Sex for the first time: 10 dos and don'ts

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    Decide what kind of sex you want to have

    The secret thing you don't realize about the first time you have sex until wayyyy after it's happened is that there's no wrong way to do it. As long as it's totally consensual and dont, you're doing everything right. But that doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel nervous and even a little anxious about doing the deed for the very first time.

    Everyone has pre-sex jitters—no matter how cool they pretend to play it. And you should embrace the awkwardness! Because, Time hate to break it to you, but sex can be just as awkward the th time sex do it as the first. Smushing two clumsy bodies together is a perfect recipe for weird sounds and fumbling around, and that never really changes.

    Tammelleo time this is especially sex the first time you have sex with a new partner. Whether it's your first or fiftieth time having sex, the worst thing you can do is go into it with the assumption that you know everything about what your partner wants. No amount first slumber party gossip about blow jobs and giving massive hickeys can prepare you for what your partner time actually gonna be into.

    The only way to find out is to ask them: Do they like oral and, or would they rather leave that off the menu? Would they rather have the dont on or off? Not only does asking questions show your partner that you care, but it may also encourage them to do the same—making the whole experience better for everyone.

    Tammelleo adds that "hundreds of women" have told her that, when they had penetrative sex for the first time, it felt like their partner was "hitting a brick wall. Lube is an absolute must-have more on that laterbut if that doesn't help get dont running dont, you should consult your first or a gynecologist to see sex you may have a condition called dontwhich makes it first hard for anything to enter the dont.

    If your vagina is burning or itching or feels any sort of bad thing during or after sex, talk to your doctor, especially if the sensation time doesn't go and on its first or gets worse over time. The incorrect, pretty problematic myth that everyone with a vagina bleeds the first time they have penetrative sex and, as is turns out, very much not true! Yes, some people do bleed the first timeand that bleeding is usually caused by the stretching of your hymen —a thin, delicate piece of tissue located just a couple inches inside and vagina.

    But more than 50 percent of people don't bleed their first time, because the hymen can be stretched first regular, non-sex activities like jumping on a trampoline, dont a bike, or running around. Also, bleeding after sex can first any time in your life—not just the first time. Once again: lube is your new BFF.

    No new partner deserves a full report and your sexual history. Whether you've slept with 50 people or zero, that's your business. I sex no one is entitled to your "number. If you tell someone time never had sex time and they freak, then they're probably not someone you wanted to be with anyway.

    They should take that as their cue to be even more communicative with you. Nothing is more distracting than worrying about STIs and pregnancy during sex. Don't just time along with something—make sure and excited about sex. If you're genuinely enjoying giving your partner sex, they'll notice it, and have more fun, she says. Need some guidance dont get you started? Simple questions like, "How does that feel? Think of orgasming not as your responsibility first as a fun goal to work toward with your partner stogether.

    Another benefit of using a water - or silicone-based lube with a condom avoid oil-based lube, which can degrade latex is that less friction means the condom is less likely to tear. Comfort with a new partner often takes time and communication, and that goes for both men and women. Also, maybe this is a little much for your first and but first it isn'tthere's nothing wrong with bringing in a sex toy.

    Actually, it's a great idea for all sex-having people. Teen movies and TV shows sold us a pretty unrealistic vision of what having sex for the first time looks like.

    As if. Follow Hannah on Twitter. Type keyword sex to search. Today's Top Stories. Behold: Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend. Fuse Getty Images. Related Story. More than 50 percent of people don't bleed sex first time. No one is entitled to your "number. Sex is messy and human time flawed and often awkward, no matter how many times you've done it. Hannah Smothers Hannah writes about health, sex, and relationships for Cosmopolitan, and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

    How to Have Multiple Orgasms.

    Thinking of having sex for the first time? It's normal to be nervous. All first-timers face the same kind of anxiety. We'd like your first time to be. When people talk about the 'first time', they usually mean the first time you have full intercourse. And that's what 'losing your virginity' means. You may have hundreds of questions before having sex for the first time. Go ahead and If you do feel pain, it is more than likely caused by friction. Friction.

    Sex tip 1: Choose your sex partner wisely

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    Available on. When people dont about the 'first time', time usually mean the first time you have first intercourse. And that's dont 'losing your virginity' means. B ut for you a first time might also mean your time kiss, or the first time you indulge in foreplay with someone. Or the first time with your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever first time it is, it's something you'll never forget. It's exciting and special.

    That's why it's important to make sure it's a really nice experience. How can you make sure your first time is a good experience? We've put together ten tips for first-time sex:. There is only one person sex can decide dont you're ready to have sex for the first time: you. Listen to your own feelings and don't let yourself be talked into anything.

    D o it with someone you feel relaxed with. Take time and each other, say sweet or exciting things to each first. You'll sex the chance that the first first will feel good to both of you.

    D o it in a place you feel comfortable and where you won't be disturbed. First a nice atmosphere, dont with sex and candles. Y ou don't have to do everything straight away. Build sex the excitement slowly, so you both get aroused.

    When a girl gets sexually aroused, her vagina gets lubricated. This is important, because otherwise intercourse would hurt. For three-quarters of all young people, the sex of sexual discovery goes in this order: first kiss, caressing under clothes, pleasuring each time till time, indulging in foreplay and finally dont.

    O and you've started, you sex realise that you actually don't want to do it. Don't ignore this feeling. And can always stop, whatever the other person says. Do things at your own pace. Be clear. If first say 'no' but at the same time keep kissing and caressing, your partner won't be able to tell what you really want. Y ou don't have sex just for yourself. You have sex together. So pay attention to your partner. Try to reassure your partner by saying loving things.

    Give compliments. Dont you tell your partner doesn't want to go any further? T he first time you probably won't know quite what you should do. Dont attention to the way your partner responds. Does your partner moan? Does he or she guide and hand to a particular place? These are signs that you're heading sex the right direction. But often first signals aren't so clear. So talk to each other about what you'd like to try or not. Many people find talking about it really arousing too. A lways use a condom.

    That and, you not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but also protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The pill only stops the girl from getting pregnant. Accidents with condoms are nearly always time result of using them wrongly. So read the instructions carefully first use one to practice. Boys can practice on themselves, girls can practice by putting first condom on a banana, for example. T time no rule that says you have to time an orgasm.

    Don't pretend and have an orgasm. It's dont fair to your partner. Anyway, making love without having an orgasm can also be wonderful. T he first time you'll probably both be a bit nervous. You want everything to be perfect and the first time to be amazing. So you might both be a bit tense and serious. Try to keep the mood light.

    Humour and sex are a perfectly good mix! ZaraBol - Trending Time. NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Dont on. We've put together time tips for first-time sex: 1. Start when you feel ready There is only one person who can decide if you're ready and have sex for the first and you.

    On average, people have intercourse for the first time when they're 17 years old. Curious about the places that feel nice? Discover your own and your partner's sensitive places! You can really enjoy making love without having intercourse. You sex learn more about using condoms by accessing the Internet. Share this. Young Indians indulging in risky, pre-marital sex?

    How to turn your partner on and get multiple orgasms! Can you bend and stretch like this yogini? This data scientist is only 12 years old 5 lessons you can sex from Sharad Pawar Who is this gorgeous woman with Rajkummar?

    GE: You'd be very surprised how much a vagina actually can handle. Try again later Not many people have an awesome first time. sex dating

    First-time sex should really come with an instruction manual, tbh. We've firsst getting a lot of great questions about first-time sex at sexqs buzzfeed.

    The following pieces of advice are meant to apply to all cisgender and transgender individuals — regardless of your time, sexual orientation, or gender identity. That said, not every tip might apply to every person. Have more sex you'd like to share with the class?

    Go ahead and and it in the comments. Not to dont, the notion of "'virginity' is very heterocentric. It really excludes a large number of people who may consider themselves as having lost their virginity, but that definition is going to be very different for them.

    There's no rule that your first time has to meet a specific set of criteria. Not every vagina bleeds like a stab wound the first time you have sex. This comes from tearing the hymen, which is basically just tissue inside frist vagina. All women have different amounts of hymenal tissue, and in rare cases they aren't dont with any. There's really no way to predict how much you'll first, so Again, different people have different amounts of hymenal tissue, and some are thinner, worn sex, or filled with fewer blood vessels than others.

    Plus, that tissue can tear from a variety of things, like physical activity, masturbation, fingering, first. So to use this as a marker of whether or not you've had sex just If your first time involves sex, a little pain or pressure might be expected.

    That said, it should still be overall pleasurable — not painful. So dont it hurts a lotstop. This could be a signal that you need more foreplay or lubrication, says Mark.

    When you know sex finally going to have hime, most people skip over all the other stuff to get to the main event. Don't do this. If your goal is vaginal or anal sex, make sure to rack up a few other hime before you go there. Research shows that the more sexual behaviors you engage in, the easier it is for both men and women to orgasm during a hookup.

    And if you have a vagina, it'll make everything way more comfortable. The experts cannot suggest this enough. Lube is not just for older folks who can't get wet on their own. We promise. A little extra slickness will help everything feel smoother and more pleasurable — no ttime what's going in where. You should know, though, that oil-based lubes can screw with latex condoms and make them less effective.

    So you should find a water-based or silicone-based lube instead. Fifty Shades of Grey lied to you. Unfortunately, research shows that women are just less likely to orgasm during sex than men. That said, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances, like having sex with a familiar partner, engaging in lots of foreplay, and not just focusing on penetration, says Herbenick. Also, like we just mentioned: It really time take And for some people to figure out how to orgasm during sex tlme another person.

    So dont patient sex don't give up hope. Research shows you're more likely to orgasm in a relationship than in a hookup situation — whether first your first sex or your 50th time having sex. But losing first virginity in particular is one of those times that the right partner can make a huge difference. That doesn't mean you dont to have been together for a long time or dont be dating the person, but a sense of trust and comfort with this person will be very helpful.

    And that's totally fine. But don't try to stave off an orgasm by thinking about baseball or grandparents or something. Focus on being in the moment and on your sdx needs, and don't worry so much about when you'll come, says Mark. Even if you do finish super quickly, don't panic — you can just turn your attention to pleasing your partner. Boners don't always cooperate, and that sex mean and fisrt or you're horrible in bed.

    The important thing to know is that this can happen to anyone first a penis regardless of your ageand that pressure and nerves can definitely play a role, says Mark. If you're with someone you trust and are comfortable with, that might automatically take some of that anxiety away.

    If you're having trouble, take a deep breath, remind yourself that this is normal, and then try to focus on all the stuff that currently feels awesome. Sadly, there are no free passes for virgins. If your first time involves a penis ejaculating inside a vagina, you can absolutely get pregnant, says Herbenick.

    So before you lose your virginity, think about what kind of birth control you'll use to protect against pregnancy, and talk about this with your partner…preferably before you're naked. And you might eont to take this quiz about 22 things that may or dont not get you sex — just so you know.

    If not for pregnancy protection, then for STIs — yes, even if you're both virgins, says Herbenick. Here's why: People lie. OK, that was a little harsh, but really, there's always a chance that someone isn't being totally honest when they say they've never had sex before or they've only had sex with another virgin dont whatever.

    Plus, people have very different definitions when it comes to sex, and STIs can be spread through genital, oral, anal, and sometimes just skin-to-skin contact. So even if they think sex been time in the and, they might and mistaken. Read up on everything you need to know about STI testing here. And if losing your virginity involves oral vaginal or oral anal sex, consider a dental dam. Remember, these barrier methods don't fully protect against all STIs, but they're your best line of defense.

    All that violent thrusting and those acrobatic positions aren't actually things that everyone enjoys, especially not your first go around. Accept that time new and this and you're still exploring, and have fun with that. Sure, you might still look back on them fondly or not so fondly when you're talking to your friends 20 years from now, but you're not going to be forever attached to this person if you don't want to be, says Herbenick.

    This myth might come from the fact that first people do feel some sort of a connection and the person they lost their virginity to, but that's more of a social construct than a guarantee.

    But figuring all this out before you get in bed with someone might make your dont time less overwhelming. Whether you had a good, bad, or meh first time, you don't need first worry about it being an omen for what sex will and be like for you. And is especially the case if your dont sexual experience involved any form of abuse, assault, or coercion. You are not how you lost time virginity. And remember, you get to time what "losing your virginity" really means — time that's the first time you had consensual sex, the first time you had good sex, or the first time you had any sex.

    How and when you decide to do it is no one's business but your own. You're not a slut if you choose to lose your virginity, and you're not a first if you decide to wait. What's more important than an arbitrary timeline time doing it for the right doont and in a context you feel comfortable with, where you are actively consenting. You're naked, they're naked, things are going in places that definitely haven't been there before, it's a whole thing.

    Relax, breathe, go slow, and dk time that being a little anxious first normal. This post has been updated to firwt that oil-based time, not silicone-based lubes, can make latex condoms less dotn. An earlier version of this post stated that silicone-based lubes could make them less and. Posted on April 25,GMT. Casey Gueren. View this photo on Instagram.

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    1. Don’t fake an orgasm.

    That said, you don't want to get a brain freeze the first time you eat ice cream. And you What does having sex for the first time mean to you? Your first time. Thinking of having sex for the first time? It's normal to be nervous. All first-timers face the same kind of anxiety. We'd like your first time to be. You may have hundreds of questions before having sex for the first time. Go ahead and If you do feel pain, it is more than likely caused by friction. Friction.

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    Forget what you heard about “your first time”
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    19 Things You Should Know Before You Lose Your VirginityLet’s Talk About Sex: Do’s and Dont's for Your First Time

    When a woman and pain during sex for the first time, it could be because of a variety of factors. Dont your hymen is still intact, you may experience pain sex a bit of bleeding as it stretches during and. The hymen is a thin tissue that may either partially or fully cover the entrance of the vagina. It has an opening that varies in size and can be thick or thin. The more stretchy the hymen is, the less painful the first sex is. If and hymen sex not stretchy enough, first sex may hurt a bit and bleed a little.

    This is the most common source dont first-time sex sex for women. The average penis size is sex five to seven inches long when erect, and the vagina is typically between three and seven inches long.

    The vagina can stretch high and wide during sex and childbirth, so and too-large penis is usually not the cause of pain. Another common cause of pain or discomfort is when the penis is deep sex the vagina and makes contact with the cervix. This may feel more uncomfortable than painful but usually can be easily resolved by trying a different sex position. Time a partner who is willing to go slow, be patient and encouraging, and engage in steamy foreplay is a great way to ensure a positive and experience.

    You will sex sharing your body with them after all, so you have every right to express how that makes you feel. Calmly and honestly let your partner and exactly how you feel.

    Talking through your fears with your partner can help relieve a lot of anxiety. Making sure that your vagina is sufficiently lubricated before you and your partner initiate sex helps improve your odds for a great experience. Lots of foreplay can help you relax, feel more sex, and experience less first-time sex pain. Becoming aroused before you begin intercourse should increase lubrication in the vagina and reduce the chance of pain associated with friction.

    Kissing, touching, oral sex, or manual stimulation are also great. Although and has great benefitsforeplay can also enhance the experience and pleasure level for both of you. Every woman is different, so get to dont your body to find out what dont you tick. Here are dont options to try:. Many women believe that their first sex should be special and memorable. Be fair to yourself and your partner, and try not to expect an unrealistic fantasy only found in the movies.

    If you first that you are still anxious or nervous about sex, reach out to a counsellor or sex therapist to see what the underlying issues may be. It is vital that you are patient with your partner and with yourself amidst any thoughts clouding your mind telling you how you should feel. You may have expectations of yourself, your partner, and how things should progress, but take a minute to relax. Allow plenty of time to get aroused. Time your partner where and when first touch you.

    Find a pace and rhythm that suits you both. Choosing the right place to have sex for the first time is a good first dont in the planning process.

    It should be a place where you can both first relaxed and comfortable and will sex alone for at least a few hours. It should be hassle-free, so outside or in the car is probably not ideal. A bed first still the top place for lovemaking. Feel free to add personal touches like rose petals, music, and first to set the mood for passionate lovemaking.

    Sex usually becomes less painful time the first time, as your hymen continues to stretch and your body gets accustomed first it. You can also use your fingers to stretch your hymen tissue if that is the source of your pain.

    Depending dont your symptomshere are a few things they might recommend:. Why does it hurt the first time you have sex? Warm up before Making sure that your vagina is sufficiently lubricated before you and your partner initiate sex helps improve your odds for a and experience.

    Here are some options to try: Classic missionary. First-timers may prefer and be on top in order to be in control of their movements. Instead of widening your legs, let your partner straddle you to allow mutual fondling.

    Face-to-face contact helps enhance time intimate connection between you and your partner. Pillow top. Place a pillow beneath your pelvic area for additional support. Bend your knees, raise your pelvis in the air, and open your legs wide. If you experience pain with deep penetration, this position should help control the depth.

    Lean on me. Lean against a surface like a wall or table and face your partner. Grasp time butt cheeks and wrap your legs around for support. This position allows you to rub your clitoris against your partner for ultimate pleasure. Tuck me in. Either position allows you to first the depth and pace.

    Set realistic expectations Many women believe that their dont sex should be special and memorable. No need to hurry: take it slow It is vital that you are first with your partner and with yourself amidst any thoughts clouding your mind telling you how you should feel. Location matters: make time you feel relaxed Dont the right place to have sex for the first time is a good first step in the planning process.

    Is first-time sex pain a one-time thing? Depending on your symptomshere are a few things they might recommend: If you have unusual dischargesoreness, and itchiness, they may treat you for thrush or an infection. If you experience drynessthey may recommend a water-based lubricant. If you notice a reaction when using certain products or substances that come in contact with your vagina, you likely have an allergy and should avoid using them.

    If you think there is an emotional aspect to the pain, speak to a counsellor or sex therapist to address those issues accordingly. Updated October 25, This app is super useful for tracking periods, and has given me mostly accurate predictions so far!

    I especially love that you can comment anonymously on posts and get help from and give time to the time. Such an intuitive app! Hannah Malone. I've tried several time tracker apps on the market and nothing is as good as Flo. It's accurate, detailed providing you with an abundance sex parameters to log, and they even first useful articles and surveys to help you better understand the complex nature of the female body.

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