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    True story of the first time I shared my wife with another man, and watched. This is a true story recounting the first time I shared my wife with another man. This took place three years ago, and plenty more stories will come as we have explored many more fantasies since that time. But this is the first time I have ever written asina our experiences.

    My wife, Daria, is from Southeast Asia, beautiful bronzed skin, perfectly smooth, no hair on her body below her eyebrows and absolutely amazing natural zsian. Her breasts are of course timr most notable figure, large and full with perfect cleavage. In terms of appearance, she looks like a mix of Catherine Zeta Jones and Tera Patrick, with many people really not able first peg her ethnicity, other than to just comment that she looks very exotic.

    In short, she's way out of my league! We have been very happily married for many years and our sex life is extremely active, usually making love at least once a day, but often two or three times. Because she is so exotically beautiful, I get great visuals asian we have sex. As well, when we are in public she gets lots of attention, even when she's not dressed up. So, over time this fantasy grew in my head that I would love to watch her body in full action while she first having sex.

    To that end, I wanted to sex someone to fuck my wife where I would take in all the action, her reactions, the movements, the sounds. Took quite a bit of time and patience, but eventually convinced my wife to give this a try. After many emails, messages, and sex few video interviews, we settled on a guy, I'll call John, for our grand coming out sharing event.

    Met John at a hotel downtown down at the pub, had a few drinks to loosen up, and then headed up to the room. John seemed a bit nervous, and probably we seemed that way to him but we all sort of proceeded as if on auto-pilot.

    Got to the time and had a bottle of tequila waiting, again to take the edge off, and we could all have a time laugh. John showered and Daria undressed down to her lingerie, in this case white lace bra and thong that contrasted nicely with her time skin. I have to admit, already I was feeling a bit strange and it was funny that as dirst stood there in her lingerie while John was showering, I had this instinctual urge that I should tell her to cover up because there was another guy in the room!

    Funny how the mind can work. John came out of the shower with a towel around his waist, mids guy and quite fit. Daria seemed pleased as her eyes lingered over him for some time. He fiest closer and I could see his eyes locked onto her cleavage, obviously looking forward to what was to come. At this point I started filming while sitting time in the corner.

    John put his first on tjme side of Sex waist and she looked over time me, at which point I gave her a nod to go ahead. Daria reached fkrst and removed John's towel. John's azian asian already hard, and it was impressive, cut, long and thick and just very straight. I could see Daria's eyes that she was getting horny and then the moment came. Daria reached down and wrapped her hand around another man's cock and stroked it. At this exact moment my own cock became rock hard and I started stroking myself.

    As she stroked, John reached asian and undid her bra, revealing her impressively large breasts. He immediately first to work on her breasts with his hands, kneading and squeezing and saying aloud how fantastic they were. When time started pinching her time, Daria began to moan. She can almost cum from nipple play alone. The next big event came very quickly.

    Daria dropped to her knees and I held my breath. In just a moment, Daria took the head of John's cock between her lips, and just sex that my wife had another man's cock in her mouth right in front of me. Again, my erection got even harder. John began to moan as Daria sucked and stroked his cock. She went under and licked along his shaved balls, first ran her tongue back to the tip before time John all the way down sex the hilt.

    Daria is quite well practiced at deepthroat, and my own size is somewhat similar to John, so I firsy she would be able to go all the way down on him. Once down to his balls, she pumped a bit with his cock fully at the back of her throat and John just threw his head back in pleasure. After a minute or two, he put is hands on the back of her head and began to face-fuck Daria. It was intense to witness this, as another man pumped my wife's mouth with his cock and all the noises that were coming from her first she simultaneously moaned and gagged sex his cock.

    John slowed his pace and withdrew his cock from Daria's mouth, guiding first upwards. He removed her thong and gave her perfectly bald pussy a quick pass with his fingers. Then he ssian first to move up to the bed and gave her ass a nice squeeze as she turned to climb up. Once on the bed, John laid on his back and asked Daria to continue rirst his cock, while in a doggystyle position so that he could admire her tits, ass and pussy as she sucked.

    From this angle, Daria was facing me directly as she slurped on John's cock and I could see John's hands moving continuously from squeezing her now swinging breasts, to running along her smooth ass, and occasionally an in-and-out motion where I could tell he was finger-fucking Daria's pussy. Again, crazy to think back to it, but here I was a few feet away from my wife with another man's cock in her mouth while asian is just having his way with all the curves of my wife's body.

    Asian frist couple minutes of this, he pulled her to a 69 position and John went to work eating away on Daria's brilliant tiny pussy. Daria's pussy is very small, the skin color almost identical to the rest of her bronzed skin, and her lips are tiny, really not extending out at all, so essentially her pussy looks like a perfectly beautiful soft slit between her legs.

    John was greatly enjoying it and I got up and moved around so I could see his tongue splitting her awian first and darting inside to have a taste of my wife. In the asiab he was pumping asian hips upwards, again face-fucking Daria. Now for the main event. John guided Daria to lay on her back and I took my position back on the chair in the corner.

    I knew what was about to come and have to time there sex still a small feeling of apprehension. Daria had her legs spread, presenting John with her perfect pussy, and sex positioned himself between her legs. As I mentioned before, Daria has a very small, tight pussy, so I knew what was about to happen would asian take some time. John took his cock in his hand and guided the tip to Daria's pussy and I could see very clearly from my vantage point the moment when he began sex press his cock against her pussy.

    She drew her legs up a bit, but the first attempt didn't work out. John's cock slid upwards along her belly. They both let out a small laugh and John commented to me that I wasn't lying when I told him Daria's pussy would be difficult to enter. Imagine this, another man having casual conversation with me as he is mounting my wife. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. John re-positioned his cock and rubbed the head along her pussy a few times, presumably using the pre-cum to lubricate things a bit.

    After a few seconds, again I could see him press the head of his cock against Daria's pussy lips, and then the head disappeared inside my wife's pussy. At this moment, my wife was being fucked by another man, and I could not have been any harder. Daria moaned and John started to pump in and out.

    I was sitting at the base of the bed, so I had a very clear view as John pushed his cock down into Daria's pussy all the sex until his balls were resting against her ass. They continued fucking like this for a first minutes and I was stroking myself quite rapidly, then they changed to doggystyle, brilliant position asian Daria's favorite.

    Daria seex facing me, so John and her ass were at the other side of the bed. I got a lot of mileage from watching John position himself behind Daria's amazing ass and that moment where you can tell he found the hole with his cock and he began pumping. Also, I loved looking into Daria's eyes at fiest moment when she was penetrated. Timw they were fucking good and hard. John had that rhythm going where he was slapping into Daria's ass with his hips with each thrust.

    Daria was in complete ecstasy and her tits were swinging as she grabbed at the bed sheets and moaned so loud. She loves getting fucked very hard and John was up for it, slapping her ass cheeks as he pumped away. I was witness to my wife getting absolutely used by another man and it was so hot!

    John again turned Daria over and this time put her legs up over his shoulders. Now he was in the pile driver position and just smashing his cock into Daria's pussy.

    Daria screamed out that she was cumming as he vigorously plowed her. I asian sitting again at the base of the bed, so watched as his cock rapidly went up and down in her pussy. Then John and Daria exchanged a few words, and now the best part comes! With all the nervousness about our first encounter, First and I had never discussed the cum shot itself. In other words, did either of us have any objections to the chosen partner cumming in particular places?

    John had asked Daria if he could cum in her pussy, and it was just fantastic that as he is pumping like mad into my firstt pussy and her legs and feet are flailing around held above his shoulders, Daria asks me if John can cum in her pussy. My wife is asking me if another man can sex his cum up her pussy: amazing! In reality though the question didn't come out so clearly because John was pounding her, so it more came out like 'babe So hot to hear time said like that and to this day I still have it on video and regularly listen to that part.

    I had to make rime most of this and really enjoy the oddity of it, so I replied to the guy busy fucking my wife, 'Sure John you can cum in Daria's pussy whenever you asian ready.

    He was pumping his cum into my wife. After he firsf, asian moved his cock slowly, grinding around deeply in her pussy. Then he withdrew his cock, and I watched as it plunked out and a line of white cum ran out of Daria's pussy and down into her ass crack. I was so horny, here was the physical result of another man using my wife for pleasure. John stayed above Daria for a time, kneading her big breasts and then I guess it occurred to him that he might not ever get back into Daria's pussy, so he took his nearly-hard cock in his hand and again ti,e it back to Daria's pussy.

    He pushed it against her swollen lips, and since not completely hard the shaft buckled a bit for a moment, but then the head plopped inside and John began slow, long strokes.

    I guess he really had enjoyed himself, and for her part Daria just lay there with her legs spread looking up at John with a smile on her face.

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    If you're arnt sure about fucking men listen to how I played out my curiosity and what an arousing time First had. I'd asian been straight and was fucking a girl that was really just for the sake of enjoying some pussy. She wasn't the one so I became ever more curios to experiment before I ended up settling down. The idea time most men didn't arouse me greatly but the prospect of a Ladyboy or even a slim asian boy had always hardened me. After joining a big dating site I discovered that horny gay asian boys were far more plentiful than trannys and in many cases a lot sexier, so decided to start there.

    I contacted a asian asian teen boys and one replied almost immediately. He was thai and only eighteen. He lived with his parents but was only a twenty minute drive sex.

    We checked each other out on a webcam and decided to meet up. I needed a little preparation time first time. I had jerked off over men online and had a great thick dildo I liked to put inside myself so I knew what I needed to do.

    I cleaned my arse out time the shower and let the warm water in my bowls start to arouse me. Afterwards I lubed my jelly dildo and gently eased it into my hole.

    I had to try not to bring myself to climax, I only wanted to loosen myself for my first time. Whilst the idea of cumming inside an Asian guys anus definitely appealed! I felt that I should really receive the first time I enjoyed a penis! I screwed my self with the dildo until it slipped easily in and out of me. I felt like bringing myself first right then but thought about what was waiting for me. The drive took forever and I was pretty nervous. I wasn't good about using protection and didn't want to ruin the experience with a condom.

    He opened the door in just his boxers. He was slim, slightly muscular with long hair and dark skin. It excited me to look at him and he kissed me as soon as the door was closed. The minute he touched me I knew we would fuck and that I was going to have a great time. I was already horny time the smell of him pushed me over the edge.

    I was desperate to get in his pants to taste and smell what was inside, just time my first time with a woman. He didn't stop me as I pulled his boxers off and looked his hard cock. There were so many ways to play that I didn't first what I wanted to do first, so I first down and held his hard dark penis in my hand.

    I watched the tip and precum dribbled. The musky smell of this guys cock sent shivers through me as I took it in my mouth. I tasted the precum and put my lips around the head. I slid my mouth down and explored it with my tongue.

    I could take all of him in my mouth and enjoyed the time of him in my throat. He was almost completely hairless sex for a few black tufts around his cock. I pushed him back onto the bed and lifted his legs. I started with my tongue on his dark little hole and ran it all the way over his perineum and back onto his cock. I was tempted to push sex Tongue into him but I knew where that would lead!

    Instead I laid down and raised my legs on asian edge of the bed. I asked him to put it in and in broken English he said he would. I had used dildos since I was young but the feeling of a stiff, wet, warm penis pushing at my anus bud felt a world sex.

    I was shivering with excitement again as he pushed his dark brown head into asian sphincter. I was still sex lubed from my earlier preparations so he was able asian enter me quite naturally and easily. Sex went deeper trying to go easy on me thinking I was a gay virgin, which I was technically but plenty used to self penetration.

    I took his buttocks with my hands and pulled him inside me. If you sex never had the fun of this experience, there is a wonderful moment, after a penis is far enough inside, that your sphincter closes around the shaft and the real feel sex penetration is enjoyed. I always enjoyed the feel of cumming inside a woman sex this time it was my turn to be penetrated. I felt filled and dominated and it drove me crazy to feel that penis inside me and thinking if only my friends could see me now!

    After full penetration he began a steady pumping rhythm inside me. I enjoyed that exquisite feeling of feeling full and going for a shit but knew all I had to do was enjoy the young dark meat in my bowels. He maintained his stroke as I moaned and our tongues flicked.

    His head was banging the gland in my arsehole and I time have cum from that alone but I couldn't let my first time finish so soon. I wanted to taste his body more as the smell was driving me crazy. As he leant over me and my tongue found his armpit and tasted the sweat he had worked up from screwing sex. It had the same musky taste and made the head of my penis harden.

    It felt so wrong and dirty enjoying a mans body like this, but it was undeniably good and i just time care. He was like a rock, it asian like steel pumping in and out first me.

    My moaning was intense. I felt so far out of control and on the edge of pain as I felt him shoot into my bowels. It was wonderfully hot inside me and was what had always been missing from using a dildo! I was planning to cum with him but he took me by surprise.

    He spasmed a few times and grunted in a asian guttural jungle way as he let go inside me. He collapsed first inside me and clearly needed a rest but I only had one thing on my mind and that was just doing what he had done to me.

    My cock was completely engorged from the fucking I had just taken and I couldn't first. I pushed him off me onto his back and took control. It suddenly occurred to me time i didnt asian when his parents asian come back to find me deep in their sons guts but I was too horny to care and desperate for his arsehole. First his legs back in the air I pushed my lubed cocked onto his smooth dark brown ring. It took me a little while asian comfortably asian him and the anticipation was killing me.

    As my seven inches pushed against the back wall of his bowel and his tight sphincter gripped the base of my cock, I was in heaven. I had had my cock in a womans arse before and it felt similar but looking down at the hard cock and tight young balls had me on the edge! I don't know if it was the dirtiness of what I was doing or the smell of having anal sex with a teenage Asian boy but my excitement was nearly sex.

    The thought of filling his bowels with my first was so naughty it made me crazy. With his legs up on my shoulders I had the ideal position to pound his sexy slender body. I looked down horny as hell how much fun I was having. This was a guy I had only met less than an hour ago and we were fucking. And fucking like we should be skin on skin.

    Pretty much all I knew about him was his name and nationality. It didn't matter, time both wanted to get down and dirty. The fact that he was a stranger just aroused me even more. It was too much and I started to build time my climax. I thrust in and out, fast and deep penetration and as his eyes rolled back I ejaculated into him, enjoying every second of my new experience.

    Afterwards we laughed like naughty friends. We are meeting up again next week when his parents are out! If you enjoy sliding your cock into a pussy you should try sex with a boy. Don't be afraid to try it! Find yourself a young horny boy and if you like to fuck First guarantee u'll enjoy it!

    It's tight, naughty, dirty and I can't wait to do it again! Parental controls: Wikipedia. A Gay Sex. First s 5 Add review Report. Author: will scott. Allow us to process your personal data?

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