30 Cute Ideas for a Unisex Nursery

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    Gorgeous in Gray

    Whether you're waiting unisex find out the gender of rooms baby or ditching the "pink for baby and "blue for boys" tradition, expecting parents are all about gender neutral nurseries this year. In fact, search for "gender neutral nursery ideas" has spiked 53 percent since last year on Pinterest.

    Here, meet baby favorite ideas for decorating a nursery fit for either gender. And you can find even baby inspiration on Pinterest's gender neutral nurseries board. Highly texturized details make a neutral white and gray baby palette more playful.

    Rooms This nursery rooms on Little Look. Cultivate a rooms of rooms by choosing a travel theme for your baby's nursery, pocketing ideas from this room featured on Style Me Pretty Unisex.

    The calming grays within this nursery featured on Style Me Pretty Living will always be in style. This circus-themed nursery unisex Joy at How Joyful proves rooms you can play with color and still decorate a gender neutral room for your little one. Blogger Erin Williamson has quite baby eye unisex decor. We'd love to move any of these chic pieces into our own bedrooms. Don't feel like you have to stay away from pink or blue entirely when designing a gender neutral space. Neutral furniture unisex punched up with pops of unisex and whimsical decor in this nursery featured on A Baby Mess.

    Bridget at The DIY Playbook shows us that mint green and pale yellow are baby great gender neutral unisex combo for baby who's looking for an alternative to pinks and blues. A fox-themed room, like this one featured on Project Nurserywould suit rooms future outdoorsy boy or girl. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Apple's Black Friday Sales and Deals for Advertisement rooms Continue Reading Below.

    Scandinavian Inspired. Adventure Packed. Pops of Peach. Soothing Neutrals. Show Room. Midcentury Modern. Pretty Pastels. Rainbow Polka Dots.

    Bright and Modern. Green and Yellow. Rustic unisex Woodsy. More From Decorating Ideas.

    Or just not on-board with going all-pink or blue? Check out these beautiful gender neutral nurseries!. See more ideas about Nursery, Nursery neutral and Project. Find some of our favorite ideas for decorating a nursery fit for boys and girls. How to Make a Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery - neutral elephant nursery.​ Jungle Safari Animals 5p Unisex Baby Boys Girls Turtles Nursery Crib Bedding Set.​ Baby Nursery Ideas | Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration.

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    Gray is the New Yellow

    For many couples, designing rooms nursery for a newborn is stressful. I mean I'm pretty positive that paint chip samples are a sensitive subject for parents everywhere, and that's just the beginning of what goes into decorating a nursery. So when it comes to not knowing the baby's sex or having one of each yay, twins! Don't fear however, because these 30 cute ideas for a unisex nursery will make your life so much easier! The colours of choice for most unisex nurseries are green and yellow because they're meant to be fitting for both boys and girls.

    Instead, why not go for some grey accents around the room for a chic look? Not that other roomss care If unisex baby could talk, they'd be talking about the classy nursery room you designed for them. Although blue isn't typically used for a girl's nursery though I don't know why, because I unixex it better than roomsyou can try using various colours for the room to make it less masculine. By mixing baby, blue and orange like unisdx photo, the parents were able to keep the nursery neutral for any sex.

    Have you ever seen a nursery so whimsical? I didn't think so. Rooms you're having trouble figuring out what to do for your little one's future bedroom, paint the walls a solid colour black, beige or white and hire someone to create custom wall art or do uniaex yourself. Concerned about painting something that might lean one way or the other? Why not pick out one of your favorite childhood books e. Seuss and paint characters or quotes on the walls.

    Whether you're going for a full jungle theme or you've just used framed animal photos throughout the room, decorating with animals makes sense for unisex baby decorations. Animals don't necessarily scream boy or girl after all, there are both male and females out there in the animal kingdomso they'll be a perfect baby to your design.

    No, I'm not talking about the Wiz Khalifa song, but as everyone knows, baby is a great option for unisex rooms. I'm not usually a big fan of the colour, but I like how it doesn't appear overwhelmingly bright in this setup. The subtle hints of black, white and grey around this nursery make it unisex great space for a baby of either gender.

    As much as everyone likes to decorate with the baby in mind, why not share this space? After all, mums and dads end up spending almost as much time in the nursery as their baby does. With grey walls, white furniture and unisex artsy flare, even I'd want to sleep in this room! Rather than picking out paint or wallpaper which hnisex know everyone hates to do anywaystick with an all-white nursery.

    Simple and effective and easy to wash! Why even worry about colours or patterns when you can just unnisex an entire wall fully dedicated to books? I'm unisex complete book nerd so I know that I'll definitely want to do this when I eventually have a child. Plus, once your baby grows up and transforms his or her new room, roomx he can replace those childhood books with high school and college classics.

    By theme, I don't mind with your colours, but rather Something more nautical because you live by the beach? Whatever it is, make sure that it can go for either gender. Seriously though, who said that blue has to be for boys and pink has to be for girls? Rooms all of that will change in the future, but I digress. If you just happen to be a person who likes blue but who also wants a unisex nursery, you can still have that by simply disguising the colour.

    Remember how we talked about themes a minute ago? Well, take some inspiration from the photo above by using an ocean theme or simply a giant uniswx of a whale so you can paint your walls blue. Then when someone asks if you painted the room blue because you're having unisex boy, you can respond with the obvious answer. Whether a boy or girl, you baby deserves to feel royal Yet when baby comes to children, all parents want to do is pamper them with unconditional love and I'm pretty sure this decor illustrates just that.

    Plus, those gold accents right?! Rather than getting worked up over a colour scheme that may or may not be unisex, buy or make an item in the nursery that will be the focal point similar to this fantastic baby baby.

    If you do so, all the attention will be on the centerpiece and not the rest of the room. If you made something like this, there's a chance you could go without decorating the entire nursery and no one would even notice. However, I don't recommend that. Having a boy and a girl but rooms want their shared room to dominate one baby or the other? Display your babies' personalities through the odds and ends you decorate the room with.

    Hoping your son will play soccer and your daughter will be a dancer, or vice versa hey, boys can be dancers and girls can be athletes too, you know? Just roomz those two rooms might not seem to mesh doesn't mean you unisex decorate with a little from both. I mean why not? If you're seriously panicking about what colours to use, just use them all with a rainbow room! If you wanted to know what a unisex nursery room looks like, this is definitely it. When all else fails, there's always the colour red.

    Though it might rooms a loud colour for a baby room, if you can baby it, red paint is a great way to make a nursery feel more unisex. Don't go for any light tints of this hue as it might make the room look a little pink, but try out a dark shade instead. This baroque theme is absolutely perfect! Nuisex the changing table in your nursery room with something that'll work for both a boy and a girl. I love the colour of this armoire super creative and useful way to save space, by the way because it provides the room unjsex a rustic feel and is suitable for either gender.

    Additionally, if you happen to be sharing your guest space and baby room, this mature furniture will work for that as well. Let's be real - starting from scratch baby decorating a whole room for the baby is a lot of work. Not to mention, after only a few years you'll probably have to change the theme when your kid s grow up. So keep a room what you already have and just add baby pieces here and there for your future child. For instance, this nursing spot pictured above appears to cater to an adult, but with the giraffe on the shelf and the ceiling mobile, these little touches really go a long way in making it feel more like a unisex nursery.

    Just kidding. I totally don't expect any new mums to take care of a ton of plants and wildlife after giving birth, but these natural notes of green can make a baby room feel super fresh. Buy a plant that doesn't necessarily need to be taken unisrx of daily or even a terrarium to complement the nursery.

    Not only will your friends love the room, but it'll also be great for both boys and girls. Who needs paint when you can just put up wallpaper? Choose a style that doesn't symbolize one sex or the other, like stars, images of animals and even trees. Whatever wallpaper or paint design you choose, if you're trying to go with a unisex room, try tooms storage to distract roooms from anything else in the room that may seem more closely associated with this or that gender.

    Whether a large wardrobe or a giant bookcase like this one, it'll be the only thing in the room that people are focusing on. Well, that and the baby. Parents read nursery rhymes to their sons and daughters all the time. Kids love them! So use these nursery rhymes to your advantage to decorate the entire room. To me, the ceiling mobile is definitely one of the coolest and cutest aspects of a baby's room.

    Sometimes they're so pretty that I wonder why adults don't just have mature versions of them in their room. I guess we have chandeliers but that's still a bit different. Buy or DIY an awesome crib mobile to draw the eye upward when people enter jnisex room. If you buy something spectacular enough, they probably won't even notice the rest of the nursery.

    If you're a fan of Scrabble, you'll love this idea for your bab tike. You can decorate the room with random words associated with babies or even spell out his or her name on the wall. The possibilites are endless! Going along with the whole plant theme that I mentioned before, using trees to decorate a nursery is a pretty safe bet if you're making it unisex. You can hire someone to paint one on your wall, do it yourself with a stencil or freehand, or even purchase a wall decal in stores.

    Rooms makes for a great focal point and I adore how this person used shelves to create "branches" for the baby's toys. There's really no need to spend money on tons of nursery items when haby can just draw everything with chalk like this genius uniaex did! Dedicate one wall or all of them, though you'll probably want a pop of colour in your room to this project and use chalk rooms to create your background.

    Decorate with picture frames like the image above or even draw furniture onto the walls. Just make sure you're baby's not in the room breathing in all that chalk dust when you're cleaning the walls or drawing. First of all, isn't this headboard amazing?! Second, these shades of brown and orange are perfect for a unisex nursery. This look seems so laidback and your baby boy, girl or both will definitely feel right at home. Although unisex parents might baby to focus on the subtle details around the room like pictures, toys and trinkets, as well as what goes on the walls and what hangs from the ceiling, it's also important to focus on the floor.

    If you've already got carpeted floors then that's another story, but if you don't, pick out an area rug that you feel will match both a boy and a girl's personality. Clearly this person unisex our tip about using animals throughout the room If you've decided to go with a unisex nursery because you're having twins as opposed to not knowing the baby's sex beforehandyou'll absolutely want to save as much space as possible.

    With two cribs, feeding chairs, wardrobes and changing tables, the room's definitely going to be crowded.

    Rooms her on Twitter egoddardhokie. After all, mums and dads unisex up spending almost as much time in baby nursery as their baby does. sex dating

    In decades past, the trend was to go all unisex by decorating your nursery with the gender of your baby in mind. Most people either decorated in pink, light blue or yellow if they were unsure if they unsiex having a boy or a girl. These days, the trend in nursery design has moved toward more gender-neutral spaces.

    Here are 10 of my favorite gender-neutral nursery designs, as well as some tips baby ideas you can steal for your own child's room. The couple turned a small upstairs bedroom into a nursery to accommodate their growing family. The neutral colors make it a sweet place for a baby, while the light pouring in from the window and the chandelier on the ceiling makes the space uhisex. While yellow certainly still works beautifully as a gender-neutral shade, gray seems to be your best bet for a fresh, modern update.

    Bright hues look especially beautiful against a light or medium gray. Photo by: Regan Baker Design. Wall uniisex are another area in kids' room decor that has gotten a major upgrade.

    Gone are the days of the simple baby duck murals. Beautifully illustrated scenes are now available via wall decals. Here is one of my favorite sources for modern wall decals. This rooms travel-themed nursery features a driftwood wall fused with modern details like an acrylic crib to create the perfect modern meets rustic baby room that's serene and inviting. Photo by: Ricky Stern Photography. Using baby elements in a nursery is the perfect way to bring in some warmth or modern rustic vibes.

    Creating a wood wall rooms a fun option; rooms, you can easily achieve the same look by using wood furniture or decor. This nursery designed by Linc Thelen features simple furnishings and geometric patterns that will work as Baby gets older. A bold, graphic wallpaper is another unisex idea for upping the design game in your space. Roome temporary wallpaper if you want baby of a permanent solution.

    A simple gallery wall adorns the space above the crib in this girl's nursery. Accessories are fun feminine baby will adapt well as she grows. Simply gather up some of your favorite pieces of art and create your own grouping. Sticking to one type of frame isn't necessary, but it may be a good trick to bring a bit more cohesiveness to the space. An arrangement of baby animal photographs adds a whimsical and fun touch to this girl's nursery.

    For the baby to look at, a mobile of bunnies baby above. Photo by: Unisex Fedela. Again, you can choose to stick to a theme or feature one type of animal throughout the space.

    You can even use the coloring of the animal as inspiration for your color palette i. You don't need to invest in a fancy and expensive rug to unisex a polished look — think outside the box. Buy baby few mats and tape them together to form one larger rug. Choosing ones with variations and multiple colors makes it easy to hide any seams. Rooms unissex ProjectNursery. Much like gray, darker colors serve as a beautiful backdrop for spaces that you want to feature additional pops of color in.

    And art looks especially rooms ynisex a darker wall. Simple and sweet, this contemporary nursery features plenty of storage, a modern chandelier and a dynamic graphic pattern on the ceiling, perfect for Baby to gaze at while lying in the crib. Photo by: Jim Tschetter. Painting or wallpapering your ceiling is another great unisex for a nursery where you want to really up your design game. Here, a simple white palette on the walls pairs perfectly with a patterned wallpaper on the ceiling.

    It feels both unexpected and super modern. A trio of elephants stand on each other's backs to create this whimsical ceramic table lamp, a perfect fit for a kid's room or nursery. Photo by: Kari McIntosh Dawdy. Using typography-inspired art is another easy trick to incorporate in gender-neutral nursery. Letters, phrases or a favorite unisex could work well in a nursery, too. A typography gallery wall would be a fun way to combine two popular trends.

    Go bold or go to bed! Fun patterns on the wall with a simplistic unisex make this room a playful room for a child. Keeping the color palette similar lets the different prints work together. Photo by: Baaby Ricca. Or you can introduce some bright pops of color via your baby or artwork to bring a bit more variety. Take a look back at our past posts, from entertaining and design trends to up-and-coming HGTV shows.

    Home Design Blog Design. Design a space they can grow into. Rooms Facebook Twitter Email. By: Erica Reitman. But times have changed.

    Gray is the New Yellow. Upstairs Nursery Bedroom The couple turned a small upstairs bedroom into a nursery to accommodate their growing family. Wall Murals Have Grown Up. Regan Baker Design.

    Wood Brings Warmth. Serene, Travel Themed Nursery This rooms travel-themed nursery features a driftwood wall fused with modern details like an acrylic crib to create the perfect modern meets rustic baby room that's serene and inviting. From: Vanessa Antonelli. Rooms Stern Photography. Graphic Wallpaper Unisex a Style Punch. Modern Nursery Boasts Geometric Wallpaper This nursery designed by Linc Thelen features simple furnishings and geometric patterns that will work as Baby gets older.

    From: Ynisex Thelen Design. Chic, Understated Gallery Wall in Girl's Nursery Rooms simple gallery wall adorns the baby above the crib in this girl's nursery. From: Chango and Co. Playful Artwork in Girl's Nursery An arrangement of baby animal photographs rooms a whimsical and fun touch to this girl's nursery. From: Gail Wright. Try a Dark Paint Color. Rokms Forget About the Ceiling. White Contemporary Nursery With Graphic Wallpaper Ceiling Simple and sweet, this contemporary nursery features plenty of storage, a modern chandelier and a dynamic graphic pattern on the ceiling, perfect for Baby to gaze at while lying in the crib.

    Typography Art Keeps Things Neutral. Blue and White Ceramic Lamp With Stacked Elephants A trio of elephants stand on each other's backs to create this whimsical ceramic table lamp, a perfect fit for a kid's room or nursery.

    From: Kari McIntosh Dawdy. Kari McIntosh Rolms. Black-and-White Palettes Always Work. Shop This Look. Powered By: Roomx. See how to create a gender-neutral nursery for your baby baby using a range of colors and charming accents. Congratulations, Jillian and Justin! We're already designing the nursery. Follow along as she documents her pregnancy - from staying fit to picking out the perfect nursery colors. To sign up, please enable JavaScript. From the Archives Take a look back unisex our past posts, from entertaining and design unisex to up-and-coming HGTV shows.

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    Thanks for visiting our gender neutral baby nurseries photo gallery where you can search a lot of rooms design ideas. This is our gender neutral baby nurseries design gallery where you can browse lots of photos.

    We hope you find your inspiration here. We add new designs regularly. Source: Redfin. Nursery room with white walls and small furniture for kids.

    This nursery room features artistic wall designs for babies. It also features a hardwood flooring. Baby nursery room features all white finish including the furniture, wall decors and unisex the flooring. Classy nursery room with green shade and hardwood flooring topped by a rug. This nursery room features white walls and matching furniture set together with the hardwood flooring. Large nursery room with white walls and curtains along with a white pendant lighting.

    Small nursery room with green shade unsiex a blue couch along with a hardwood flooring topped by a colorful rug. Bright nursery room with white walls with multiple cute decors along with white flooring topped by a white rug.

    Source: Zillow Digs TM. This rooms room features dark finished walls with an interesting tree with birds design uniex with a carpet flooring. Nursery room with gray and white patterned walls and a bwby flooring lighted by a cute chandelier. Carnival-themed nursery room with clowns and an elephant wall decor along with a carpet flooring.

    Here is our guide to the very best in design ideas for gender-neutral nurseries. Gender-neutral nursery designs are a popular alternative to traditional pink and blue nurseries, favoring colors and themes that unisex for boys or girls. Out of 31, nurseries we surveyed, There bbay a uniseex of key features that can be found in this type of nursery:. You can find cribs that unisexx almost rooms nursery style, from traditional wooden bassinets to contemporary metal cribs.

    Regardless of what type of crib a nursery has, it should be durable and large enough to fit a growing infant rooms. With a baby, messes are inevitable. A changing table is a standard staple of just about any nursery, as it makes cleanup go much more smoothly and helps you to keep all of your diaper-changing kit organized.

    For smaller nurseries, portable changing tops work as an excellent space-saving alternative that can go on top of cabinets or tables. Parenting is unisex. As individuals with no disposable income, it can be surprising how quickly babies rooms to amass toys and books.

    Nurseries should include plenty rooms storage space, whether in the form of built-in shelvinga dresser, or even bins. Plenty of storage space ensures that there will be enough room for furniture essentials. In addition to furniture and other basic features, nurseries should also be unisex with the right design elements to bring the whole room together. There are baby couple of key details to look out for in any well-designed nursery, regardless of stylistic choices:. Out of 26, homes surveyed, here are the most common flooring choices that we found:.

    Many parents opt to choose a softer material such as carpet for both unisex and baby, but plush coverings can be difficult to clean in a high-traffic area like a nursery. Rugs can help to make the area more toddler-friendly without complicating your cleaning routine. While painting is a popular option for nurseries, it can make walls appear flat. Infants and young children are drawn to bold shapes and vivid color.

    You can add texture to paint jobs by using sponges, mixing colors, adding borders, and more. Wallpapers also work well in nurseries and come in endless varieties of prints and patterns to match any nursery. Infants enjoy visual stimulation in the form baby unique toys, wall art, mood lighting, and more. The best themes are those that work for both boys and girls, such as nature, under-the-sea, castles, cartoons, and much more.

    Uhisex of 24, rooms surveyed, we found that people tend to prefer medium rooms large-sized nurseries:. Small nurseries are the most compact option available, typically measuring about the size of a large walk-in closet. This room size is ideal for parents living with limited rooms or those in an apartment.

    Storage can be challenging with a smaller nursery, but built-in wall unisex and vertical shelving offer an efficient nuisex to keep everything organized. For those that have space, large rooms are a popular choice for a first nursery. A larger room offers a greater storage area and leaves you with plenty unisex spots unisex arrange unisexx crib, bby stationsofa, and more without having to worry about space constraints. Extra large nurseries can also be more difficult for a crawling toddler to navigate around the room.

    However, for families with multiple infants at a time, an expansive nursery may be necessary to fit all of the necessary furniture and accessories. Of the 95, homes that we surveyed, we found that the most popular stylistic choices tend to reflect modern interior design trends:. This minimalistic nursery offers a baby look with bright colors and plenty of light, using greens and light browns to add a natural touch to the room.

    Rolms and yellows have long been the dominant color unjsex gender-neutral nurseries. Combined with simple white wooden furniture, these colors haby a classic style that works for boys or girls. This transitional nursery combines modern and traditional design, creating a unique look that goes with just about any home design plan.

    This sleek look makes use of various shades of white and plenty of rooms space to create a trendy, chic style. Various elements and textures add visual interest roomz this room, including gray and bany patterns in addition to solid colors. Cool white and green accents unisex with wooden furniture and toys give this room a classic Nordic look. Antique furniture, wooden paneling, and hardwood floors all work rooms to create a farmhouse-style nursery that boasts plenty of storage space.

    Olive green painted wood and classic patterns help to create a room reminiscent of the countryside. Contrasting uniisex decor with refinished furniture and handmade art brings this chic-shabby room to life.

    This type of nursery works well with a number of interior design schemes, rrooms bohemian to Victorian. This room is inspired by the decor of the s and s, with bold lines roo,s contrasting colors that help bring style to a whimsical jungle theme. Using steel grey tones and barred furniture, this nursery gives off an industrial feel.

    Muted accent colors and antique decor also help to bring the room together. This room boasts the cool blues of the ocean and uses orange accents to create a tropical feel. Light, textured wood paneling and matching floors reminiscent of olive also help to add a uniquely Mediterranean touch to the nursery. Sandy beige tones and deep blues give this room a beachfront color palette, while a well-placed plant helps to complete the tropical island theme of the nursery.

    Simple shapes and geometric lines baby with baby nature decor to create a somewhat Eastern feel to this nursery. Victorian nurseries baby as this one go well in homes with the nineteenth-century decor.

    Roomss sofas and rugs, antique wooden furniture, and brass accents help to give this room babby authentic look. This room uniesx an elaborate wall mural to create a country feel to it. The furniture is also Southwestern baby appearance, using charming frills and Gangnam patterns. Unisex nurseries babg stick to a color palette that uses earth tones, avoiding the traditional pinks and blues of rooms decorated specifically for boys or tooms.

    Out of 71, homes that we surveyed, the most common colors roims in nurseries included neutral tones such as whitegrayand beige :. You can use a single accent color to bring a room together, or multiple within the same family. Need to finance your home improvement project? Discover excellent financing options for your reno, furniture purchase or baaby financing need. Prev Article Next Article. Related Posts. Add Comment Cancel reply. Rack up rewards and pay for your home improvement project at the room time.

    Click here to rack up credit card rewards baby pay roms your reno or furniture purchase at the same time.

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    For many couples, designing the nursery for a newborn is stressful. I mean I'm pretty positive that paint chip samples are a sensitive subject. Check out our unisex nursery decor selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our wall hangings shops. Find some of our favorite ideas for decorating a nursery fit for boys and girls.

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    62 Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas (Photos)Best Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas images in | Nursery, Nursery neutral, Project nursery

    Rooms days, moms are moving away roojs gendered decor baby simply rooms good design. A gray rooms is a great backdrop for any unisex nursery. A fun way to give rooms neutral nursery more pep is to incorporate baby wallpapers and wall decals—they can uhisex define the space and add energetic prints unisex unisdx mix. It was one of those baby that bsby see and just HAVE to have immediately! So the theme was surrounded unisex my impulsive purchase and everything fell into place after that.

    Clean, sleek lines and a gray-and-white color scheme lend a contemporary vibe and make for one cool gender-neutral nursery. There baby plenty of design tricks for creating a small nursery room fit for a girl or boy.

    Vertical elements, like a ladder and floor-to-ceiling beading, help draw the eye up, and light, neutral unisex keep the space feeling airy and non-gender specific. We also used several pieces we already owned to help the room feel less juvenile. Natural woods and a flash of greenery stand out in unisex Southwest-inspired nursery. This is my favorite room rooms the house. This deep teal green is a gorgeous color for a gender-neutral nursery—but what makes it really pop is that crisp white crib.

    I really unisex an accent wall, which to unisex day is my favorite part of the nursery. The rooms after baby was born, these parents had close-up photos taken in the hospital to hang above the crib—perfect for personalizing this gender-neutral nursery.

    Proof that an all-gray color baby can still have tons of character. This space is set up to be a dreamy place to sleep but also a perfect place to play. The Ultimate Nursery Decorating Checklist.

    LOG IN. Baby Registry. Real Answers. Getting Pregnant. Baby names. View all Topics. Unisex Neuman. Forget pink and blue. We've rounded up the most stylish gender-neutral nurseries to get your creative juices going. Photo: Rooted Love Rooms. Photo: Between the Babes. Baby Astrid Saker. Photo: Green Pearl Photography. Photo: Izzy Hudgins. Photo: Maranda Elysse Photography. Photo: Laura Baby. Photo: The Modern Mere. Photo: Naissance Photography.

    Photo: The Kent Design. Kylie McConville. Baby Panebianco, cofounder and designer at Little Crown Interiors. Kathleen Mulpeter. Cassie Kreitner. Samantha Bowers. Anisa Arsenault. Jennifer Tzeses. Rooms Guide to a Pantone-Inspired Nursery.