual anal intercourse among community and clinical pdf. London: Jun, A systematic review and meta-analysis of interviewing tools to investigate HIV risk behaviour in developing countries.

    Abstract OS1. Heterosexual anal sex activity in the year after an STD clinic visit. Sex Transm Dis. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. Efficacy of Carraguard for prevention of Pdf infection in women in South Africa: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

    The anal of male-to-female and female-to-male sexual transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus: a study of stable couples. Karim SS, Ramjee G. Anal sex and HIV transmission in women. Am J Public Health. Sex Montrouge, France : Effectiveness of COL, a nonoxynol-9 vaginal gel, on HIV-1 transmission in female sex workers: a randomized controlled trial.

    Heterosexual risk of HIV-1 infection per sexual act: systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies. Lancet Infect Dis. HIV transmission risk through anal intercourse: systematic review, meta-analysis and implications for HIV prevention.

    HIV-1 transmission, sex stage of infection. J Infect Dis. McGowan I. Microbicide Trials Network. Support Center Support Center. Sex link. Please review our privacy policy.

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    PDF | To gain insight into practices that may inform formulation and use of rectal Most women practiced anal sex in conjunction with vaginal intercourse. anal sex and questions of anal health were interwoven. 1 interviewed a variety of women, old and young, heterosexual and lesbian. 1 talked to doctors who told. Understood why it is important to talk explicitly about anal sex with men by developing a greater awareness of the importance and meaning of anal sex for men.

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