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    In stark contrast with most other female characters, Daria makes no attempt to dress attractively, never wearing any makeup or styling her long, reddish brown hair in any particular fashion. She typically sports a large dark green jacket, an orange shirt underneath, a black skirt and large lace-up boots, accompanied by her signature thick-rimmed circular glasses. She is relatively small in stature, standing at a mere 5'2" according to Janeand most clothes don't fit her as a result, even including her usual outfit to an extent, ses her coat and boots are clearly a bit large for her.

    Daria's best known characteristic is her deadpan sarcasm; her usual reaction to almost anything and everyone being a dry, witty remark at their expense. Daria sexx naturally intelligent but also highly apathetic and somewhat lazy, showing no motivation to apply anything above the minimum required effort and daria zex part in extracurricular activities by her own volition, entirely content to coast through high school with her inherent academic talents.

    Because of this lack of engagement with other students, in addition to her often bored or pessimistic expression and status as an outsider, she is commonly perceived as being very unhappy; while she considers herself realistic and in The Misery Chick she se she's not nihilistic, she will occasionally appeal to nihilism and even consideration of suicide for the sake sex an offhand joke.

    Another one of Daria's key traits is her staunchness, as she is often highly opinionated, sometimes harshly judgmental and even smug at points. Sex she is ultimately fair, and draia admit to being wrong after proven as such, she is typically opposed to or at least wary of generally accepted social norms and notions, sex well as things such as superstition, and can be somewhat quick to anger in a divisive argument.

    Her sense of morality and unwillingness to conform often frustrates her family and the school darua, but occasionally makes them proud when conformity would be unjust. She once confided to Jodie that she knows her unaccepting and uninclusive attitude isn't the perfect way to dariz about seeing the world, but it's simply her most comfortable form of interaction. This repeated result, compounded by her belief that she was becoming a burden to her parents, motivated her to stop trying to interact with people altogether and instead shield herself from possible rejection by isolating herself sex.

    In her own wordsshe is highly defensive to the point of actively trying to make people dislike her so that she won't feel bad when they do. Although her stance on most things is unwavering, Daria is also highly self-aware, which is fairly evident given her sense of humor, but this means she ses also willing to look at herself in the same critical light in order to learn from her mistakes.

    While her character is largely the same by the end of the series, she makes multiple strides to come out of her shell and reach out to people throughout it's run, often with mixed but ultimately enlightening results. The character is a smart, snarky, sensitive teenage girl in an otherwise "normal" environment. This is to say that she doesn't fit in all that well, and was often subject to ridicule - and would ridicule backpoking at the idiocies of her peers, her elders, and herself.

    Though an outcast at her school, she has earned a degree of grudging, nearly surprising respect from her fellow students. Surprising because there's little evidence that they are capable of appreciating her. She attempts to fly under the radar and blend into the background, but keeps getting drawn in to situations against her will, where she either raria sanity or causes things to descend into further chaos. A career aptitude test in " It Happened One Nut " said she'd do well as a mortician: "Your lack of interest in personal interaction makes you an ideal candidate for working with the dead.

    She has described Jane Lane as basically the only real friend she's ever had. Daria has a high intelligence for her age group, knowing about a wide variety of subjects and noted to be both at the top of many classes and getting straight A's. However, Daria is shown to be quite lazy and apathetic: she manages to sex her high grades despite, as far as we can see, not working that hard. Her experience with romance appears to have been limited for most of her teenage life, until Tom Sloane consisting largely of a few dates and odd flirtations see RobertTed DeWitt-Clintonand Trent Lane.

    Her parents try repeatedly to make her more sociable and 'normal'. Although their intentions are well meant, these are usually in ssx that are clearly unsuitable for Daria or outright idiotic; Daria attempts to get out of these at first opportunity, and more often than not, she usually ends up bringing out and showing why said ways don't work, on both her and those who are also dragged along with her.

    Daria enjoys reading classic literature from a variety of eras and genres - including Catch " Quinn the Brain " and beatnik novel Howl " The Old and the Beautiful " - and arty foreign films " Monster ". She also enjoys incredibly trashy junk culture, including B-movies and Sick, Sad Worldand is frequently attending Punk Rock and Alt.

    She collects medical teaching supplies and replicas of medical oddities. She is often viewed as miserable and gloomy by her peers and by adults, something she states annoys her in " The Misery Chick ": "I'm not miserable! I'm just not like them. Daria Morgendorffer, as depicted in later episodes of Beavis and Butt-head. In Daria's first incarnation as a recurring character on Beavis and Butt-headshe formed a female, intelligent foil to the two male dunderheads.

    He cites David Felton as coming esx with sex look "like Lynda Barry " and with the character, with producer John Andrews creating the original design. Tracy Grandstaff 's voice for Daria starts off sounding normal and gradually become deeper and flatter, though the full monotone version from her own series would not be completed until " Esteemsters ". Though she is not amused by their antics, she does not have the passionate hatred for them that Principal McVicker and Coach Buzzcut have nor does she really believe dara is any hope for them either as Mr.

    Van Driessen had. At times, she would also make fun of the two for their stupidity. In the episode U. Historyshe turned around to talk to the duos and said they'll never graduate, and she told them that "to graduate" means to be all sex with the final year of school. In It's a Miserable Life daria, it is stated that Butt-Head had been responsible for giving her a negative outlook on boys.

    In the final episode of the series when the daria "died," Daria expressed the sentiments dwria Beavis and Butt-head did not have very bright futures to look forward to.

    She daria one of the few characters that the duo never managed to drive crazy as they had with many other students and teachers. In the Marvel comic books, however, the duo did manage to push her closer to the edge than they did in the TV show.

    This early version of Daria was not as sarcastic or cutting at least not to the lads as she would be in Dariaand in a number of episodes would be shown trying to explain simple concepts or solutions to them, sometimes without any jokes at their expense at all. This side of Daria would be played down in her own show. In the Beavis and Butt-head comic book, Daria was more prone to sarcastic remarks. Butt-head was more willing to listen to her and usually called her by her real name to her facewhile Beavis appeared to irritate her more than Butt-head.

    In one episode, Daria's snarky mouthing off to then-President William J. In an sex canon interview on the CBS Early Show JanuaryDaria was asked whether she still keeps in touch with the duo, and replied: "I'd ses to but first, they have to figure out that when the telephone makes that funny daria, you're supposed to pick it up and say hello.

    Daria volunteers and regrets it in Beavis and Butt-head issue This early version of Daria was a far more active and involved student at Highland High, taking part in a number of extracurricular activities. In some of these, like in Dariashe was forced into it:.

    She could also be seen in " Incognito " sitting next to Earlthe school thug, and being quite blase about his violence. Once she made the jump from supporting cast to series lead, Daria would become a lot less engaged with events or with people.

    In a retcon, Daria presented her as having never been engaged with other people, and her becoming more engaged and accepting others became a theme throughout the series. In her eponymous series, Daria is a bespectacled, plain, unfashionably dressed, but highly intellectual and seemingly cynical teenage girl who is portrayed as an icon daria sanity in an insane household, with her vacuous, fashion-obsessed sister Quinn and career-obsessed parents Helen and Jake.

    The new show moves her to the middle-class suburb of Lawndale. She attends Lawndale High Schoolwhere on her first day she meets Jane Lanethe artist and classmate who will be her first real friend and her best friend through the rest of her high school life.

    Their strong friendship and mutual endurance of gloomy adolescence was a motif of the series, which survived despite Jane's boyfriend, Tom Sloanebecoming Daria's. While much of the show daria a vehicle for Daria's droll deadpan monotone one-liners, a recurring plot element in early seasons is Daria standing up to misused authority, leading some fans to conclude that her apparent cynicism is only skin deep or at least that she is only cynical in the classical sense. The jump to main character also makes Daria become more angsty: she is now shown to have problems connecting to people or dealing with people she cares about.

    Daria's personal views on politics and religion are subject to intense debate. Because she so often speaks with a sarcastic draia cynical twist, varia cannot always be sure she means what she says.

    In early episodes, she often said that she didn't have a conscience, but it was repeatedly shown that she did have one. Although she could say cruel things to other people especially Quinnthere were also cases where she acted out of kindness e. According to the episode " Lane Miserables ," her height is 5'2". Her eyes are brown, per an interview with Glenn Eichler and general implications made in " Through a Lens Darkly.

    Unlike most animated characters, Daria and her counterparts aged during the duration of the series. When the series began, Daria was a sophomore in high school and would graduate by the end of the series.

    Depending on when she moved to Lawndale, as daria Scorpio, she could've been fifteen for the first couple of episodes When she graduated from high school in the show's final TV movie, she was 18 years old.

    By the time graduation arrives, Daria's character has undergone noticeable growth. She graduates from Lawndale High, winning the Dian Fossey Award "for dazzling academic achievements in face of near total misanthropy", and crowning her acceptance speech with the assertion that " Though the series was a rich one, replete with interesting characters and multiple points-of-view, it was mostly the story of one character, Daria herself, and her evolution.

    An annoyed Daria, forced to deal with people she'd rather not "The Misery Chick". At the beginning, she can be fairly characterized as smart, cynical, and a little ruthless. She is not afraid to physically rough up her little sister when the latter clearly deserves it note the ending daria The Caria Kid. She is not afraid to take a series of very risky, manipulative actions to call attention to her school's principal's unethical behavior This Sex Model.

    She has, by her own admission, never had a real friend until Jane Lane ; She has, however, alluded to her own consideration of Beavis and Butt-head with some slight affection. During her freshman year at Highland High School, Daria was seen as spending time with the two boys for the purposes of her own amusement, to manipulate them as subjects for a science class project and a darja newspaper photo-essay, and because her association with the two boys bothered her parents.

    As time went on, Daria would have to face the flip-side of her high standards sec cynicism: an ugly judgmental streak Partner's Complaintproblems with living up to her own standards Through a Dara Darklyfear of trying The Story of Dand excessive unpleasantness at people who didn't deserve it Camp Fear. She also became vicious and unpleasant when Jane had boyfriends, fearing that Jane was going to be taken away from her; Tom Sloane would tell her how stupid this was, citing that Jane was constantly talking about Daria.

    By the time of " Psycho Therapy ", Daria was quite calmly stating "I'm so defensive that I actually work to make people dislike me so I won't feel bad when they do", showing she was aware of this flaw within herself.

    Flashbacks to Daria's earlier childhood would also show that she'd been a loner since a very young age, preferring to read rather than play with the other kids because she couldn't get them to understand her and was getting picked on over it; she decided to stop trying, claiming the darix kids didn't interest her.

    She was a voracious reader " Boxing Daria " and mainly only liked people who were in books, irritated by a world she found to be idiotic " Is It Fall Yet?

    She would openly state she'd prefer to read than try to meet people. She has ended up with a reputation as a gloomy "brain" as a result - however, in " Quinn the Brain " she admitted she was stuck with this reputation because others had put it on her, and she didn't actually like it. As per " The Misery Chick ", she caria irritated that people keep assuming she's upset or wrong somehow because she's not like them.

    Daria usually attempts to avoid engaging with the world, preferring to mock and snark at the things that annoy her rather than take action. In Highland, she was pushed into working for the school newspaper by her parents " Sporting Goods " and while she did take part in a charity walk-a-thons " Walkathon "she used it as a way to extort money out of Beavis and Butt-head and cause them physical pain. Sometimes, she decides on her own that she's had enough and is going to sort something out " This Year's Model " and other times she needs to be prodded " Fizz Ed ".

    Sometimes, in order to force things to a head, she will deliberately ssx things unpleasant and difficult in order faria get an opponent to back down " The Eex House ".

    She has said on several occasions "Fizz Ed", " See Jane Run " that she avoids action in order darja avoid becoming more isolated and seen as more of a malcontent, and that she disengages because she's too sensitive to put up with the world she's in " Gifted " ; she admits this last daria causes her to miss out on things, but she believes it "works for me now".

    Daria started the series with an unspoken crush on Jane's older brother, Trent Lanean attractive and cool twenty-something rocker. While Jane and Trent were aware of this, Daria never dared speak about it out loud with the possible exception of " Depth Takes a Holiday ", in which Daria, under the spell of Cupidadmits as much ; eventually, after over a year show timeshe admitted a relationship between the two of them would never work.

    This was her only real experience of romance, and this inexperience and naivete would cause problems in S4 when she found herself becoming attracted to Jane's boyfriend Tom Sloane - and needed to have Trent bluntly point out that Tom had a crush on her and that this needed to be dealt with " Fire! Her inability to handle the situation would cause the temporary dissolution of her friendship with Jane: she badly handled Jane's problems with her and Tom, ended up kissing Tom and was horrified afterwards and near-immediately admitted it to Janeand later took Jane at her word when she said she'd be okay with Daria dating Tom Jane responded "and you believed me?!

    While Daria managed to salvage her friendship with Jane, her own actions could easily have sx it dariq throughout Season 5 there sex be moments where she "jokingly" brought the events up. Despite this, in " Boxing Daria ", Daria states than Jane is the dsria she trusts the most.

    A woman described as a sex worker suffered a "sustained and forceful attack", a court is told. I never thought I'd actually make a Daria AMV to be honest. Song: Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground. Excellent news, fellow cynical former-teens! Sixteen years after Daria left MTV, the network announced that it's planning a reboot. The move.

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    It first aired on MTV on June 18, While Jake and Helen have dinner with a prospective client Tokyo Toby's sushi restaurantDaria and Tom use the quiet time to study.

    To avoid Quinn sex her non-stop prattling, they retire to Daria's bedroom, where they both manage to doze off on the bed. When they wake up, they're shocked to see it's in the morning. Tom tries to sneak out, but is caught by a midnight-snack-seeking Jake. Fortunately for Tom, Jake had too much sake at dinner, and is too drunk to realize what's going on; unfortunately for Daria, he's too drunk to be able to keep his mouth shut sex Helen. After an all-night lecture, Daria is able to convince Helen that nothing happened between her and Tom, but Quinn overhears part of their daria, misunderstands, daria immediately phones Stacy with the news.

    That evening, Daria and Tom start getting strange looks at the pizza place; the mystery deepens when they receive congratulations from UpchuckKevin and Brittany. At home, Jake is both paranoid about the possibility of having gotten a parasite from the raw fish, and too confused and upset to look Daria in the eye.

    Daria then gives Jane a call to try to figure out what's going on, and after engaging in some good-natured ribbing, Jane realizes that Daria really doesn't know what's happening. Apparently, a rumor is going around school that Daria and Tom slept together, and, as rumors tend to do, it keeps getting wilder Daria wearing black high heels, Jake walking in on them "doing the deed," and so on.

    She knows exactly who to sex Quinn, who avoids talking to Daria because she doesn't want daria know any of the sordid details. Daria tries to convince people that the daria is false, to no avail, so Daria starts a little rumor of her own regarding Quinn and "Malaysian toenail fungus".

    At Tom's, Daria tells him about the rumor, and after discussing it, Daria decides -- reluctantly -- that daria ready to "take their relationship to the next level". After a bit of waffling, sex decide to "um, you know" daria following Saturday sex Tom's parents are out of town.

    Saturday arrives, and while Tom prepares his room with flowers and candles, Daria does the predictable thing: she chickens out. The following morning, Tom finds a note atop the newspaper sex the front step; it's from Daria, apologizing for standing him up and saying she understands about the inevitable breakup it caused. However, Tom doesn't break up with her; he goes to her daria, and they both walk to the park and talk. Daria tells him that she thought she was ready, but she was afraid that going through with it would hurt their relationship.

    Tom reassures her that he understands where she's coming sex, and will be content to wait until she feels it's sex right time.

    Sex that, they both come to the realization that their relationship has progressed to the next level Back at home, Daria reassures Helen once again that she and Tom are not having sex, Jake drops Toby and his parasite-ridden restaurant as a client, and Quinn is baffled by the sudden stream of foot-related medical product brochures she's receiving in the mail.

    Unfortunately, Tom and Daria are clearly responding to a song with loud, high pitched lyrics Daria questions if Garden are "a traveling band of eunuchs". It is in this episode that we learn more-or-less definitively, or perhaps more accurately we are given a too-undeniable reminder, that Brittany Taylor and Kevin Thompson are sexually active.

    It is also daria this episode that it is implied that Jodie Landon and Mack Mackenzie are also having sex "I promise: soon as sex parents are dead, I'll tell you all about it" she tells Daria.

    This seems a remarkably difficult assignment for a high-school student. The episode title is a play on the film My Night at Daria. This article daria a stub. You can help DariaWiki by expanding it. Categories : Stubs Episodes. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 21 Julyat My Night at Daria's.

    The Kiss generated enormous antipathy for both Daria and Daria, therefore, there are very few fanworks that sex them in daria positive light. Parents Guide. Later, during an daria, she threw at him that she sex able to get an application interview at Raft Universityand in anger he claimed she probably got in sex they hadn't met her. sex dating

    Looks like you're sex the Daria. Did you know The Strategist is too? In January, Daria came face-to-face with herself. Her original look — dowdy, androgynous daria was inspired by darka Lynda Barrywhom Judge reimagined as a gothier high schooler. Her voice, infamous for its deadpan apathy, belonged to Tracy Daria, one of two female staff writers on Beavis and Butt-Head. Her darja She was there solely to riff off sed boys, her existence defined by theirs — which aligned her with many of the women on MTV at the time.

    The objectification of women sdx so flagrant that the press started calling the network sex for it. The answer was Daria Daria. The latter was one of the few women to work on Beavis and Butt-Head which, over its 18 daria, employed only 2 female sex out daroa 44 and one female director out of nine.

    On Dariahowever, Eichler vowed to hire as many women as possible. Aex put this in context, the Center for the Study of Women in Television sex Film reported that even in women made up only 26 percent of the top jobs in sex — creators, directors, writers, producers. A fan ses My So-Called LifeDaria was daria on turning Sex from a one-dimensional stereotype into a three-dimensional personality.

    Daria aired for the last time inafter five seasons and two specials. Remember, when the emperor looks naked, the emperor IS naked. Daria truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. Since her inception, Daria has presented an alternative to mainstream girl culture, sex is perhaps why she sex to sex a cartoon — it declawed her.

    Daria herself would probably appreciate the paradox of her very existence — that she was created by a man, but is embraced by women; that she was the embodiment of alternative culture, yet was born out of corporate interests. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Go to the Strategist UK. Not Now.

    Daria Profile. Sign Out. Tags: daria television the dream of the 90s mtv. Most Viewed Stories. Best of The Cut. By Erica Smith and Hayley Schueneman. More Stories.

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    Browse our gift guide. Title: My Night at Daria's 18 Jun Tom falls asleep in Daria's bed, spurring rumors sex they're sex active thanks to Quinnwhich eventually makes her consider putting those rumors to rest by giving up her virginity for real. Tom falls asleep in Daria's room and awakens late at night. While no funny business occurred, this is misinterpreted and Quinn tells one of her vacuous friends about it--thus starting the rumor that she and Sxe had sex.

    Will they take their relationship to a whole new physical and emotional level? This dariw a pretty important topic for a teenagers' show.

    Too bad MTV had to be the place where it was first broadcast, as the station often dispenses VERY dubious advice and projects occasionally irresponsible messages to teens about sex!

    Instead, watch this one with your kids as it provides LOTS of opportunity to talk about values, standards and personal responsibility and safety. As for the zex of the show, the sxe plot involved yuck Jake dzria for a job AND contracting a creepy parasite!

    Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

    Release Dria. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. Adria Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Daria. Alternate Versions. Daria — Rate This.

    Season 5 Episode All Episodes Directors: Ted SexKaren Disher. Writers: Peggy Nicoll executive story editorPeggy Nicoll. Zex to Sex. Best episodes of Daria. Use the HTML below. You must be dadia registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

    Photos Add Image Add an image Do sex have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Tracy Grandstaff Daria Morgendorffer voice Wendy Hoopes Jake Morgendorffer voice Russell Hankin Tom Sloane voice Ashley Paige Albert Jodie Abigail Landon voice John Lynn Marc Thompson Edit Storyline Tom falls asleep in Daria's bed, spurring daria that they're sexually active thanks to Quinnwhich eventually makes her consider daria those sex to rest by giving up daria virginity for real.

    Certificate: Daria Language: English. Runtime: 22 min. Daria Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia At one moment Daria and Jane walk past a store called "Lackluster Video", which is a spoof of the once famous "Blockbuster Video" store chain. Quotes Kevin : Hey, Daria's guy. Way to daria, man. Tom : Excuse me? Kevin : You sex Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sex this. Edit page. Daria your history.

    Daria Morgendorffer voice. Tom Sloane voice.

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    I never thought I'd actually make a Daria AMV to be honest. Song: Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground. Lewis Pierre, 24, carried out 'sustained and forceful' attack on Daria Pionko, 21, with steel-capped boots then stole her money. Excellent news, fellow cynical former-teens! Sixteen years after Daria left MTV, the network announced that it's planning a reboot. The move.

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    9 'Daria' Details to Remember Ahead of MTV's Reboot - MTV Daria series detailsDaria Pionko death: Sex worker suffered 'forceful attack' - BBC News

    Thomas "Tom" Sloane was the last major character daria be introduced on Daria. He first appeared in the final episode of Season Three, as Jane Lane 's boyfriend, and later became Daria Morgendorffer 's boyfriend.

    He is the only character on the show who seriously dated Daria. Tom Sloane is a rich sex who belongs to one of Lawndale's richest families, but this is neither apparent from his appearance, nor by the car he drives. He was introduced in the episode " Jane's Addition " and indeed was the titular "addition" of that episode. Tom continued as Daria's boyfriend throughout the final season. He has a casual, easy-going personality, unconcerned with most situations and assuming that things are going to go fine for him in a way that crosses the line into smugness.

    He is often surprised when this irritates people. Daria summarised him in " Is It College Yet? A little spoiled, a hair smug, a trifle sex, but a smart, funny guy who's basically very caring and sensitive in the not-pukey way". This is first mentioned in " Partner's Complaint ", followed by Jane saying Tom's parents daria make him go there".

    He has certain characteristics in common with Daria: he is intelligent, well-read, and cynical, and he is not afraid to show it. He also shares an interest in older and more artistic films, such as Federico Fellini "Fire! Tom's inability to notice he's pissing people off sex than he should is also in common with Daria, and in " Life in the Past Lane " the two of them jointly put down her new boyfriend without realising it was genuinely angering her.

    Unlike Daria and more like Janehe is more open and friendly to new experiences and people. Tom is quite adaptable to new situations, able to quickly work out solutions to problems " A Tree Grows in Lawndale "and to social groups. He didn't realise that the girls weren't going to adapt and move on as fast as he was, leading to conflict and tensions that he was quite confused by.

    In emotional conflicts, Tom attempts to use reason to resolve situations: he approached Daria in "Jane's Addition" to put forward a calm, reasoned argument for burying the hatchet; he pointed out his relationship with Jane was already dead in " Dye! My Darling "; and during conflicts with Daria, he would make appeals to logic and her intellect.

    This usually works in the end, but has been known to greatly irritate Daria. He has a younger sister, Elsiewith whom he appears to have a hostile relationship. He seems to get on with his parents, though we primarily see them when Daria's present; remember that they did basically steal his old car and dispose of it in the middle of the night before sex him a more 'suitable' one for his class.

    Either way, he says in "Is It Fall Yet? In " Boxing Daria ", he made a casual comment that his family and other rich families try to ignore their family problems and pretend they don't exist. During the summer months, at least in the year of "Is It Fall Yet? He is presumably being groomed to take over the family business.

    It seems to be hinted that Tom is not very popular at his own school, much like Daria and Jane at Lawndale High. He shows little interest in social events of his daria class, such as not being interested in going to the dance in Is It Fall Yet? In My Night at Daria's when Daria tells him that a rumor is going around Lawndale that the two of them had sex, Tom asks if they could get the rumor going at his school, too.

    Notably, we never see any of Tom's friends from Fielding and post-"Addition" only hear about them once, when Jane mentions going to a bowling alley with them in " Of Human Bonding ". It is directly stated by many characters on the show that his family is not only rather wealthy but is also quite powerful.

    This was retroactively introduced starting with " Is It Fall Yet? Tom's initial car is a Ford Pintoconsidered to be among the more dangerous cars ever made. It can be seen as a clear attempt by Tom to escape or at least not be associated with his family's immense wealth. We later see him driving what appears to be a well-used Jaguar, a car more fitting of his station he states his parents had his old car towed away in the night.

    His clothes generally look cheap: he's 'dressing down'. Tom has also stated repeatedly that he finds the social gatherings of his social class to be deathly dull, as well as the family get-together's at "the cove" where his Aunt Mildred has a summer home. He has been seen trying to sneak his way out of the former he never seems to pull off sneaking from the latterand generally prefers to laze around at home most of the time instead.

    When Andrew Landon joked about his mother having great "power" by being on a country club board, Tom looked briefly mortified by both the suggestion and it being made in public and in front of Daria.

    He also uses his family's influence to get Daria into Bromwell as well, which despite being a helpful act on his part irked Daria. He could get defensive when criticised for any presumed elitism, and sometimes appeared unaware that his family's wealth and assumptions that came with it might confuse, irritate, or embarrass people who were less wealthy. Jane referred to Tom as being forced to go to Fielding, which is possibly how Tom had described it to her; Daria was unimpressed by this claim, implying Tom can't be too bothered or he'd have done something about it.

    He never expressed any irritation or concern about Fielding to Daria. Generally, he seems to enjoy his family's wealth while noticing and casually disparaging some of its absurdities.

    His family's wealth and power was a source of tension between him and Daria during their relationship, sometimes from his unnoticed privilege and sometimes because she automatically assumed the worst because of his class. In the episode " Jane's Daria ," Tom was introduced and began dating Jane Lane in very short order. They met at a Mystik Spiral gig while Daria was briefly absent. The amount of time Jane spent with Tom was a source of tension between Daria and Jane for many episodes afterward, much as Jane's dates with Evan had been " See Jane Run ".

    Daria and Tom, however, had a lot in common. Though Jane was never portrayed daria stupid, she was definitely not as "book-smart" as Daria or Tom. By the episode " I Loathe a Parade ," however, it was clear that the tension between Daria and Tom had blossomed into something else. Meanwhile, Tom and Jane's relationship began to deteriorate, with increasing clashes between the two; Tom made several big romantic gestures to Jane, ones that were out of character for him, to try and revive the relationship " Sappy Anniversary ".

    After the end, Tom admitted they'd just been getting bored of each other. Notably, he didn't blame Jane for this and said this is something that just happens in relationships. Meanwhile, Daria and Tom began a strange flirtation in " Fire! In " Dye! My Darling ", Tom tried to talk daria an unwilling Daria about their situation, leading to a moment known as The Kiss in Tom's car.

    This betrayal nearly ended Daria and Jane's friendship. At the end of that movie, Daria and Jane's friendship was revealed to be stronger than the boy-drama, and Daria decided to pursue a romantic entanglement with Tom.

    In the rest of the series, the characters would occasionally make jokes about how Daria was daria her friend's boyfriend " Life in the Past Lane ", "Is It College Yet?

    Daria a interview with Kara WildGlenn Eichler said Tom was created as "I thought it was really pushing credibility for Sex to have only had one or two dates during her whole high school career - I thought it was time in the evolution of her personality for a boyfriend to enter the picture.

    And of course it would provide us with some fresh storylines, always welcome after 39 episodes. He admits this "may have backfired" as a chunk of the audience didn't buy Jane would forgive Daria for that. Also a more tongue-in-cheek answer of "maybe the writers wanted to make the storyline more interesting". But the mess of having all your relationships change because you got caught off guard by new feelings, THAT I understood-- that sort of thing had happened to me, and to plenty of other people I knew, and I was very familiar with the resultant awfulness.

    So I gave the writers kudos for going there and exploring it, even as I was cringing. Tom is the only character we meet to have actually "dated" Daria, in the sense of having a mutually-understood, ongoing, romantic relationship. Daria described him as "very caring and sensitive in the not-pukey way" in " Is It College Yet? His relationship with Daria was marked by clashes and periods of friction, due to Daria's emotional and intimacy issues: this had been a problem since the start and she regularly pushed against him, sometimes to the point of trying to get him to stop dating her.

    This sometimes irritated him, though the two would make up afterwards. Other times, such as " Sappy Anniversary ", Tom could inadvertently tick off Daria with his unconcerned, laconic personality, and a habit of assuming she'd feel the same way as him and not asking her "Sappy", IIFY? Between its sex, the relationship was shown to be quite laid back and not traditionally romantic: in "Sappy Anniversary", Tom said he liked this about the relationship, that neither was going in for big gestures and they were happy to be lazy.

    Ironically, that was the one time she was hoping for a gesture. Usually, the two would hang out at his house or hers, making sarcastic comments about things. In " Life in the Past Lane ", both of them were daria and snarky over the retro scene and the elaborate dates Jane's then boyfriend was taking her on. MTV's "It Takes Two to Tangle " feature summed up the pairing thusly: "They have a healthy sense of boundaries, probably due to the fact that hers are extra-thick and lustrous.

    His family background puts him at risk for hyper-exclusivity. It is not clear how far Daria and Tom went physically in their relationship, just that no intercourse was had. This gap led to some speculation in fan fiction, and produced some pornographic fan art. In " My Night at Daria's ", it came out that Tom and Daria had discussed sex before and that Tom had sex off early on after Daria said she wasn't ready; he still carries condoms with him 'just in case', and was annoyed when Daria got in a dig at him for it, pointing out he was being responsible.

    He was very eager to have sex when she raised the idea again but when she was unable to go through with it, he made it clear he didn't view this as a relationship killer. In " Is It College Yet? Their differing views on where they were going and what it involved began to clash, and Tom again assumed Daria's view for sex she ended up missing out on visiting the Boston colleges after Tom decided - without asking her - that they could stay at Bromwell for an extra half-day so he could encourage Professor Woods to put some "influence" his and Daria's way; he assumed they still had "plenty of time" to Daria's silent anger when they were late getting away, and when they didn't, lightly joked much to her anger that it was a good thing they weren't that late to Bromwell.

    Later, during an argument, she threw at him that she wasn't able to get an application interview at Raft Universityand in anger he claimed she probably got in because they hadn't met her. He later tried to make it up to her by trying to use his influence to get her into Bromwell, something she initially found off-putting "some crappy romance novel where the troubled young viscount decides the lowly stable girl is good enough for him after all", as she put it to Jane.

    It was Daria that broke off the relationship in the end, citing ironically that they were both starting to lose interest and that they were simply going down different paths after high school and they wouldn't be able to keep it going. Tom initially tried to argue against Daria's claims but stopped after she asked him daria he was truly not bored with the relationship or if he was just upset Daria pointed it out first.

    Tom was left despondent and tried to call her, only to bottle it and hang up when she answered. He later met up with her, admitted in person she was right about what she'd said, and the two agreed to stay friends, with Daria saying she was glad they had dated and Tom telling her "I really look up to you, and your opinion's important to me". Tom's potentially ending the relationship between Daria and Jane, and effectively sealing the fate of the flirtation between Daria and Trent Lanesex Tom to be a very controversial character.

    Sex Kiss generated enormous antipathy for both Tom and Daria, therefore, there are very few fanworks that portray them in a positive light. Sloane by Quiverwing. Others defend the latter as making sense for Daria, a normally closed-off person.

    Outside of his relationship with Daria, Tom's portrayal still varies. Others have criticised Tom for being dull and not having much to him beyond being "the boyfriend", claiming he wasn't fleshed out enough. The Angst Guy has usually shown Tom as being weak, attempting to do the right thing but backing out or getting it wrong; on the Daria Fandom Bloghe also once remarked Tom had been punished for The Kiss by having to date Dariawhich he viewed as being a source of pain and frustration for Tom.

    They never qualified "reacting well" or "reacting poorly" I assumed it was well. Because of the Triangle issue, Tom was occasionally portrayed as basically unfeeling and cavalier of the attitudes of others. This stereotype has been parodied and taken to the extreme in several fanfics, painting Tom as the driving force behind global evil Kill Tom Fic.