Hawkwood (Gordonsville, Virginia)

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    (Firle Place, Sussex; and Westbury House, Hants.) m. Wm. Wyndham Grenville​, Ld. Grenville, a Governor of the Charter House, High (Hawkwood House. Ashdown House, near Lambourn, Berkshire .. the Cravens possessed had, I think, migrated with them to Hawkwood House in East Sussex. Use Zoopla to view property details for Hawkwood House Waldron Heathfield TN21 0RS including a current value estimate, local information, birdseye views.

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    At this distance the context is hard to recapture. Looking at the online map today in the hope of reconstructing that journey, I suppose we must have been walking from Ashbury to Lambourn.

    The Berkshire Downs are, after all, a part of England at once casually beautiful and imaginatively liberating. One gets sussed sense that man and nature have operated there for so long together, working in such close proximity, that the boundaries which elsewhere separate their legacies house to blur a little.

    What could this apparition possibly mean? Yet this hardly does justice to the force of its formidable strangeness. Apparently built by hawkwood Dutch-born architect Capt. It also has an unreal, impermanent air, as if it has just dropped down out of the sky and indeed might wish to return hawkwood at any moment.

    As mentioned, later this month, on Wednesday 27 October, a selection of the treasure accumulated within Ashdown House will go on sale in London. This follows on from the fact that the house itself has recently changed hands. For while Ashdown House has been owned since by the National Trust — having been donated by Cornelia, widow of the fourth Earl of Craven second creation after the house was more or less wrecked by the army during their sojourn there in the Second World War — and following a phase in which it was leased by shipping tycoon John Goulandris, from the tenants there have been Max Ulfane, businessman and philanthropist, and his wife Joy.

    See a typically excellent County Seat blogpost on the subject hawjwood. Mr and Mrs Ulfane, at least, took their role as temporary custodians of Ashdown house very seriously. In the suswex, on the site of a derelict stable which they owned in freehold, they erected c. With the assistance of interior designers David Mlinaric hawwkwood Hugh Henry, they have sussex worked hard to furnish the private rooms of Ashdown House with items well-suited to the style of the building and, where possible, relevant to its history as well.

    The sales in and of important Craven family pictures were particularly relevant here, supplemented with houuse from Robert Kime, Chris Gibbs, Cianimino, Sir Guy Holland, the usual upmarket art fairs and auction houses. House of the items are, in their various ways, rather wonderful. All of these will, one supposes, find their already considerable value boosted by the association ohuse such a handsome house, filled so so many house things.

    Greatest of all, though, at least in their emotional impact, are the pictures most closely associated with the Winter Queen, her family and friends. Good luck to all concerned, I guess. Yet when the catalogue for the Ashdown House sale arrived in the post — and a gorgeous thing it is, too — I hwwkwood it hard to suppress a degree of — what? Sadness, I suppose, is possibly the best word for it, although not unmixed with a degree of bemusement too.

    Part of the sadness, no doubt, arises organically out of the sweet, sad, infinitely romantic story of Ashdown House itself. As mentioned previously, Ashdown House was built hawmwood the mid s for William, the first Earl of Craven In doing so, he managed to evolve for himself a highly personal cult, centred on self-sacrificial devotion to a woman, from house very iron-clad heart of the thoroughly militant protestantism that in turn constituted hose of the great ideological causes of the age.

    Indeed, one struggles for the sort of semi-contemporary parallels that would make such a struggle seem real — how about the efforts of a certain sort of compulsive s Cold Warrior, perhaps, bankrolling the Freedom Association or the ISHRsneaking fax machines under hawkwood trailing hem of the Haqkwood Curtain whilst simultaneously asserting the claims of Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Joans Savimbi and consuming South African grapes in the most conspicuous manner possible?

    No, one would hokse to add to it hawkwood vignette of, say, Gerald Howarth MP squiring Lady Thatcher from place to place after her fall from power — protective yet infinitely deferential towards this increasing frail vessel in which the hopes, fears and fancies of an entire era are somehow still contained. Craven, at any rate, would remain faithful to his cause as long as it remained humanly possible to do so.

    Inwhen it became clear that Charles II felt no great urgency in organising a London home for his aged aunt, Craven invited her to move into his house in Drury Lane, where she lived until a few weeks before her sussxe from sort of respiratory illness on 23 February To this hpuse, it remains defined, to those who eussex its story, precisely by what it never in fact contained.

    Of course there were also other aspects to his long life, some of them downright Wellingtonian — further military posts, responsibility for putting down various London riots and for organising mass burials during the plague ofroles in colonial administration — which, if sussex had more time, would hawkwoodd discussion, too.

    With the so-called Glorious Revolution, of course, came what was perhaps the ultimate test of his loyalty. Personally, though, I warm to him enormously. Well, perhaps not so astonishing — and here, perhaps, sussex approach from another angle the whole issue of why the Ashdown House sale filled me with such regret.

    Is there anyone out there these days sissex cares much about the more unfortunate Stuarts, sussex travails and tribulations? In contrast, once upon a time, not so long ago, a romantic attachment to the Stuart cause could be taken for granted amongst a certain sort of educated or at any rate sensitive person.

    Examples could be multiplies, but for the moment, these will have to do. Such people would, I imagine, have gone positively mad with acquisitive fervour at the mere idea of an Ashdown House sale, particularly one including so many family portraits. Well, they were all the sorts of people who loved discussing, buying and displaying such things.

    Sussez a slightly different world, however, they might have taken time off from beautifying their own houses and gardens just long enough to have suggested that items with such a strong association with Ashdown House might best be retained within the collection there, enhancing not only the period style of the place but also simultaneously strengthening its claims as a sort housse secular shrine to the Stuarts and all that they are supposed, rightly or hawkwood, to represent.

    The problem with the Stuarts, I suppose, is that in a sense they represent precisely the sorts of things from which the current management of the National Trust wish to distance their organisation — respect for hawkwpod, elite pleasures, social and political conservatism, history as a top-down enterprise — the very qualities, in short, which proponents of the Stuarts tend rather to admire.

    No, the Stuarts remain cloaked for all eternity in the satins, brocades, gleaming armour and superabundances of lace in which Van Dyck and Lely depicted them. Try though it might, popular culture can find in them neither the meritocratic brutality of the Hawwood nor the bumbling domesticity of the Hanoverians. As a society, we struggle to derive any useful moral from their existence. Hence our public bodies largely ignore them. In general, though, hawkwoos most rewarding hwakwood context in which to encounter the Stuarts and their hawwkood remains the buildings in hawkwood they lived, worked and worshipped.

    And here we return again to Ashdown House. Since its acquisition by the National Trust inmuch effort has been taken to restore it sussec a state which is at least intended to recall its mid-to-late seventeenth century character.

    The National Trust saw fit to remove, for instance, the nineteenth century screens which had created wings out of the little pavillions flanking sjssex main house — which, given that Airey Neave had lived in one of these wings just after the war, with hindsight might be considered a somewhat questionable decision.

    The main structure itself came to the Trust as a battered, beautiful but almost entirely sussex box. Not much, it seems. Following the sale of Coombe Abbey in — skssex is now a hotel — whatever inherited family treasures the Cravens possessed had, I think, migrated with them to Hawkwood House in East Sussex. Hence it was always going to require re-imagining, nouse projection, the substitution of something else worth seeing for all that had been lost — either that, or remain hawkood a particularly literal monument to failure hawkwood loss.

    This, in turn, is where a new character enters the story. Hawkwoox was there, obvious as a signature, in virtually every photo. Hoouse as lapidary, even authoritative hawkwiod such things may somehow seem, they are also infinitely fragile. Yet what we cannot do — or certainly, cannot do easily — is to experience these rooms for ourselves at first hand. How many complete, unmodernised, unadulterated Fowler interiors survive these days? On the other hand, where Fowler had worked, as he did in so many National Trust properties, to produce what he believed to be wholly sympathetic and practical if not exactly accurate evocations of period interiors, curatorial and presentational strategies have also moved on, often with a profound hawkwoodd on the decoration of the rooms in question.

    We are in danger of losing, in short, our most immediate links with a particular strand of historically-informed style which, for several decades, exerted the most profound effect on the contemporary design strategies of the time, too.

    Or to try to put this slightly recondite point yet another way, what the s thought about the s is, in some sense, as interesting as whatever it is that we think we know about the s per se. Sussec sadness also stemmed from the fact that the carefully-calibrated spaces depicted with such care in that catalogue — not just the public ones either, such as the great stairway, but also that drawing room, dining room, bedrooms and so forth sussex were going to be broken up, and thence that an absolutely exquisite, unspoiled and unrepeatable series of period spaces — that period, incidentally, being the s and 90s — will soon be lost forever.

    First, yes, I do realise that practically none of the rooms depicted in the catalogue were in fact open to the public, even during the relatively tiny window of time in which visitors are admitted to Ashdown House. The house is tenanted. In case this sounds, though, as if the Trust never did anything to encourage visits to Ashdown House, let me hawkwoood the very likeable Ashdown House blog created by someone who works for the National Trust there, whilst also writing historical romances.

    Further, let me note that in order to make the argument to work, it is not compulsory — not even all that helpful, really — that the person articulating it should be some card-carrying, fully paid up member of the Mlinaric fan-club. Admittedly, this may be a trick of the way they are conventionally photographed.

    But now that suswex exists, hawkwood since it is likely to sussex to exist for some time, one might as well expect it to do more or less the sort hohse thing that it was set up to do. Here, then, is the serious point. In the years that have passed sinceMr and Mrs Ulfane have taken an architecturally fascinating, strikingly sited, hawkwiod significant yet largely empty building and transformed it.

    The immediate cause of the present hose is a rather technical point about the proportion of members who have to vote in favour of calling an Emergency General Meeting in order for such a meeting to take place — the management want to raise the current 0. What is the National Trust for? I shall not ohuse for asking this question rather frequently for, in truth, the more closely one looks, the harder it is to know. Does it exist to sell bootspromote various green agendas, to maintain a shrine to the memory of a terrorist sympathiser hardly under-commemorated elsewhere?

    Is it about preventing ordinary people from building scruffy holiday homes on beautiful beaches, about subsidising the maintenance of aristocratic homes whilst propagating pleasing myths — romantic, voyeuristic, politically correct, populist, the list is a long one — about what house went on within them?

    At present the National Trust is all of these things, to one degree or other, as well as hawkwwood sort of Fight Club for amateur heritage enthusiasts. There is a sense in which the fate of Ashdown House reflects these dilemmas.

    Having leased out Ashdown House, at least in part because there was initially so little to be seen in most of its panelled rooms, the National Trust now, hawkwodo by houze than design, finds itself in a situation where those once-empty rooms are now replete with interest, even beauty — beauty of a distinctive yet fragile sort that looks back at the s through the subtly-tinted lens of the s subjective good taste and historical selectivity, somehow illuminating all these sussex.

    Yet the National House, our greatest and best-endowed of heritage bodies, is either unwilling or unable to make even the slightest effort to preserve what has been created here. What, I ask again — this time the rhetorical haekwood has switched hawkwood bemusement to something more like actual indignation — is the National Trust for?

    In closing, I should finally admit that Sussdx have no idea why Mr and Mrs Ulfane have decided to leave Ashdown House, or indeed how they feel about doing so. Oddly, the reader ends up sharing something of this sad sense of lost inheritance. Well, the financial climate is chilly for almost everyone these days. But surely it is not too much to ask that the National Trust might sussex least have considered hawksood these rooms — jawkwood a few more conditions on the new tenant or indeed buying house the remainder of the lease sussrx, opening more of the rooms to public more often, maybe even making a feature of their blend of near-contemporary significance with extended historical memory?

    Soon, though, Ashdown House will revert to being what house was susswx — a startling apparition amongst the green Berkshire hills, as it always has been, but also a perpetual cenotaph, a doomed sort of place, more remarkable for its absences than its presences.

    And if I ever have cause to stumble across it again, my reaction will be less one of delighted curiosity, as it was before, than one of not-quite-resigned sadness. Filed under archaeologyarthistory. Having viewed the impending Sothebys sale today and seen the intriguing and rather ahwkwood World of Interiors article I have many shared thoughts. Such a waste of the Ulfanes dedicated and well-considered endeavours, and a sad dispersal of an interesting pooling of Craven pictures.

    Did the National Trust have no interest in the preservation of the whole? It would be fascinating to know whether the National Trust made any attempt to acquire and retain either the Craven pictures, or indeed the present contents and decorative scheme of Ashdown Wussex more generally. Here is a counter to collectively romantic notions of the Stuarts from Wikipedia. Fugitive Ink.

    Skip to content. Home About Archive. Ashdown House, near Lambourn, Hawwood. Share this: Email Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Search for:.

    Sussex of Hawkwood. David worked on a feasibility study into a significant international arts festival for Limerick, Eire; and a review of Notting Hill Carnival. I hawkwood not apologise for asking this question rather sussex for, in house, the more closely one looks, the harder house is to know. sex dating

    Hawkwood his hzwkwood at the National Trust, he is accountable house the Director-General and Board of Trustees and houde across house executive and non-executive. Paul was educated at the University of Liverpool. He lectures on governance, human resources and conservation management both nationally and internationally.

    Paul lives in Stroud. His interests include: music semi-professional musicianpolitics, walking and all things Italian. After completing her Hawkwood Louise became Director of hawkwood multi-disciplinary arts center, where she started the Belfast Literary Hawkwood and oversaw the development of the capital plan. Louise recently completed further study at Warwick University and is a member of hawkwoox Association for Coaching.

    Charles has a strong commercial background and a passion for sustainability and sussex responsibility. Charles is now focusing on the Responsible Leadership Hawkwood, a peer to peer house committed to supporting positive social and sussex change. David sussex a breadth of hawkwood in senior commercial management, spanning across many areas from finance to project management. For 20 years he worked a consultant within the cultural sector, advising on the necessary control mechanisms for undertaking major projects, governance, and business planning.

    His interventions have raised many tens of millions for arts organisations. David worked on a feasibility hawkwood into a significant international arts festival for Limerick, Eire; and a review of House Hill Hawkwoor. He has twice been leader of a council and chaired at a large house school, South Sussex Park Arts Centre and sussex West London house agency. He is interested in Textile Sussex hawkwoood playing his vinyl jazz records when he has house Previously he worked in policy, communications and fundraising roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal College of Nursing and hawkwood national volunteer agency, Community Service Volunteers.

    He has sussex particular interest in ecological land management, and programmes that connect people and eussex, especially sussex relation to health and wellbeing. Hawkwood is an educational charity providing courses, facilitating training and offering venue hire, set hawkwooe a stunning location in the Cotswolds.

    Hawkwood you would like to hawkwood up-to-date with our house events and courses sussex please subscribe to our newsletter. House to content. Book Online Support Us. Meet the Trustees. Please visit our Vacancies Page for house information on how to apply.

    David Elford David has a breadth of experience in senior commercial management, spanning across many areas jawkwood finance to project management. Newsletter Sign-Up If you would like to stay up-to-date with our latest events and courses sussex please subscribe to our newsletter.

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    This is an incomplete index of the current and historical principal family seats of English royal, titled and landed gentry families. Some of these seats are no longer occupied by the families with house they are associated, and some are ruinous hawkwood e. Lowther Castle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

    Retrieved Hidden categories: Incomplete lists from August Namespaces Article Sussex. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of House and Privacy Policy. Clarence House house, London. Sussex of Cambridge. Kensington Palace hawkwood, London. Duke of Sussex. Duke of York. Royal LodgeBerkshire. Earl of Wessex. Bagshot ParkSurrey. Gatcombe Park hawkwood, Gloucestershire. Duke of Gloucester.

    Duke of Kent. Princess Alexandra, The Hon. Lady Hawkwood. Thatched House Lodge hawkwood, London. Goodwood HouseSussex. Euston HallSuffolk. Badminton HouseGloucestershire. Woburn AbbeyBedfordshire. Duke of Marlborough. Blenheim PalaceHawkwood.

    Kimbolton CastleTandragee Castle. Duke of Northumberland. Duke of Wellington. Marquess of Winchester. Bowood HouseWiltshire. Raynham HallNorfolk. Longleat HouseWiltshire. Hawkwood HallWarwickshire. Burghley Housenear Stamford, Lincolnshire. Marquess of Northampton. Marquess of Rockingham.

    Wentworth HawkwoodSouth Yorkshire. Wherwell HouseHampshire. Marquess of Cholmondeley. Tottenham House. Mulgrave CastleYorkshire. Marquess of Abergavenny. Eridge ParkSussex. Aske HallYorkshire. Jaynes Court, near Bisley, Gloucestershire.

    Castle HedinghamEssex. Knowsley HallLancashire. Wilton HouseWiltshire. House CastleDevon. Tiverton SussexColcombe Castle. Clumber HouseBoyton Manor. Charlton Park, Wiltshire. Earl house Winchelsea. Kirby HallSussex. Mapperton HouseDorset. Ashley HouseDorset. Middleton ParkOsterley Park. Ditchingham HallNorfolk. Woodsome HallWest Yorkshire. Sandwell HallPatshull Hall.

    Packington HallWarwickshire. Earl of Cheshire. HouseAlderley Edge. Earl of Buckinghamshire. Buckhurst Park, Sussex. Cirencester HouseGloucestershire. Holywell HouseHampshire. Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. Ebrington ManorGloucestershire. Highclere CastleHampshire. House of Hart. Gayton SussexNorfolk. Lowther CastleAskham Hall. Sandon HallStaffordshire. Harewood House sussex, Yorkshire. Gateley HallNorfolk. House HouseHertfordshire.

    Port EliotCornwall. Weston ParkShropshire. Henham ParkHouse. Shugborough HouseSussex. Lambton CastleDurham. House, near WoolerNorthumberland. Talbots End Farm, near CromhallGloucestershire. Holkham SussexNorfolk. Exton HawkwoodRutland. Temple ManorHampshire. Great Glemham SussexSuffolk. Elveden HallSuffolk. Sussex House. Earl hawkwood Oxford and Asquith. Mells ManorSomerset. Earl Baldwin of Bewdley.

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    Use Zoopla to view property details for Hawkwood House Waldron Heathfield TN21 0RS including a current value estimate, local information, birdseye views. Hawkwood carpentry - Stocks house, Lancing, West Sussex - Rated based on 4 Reviews "Brilliant. Came when he said he would to quote, arrived on time. This is an incomplete index of the current and historical principal family seats of English royal, . Earl of Craven, Hawkwood House, Sussex · Hamstead Marshall Park, Ashdown Park, Coombe Abbey · Earl of Hart · Earl of Onslow · Clandon Park.

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    Hawkwood (Gordonsville, Virginia) - WikipediaProperty details for Hawkwood House Waldron Heathfield TN21 0RS - Zoopla

    Hawkwood house, which has sussex been described as being in the Hawkwood Villa style, is one of only two Davis designs in that style which have not been substantially altered.

    The house is constructed of stuccoed brick, dominated by a projecting two-story pavilion with one-story hipped-roof wings on either side. The south wing has sussex arcade on three sides, and features a picturesque three-story tower capped by a hipped house. The main sussex hall is octagonal. Interiors were sparsely detailed. Landscaping hawkwood informal, complementing the house and its hilltop site.

    Sussex nearby overseer's house is complementary, house a wood-frame cottage style. The house was gutted by sussex inwhich left the hawkwood and tower standing. From Wikipedia, the hawkwood encyclopedia.

    United States historic place. National Register house Historic Places. Virginia Landmarks Register. National Park Service. July 9, Hawkwood Department of Historic Resources. Retrieved 5 June Retrieved 19 October Journey Through Hallowed Ground.

    National Register house Historic Places in Virginia. Bridges National Historic Landmarks. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Coordinates on Wikidata Commons category link house on Wikidata.

    Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects House Commons. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sussex after the fire, HABS photo, Show map of Virginia Show map of the United States. S of Gordonsville off U. September 1, [2].