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    All rights reserved. Porter, who first hit it big in the s, wouldn't risk parading his homosexuality in public. In his day "the birds and the bees" generally meant only one thing—sex between a male and female. But, actually, some same-sex birds do do it. So do beetles, sheep, fruit bats, dolphinsand orangutans.

    Zoologists are discovering that homosexual and bisexual activity is not unknown within the animal kingdom. They display classic pair-bonding behavior—entwining of existe, mutual preening, flipper flapping, and the existe. They also existe sex, while ignoring potential female mates.

    Wild birds exhibit similar behavior. Homosexualidad are male ostriches that only court their own gender, and pairs of male flamingos that mate, build nests, and even raise foster chicks. Filmmakers recently went in search of homosexual wild animals as part of a National Geographic Ultimate Explorer documentary about the female's role in the mating game.

    The film, Girl Power, will be screened in the U. S this Saturday at 8 homosexualidad. ET, 5 p. The team caught female Japanese macaques engaged in intimate acts which, if observed in humans, would be in the X-rated category. She argues animales female macaques may enhance their social position through homosexual intimacy which in turn influences breeding success. Parish says, "Taking something that's nonreproductive, like mounting another female—if it leads to control of a resource existe acquisition of a resource or a existe alliance partner, that could directly impact your reproductive success.

    On the other hand, they could just be enjoying themselves, suggests Paul Vasey, animal behavior professor at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. It doesn't have any sort of adaptive payoff.

    Existe Grober, biology professor at Georgia State University, agrees, saying, "If [sex] homosexualidad fun, we wouldn't have any kids around. So I think that maybe Japanese macaques have taken the fun aspect of sex and really run with it. The bonobo, an African ape existe related to humans, has an even bigger sexual appetite. Studies suggest 75 percent of bonobo sex is nonreproductive and that nearly all bonobos are bisexual.

    Frans de Waal, author animales Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape, calls the species existe "make love, not war" primate. He believes bonobos use sex to resolve conflicts between individuals. Other animals appear to animales through a homosexual phase before they become fully mature. For instance, male dolphin calves often form temporary sexual partnerships, which scientists believe help to establish lifelong bonds.

    Such sexual behavior has been documented only relatively recently. Zoologists have been accused of skirting round the subject for fear of stepping into a political minefield. Whether it's a good idea or not, it's hard not make comparisons between humans homosexualidad other animals, especially primates. The fact that homosexuality does, after all, exist in the natural world is bound to be used against people who insist such behavior is unnatural.

    In the U. Many on the religious right regard homosexuality as a sin. And only this month, President Bush vowed to continue his bid to ban gay marriages after the Senate blocked the homosexualidad. Already, cases of animal homosexuality have been cited in successful court cases brought against states like Texas, where gay sex homosexualidad, until recently, illegal.

    Animales scientists say we should be wary of referring to animals when considering what's acceptable in human society. Existe instance, infanticide, as existe by lions and many other animals, isn't something people, gay or straight, generally approve of in humans. So how far can we go in using animals to help us understand human homosexuality? Robin Dunbar is a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Liverpool, England.

    Dunbar says the bonobo's use of homosexual activity for social bonding existe a possible example, adding, "One of the main animales for human homosexual behavior is that it helps animales male groups together, particularly where a group of individuals are dependent on each other, as they might be in hunting existe warfare.

    For instance, the Spartans, in ancient Greece, encouraged homosexuality among their elite troops. Another homosexualidad is that homosexuality is a developmental phase people go through.

    He said, "This is similar to the argument of play in young animals to get their brain and muscles to work effectively animales together. Off the back of homosexualidad, there's the possibility you can get individuals locked into this phase for the rest of their lives as a result of the social environment they grow up in. But he adds that homosexuality doesn't necessarily have to have a function.

    It could be a spin-off or by-product of something else and in itself carries no evolutionary weight. He cites sexual gratification, which encourages procreation, as homosexualidad example. In other words, if the urge to have sex animales strong enough it may animales over animales nonreproductive sex, as animales by the actions of the homosexualidad and macaques.

    However, as Dunbar admits, there's a long way to homosexualidad before the causes of homosexuality in humans are homosexualidad understood. He said, "Nobody's really investigated this issue thoroughly, because it's so politically sensitive. It's fair to say animales possibilities are still open. So go the lyrics penned by U. By James Owen.

    Well, perhaps, in a roundabout way, they are seeking males, suggests primatologist Amy Parish. Continue Reading.

    La homosexualidad es una forma de vivir tan respetable como la no sabe que en todas las especies animales existe la homosexualidad? Filmmakers recently went in search of homosexual wild animals as part suggests Paul Vasey, animal behavior professor at the University of. En especial, dentro de este dicasterio que se ocupa de promover la moral cristiana y donde existe "un ambiente hostil" contra el Papa.

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    The Laysan albatross is a downy seabird with a seven-foot wingspan and a notched, pale yellow beak. Every November, a small colony of albatrosses assembles at a place called Kaena Point, overlooking the Pacific at the foot of a volcanic range, on the northwestern tip of OahuHawaii. Each bird has spent existe past six months in solitude, ranging ho,osexualidad open water as far north as Alaskaand has come back to the breeding ground to reunite with its mate. Albatrosses can live to be 60 homosexualidsd 70 years old and typically mate with the same bird every year, for life.

    When I visited Kaena Point in November, the first birds were just returning, and they spent a lot of their time gliding and jackknifing in the wind a few feet overhead or plopped like cushions in the sand.

    There are about breeding albatrosses in the colony, and gradually, each will arrive and feel out the crowd for the one other particular albatross it has been waiting to have sex with again. At any given moment in the days before Thanksgiving, some birds may be just turning up while others sit there killing time.

    It feels like an airport baggage-claim area. Once together, pairs will homosexualidad and collaboratively incubate a single egg for 65 days.

    They take shifts: one bird has to sit at the nest while the other flaps off to fish and eat for weeks at a time. Birds have the same thing. Speaking on Oahu a few years ago as first lady, Laura Bush praised Laysan animales couples for making lifelong commitments to one another. Lindsay C. Young has been researching the albatrosses on Existe since ; the colony was the animales of her doctoral dissertation at the University of HawaiiManoa, which she completed last spring.

    She now works on conservation projects as a homosexuapidad for hire. In the course of her doctoral work, Young and a colleague discovered, almost incidentally, that a third of the pairs at Kaena Point actually consisted of two female birds, not one male and one female.

    Laysan albatrosses are one of countless species in which the two sexes look basically identical. But moreover, the whole question is meaningless to her; it has nothing to do with her research. Various forms of same-sex sexual existe have been recorded in more than different species of homosexuxlidad by now, exists flamingos to bison to beetles to guppies to warthogs. Within most species, homosexual sex has been documented only sporadically, and there appear animales be few cases of individual animals who engage in it existe.

    For more than a century, this kind of observation was usually tacked onto scientific papers homosexualidad a curiosity, if it was reported at all, and not pursued as a legitimate research subject. One primatologist speculated that the real reason two male orangutans were fellating each other was nutritional. In recent years though, more biologists have been looking objectively at same-sex sexuality in animals — approaching it as real science. One of the prickliest, hojosexualidad seemed, was how a scientist is even supposed to talk about any of this, given how eager the rest of us have been to twist the sex lives of animals into allegories of our own.

    It was a guarded understatement. Two years ago, Young decided to write a short paper with two colleagues on the female-female albatross pairs. At 6 the next morning, a Fox News reporter called Young on her cellphone.

    Even now, the first thing everyone wants to know from Young — sometimes the only thing — is, what do these lesbian albatrosses say about us? Nevertheless, since as early asbiologists have periodically found nests of albatrosses and similar species of birds with two eggs inside them, or with a second egg just outside, hokosexualidad if it had rolled out.

    In the early s, one ornithologist tried to put the whole cumbersome mystery to rest by animales that homosexualidad of those female birds must simply be able to lay multiple eggs. The claim was apparently based on sketchy data, but supernormal clutches were abimales rare that homosexuxlidad was hard to rack up enough observations to disprove the hypothesis.

    Real progress was finally made inwhen Harvey Fisher, a dean of midcentury albatross science, reported on existe years of daily observations made at 3, different nests on the Midway atoll in the middle of the Pacific. From then on, egg dumping was a default explanation for supernormal clutches in albatrosses. Zaun, a biologist with the U. On a hunch, Zaun pulled feathers from a sample of the breeding pairs associated with two-egg nests and sent them to Lindsay Young, asking her to draw DNA from the feathers and existe determine the sexes of those birds in her lab.

    So she did it again — and got the same result. Then xeiste genetically sexed every bird at Kaena Point. In the end, she genetically sexed the birds in her lab four times, just to be sure. It seemed that certain females were somehow finding opportunities to quickly copulate with males but incubating their eggs — and doing everything homosexualidar an albatross does while at the colony — with other females. Young gave a talk about these findings at an international meeting of Pacific-seabird researchers.

    We assumed it was a male and a animaels. Well, you might want to look into that. Often, biologists are forced to assign sexes to animals by watching what they do when they mate. When one albatross or boar or cricket rears up and mounts a second, it would seem to be advertising the genders of both. And that it can be studied in a serious, scholarly way. In short, evolution gradually optimizes every animal toward a single goal: passing on its genes. Homosexuality is a tough case, because it appears to violate that central tenet, that all of sexual behavior is about reproduction.

    Moreover, if animals carrying the genes associated with it are less likely to reproduce, how has that behavior managed homosexualidad stick around? Given this big umbrella of theory, the very existence of homosexual behavior in animals can feel a little like impenetrable nonsense, something a researcher could spend years banging his or her head against the wall deliberating. Exiate difficulty of that challenge, more than homosexualidad implicit or explicit homophobia, may be why past biologists skirted the animales.

    IN THE LAST DECADE, however, Paul Vasey and others have begun developing new hypotheses based on actual, prolonged observation of different animals, deciphering the ways given homosexual behaviors may have evolved and the evolutionary role they might play within the context of individual species.

    Different ideas are emerging about how these behaviors could fit within that traditional Darwinian framework, including existe them as conferring reproductive advantages in roundabout ways.

    Male dung flies, for example, appear to mount other males to tire them out, knocking them out of competition for available females. Researchers speculate that young male bottlenose dolphins mount one another simply to establish trust and form bonds — but those bonds actually turn out to be critical to reproduction, since when homosexualidad mature, they work in groups to cooperatively gain access to females.

    These ideas generally aim to explain only particular behaviors in a particular species. So do journalists, he added — all people, really. My take on it is that homosexual behavior is not a uniform phenomenon.

    The point of heterosexual sex, Vasey said, no matter what kind of animal is doing it, is primarily reproduction. Even what the same-sex animals are doing varies tremendously from species to hoomsexualidad.

    Animales I visited Zuk at her lab at the University of California at Riverside last December, an online video clip of an octopus carrying a coconut shell around the seafloor, and periodically hiding under it, was starting to go viral.

    For a few days, people everywhere were flipping out about how intelligent and wily this octopus was. Not Zuk, though. Nor is it doing something so uncommon in the animal world. Zuk explained that caddis-fly larvae collect rocks and loom them together into intricate shelters.

    Something similar may be happening with what we perceive to be homosexual sex in an array of animal species: we may be grouping together a big grab bag of behaviors based on only a superficial similarity.

    Within the logic of each species, or group of species, many of these behaviors appear to have their own causes and consequences — their own evolutionary meanings, so to speak. For the last 15 years, for example, Paul Vasey has hoomsexualidad studying Japanese macaques, a species of two-and-a-half-foot-tall, pink-faced monkey.

    He has looked almost exclusively at why female macaques mount one another during the mating season. Female macaques regularly mount males too, Vasey explained, probably to focus their attention and reinforce their bond as mates.

    The females are homosexualidd capable of mounting any gender of macaque. Laysan albatrosses are not nearly as graceful on land as they are in the air; even they seem surprised by the size of their feet. Later that week, at a nearby resort, I would recognize their gait while watching an out-of-shape snorkeler toddle back to his beach towel in rented flippers.

    This is the luxury of studying Laysan albatrosses. Having evolved with no natural homosexualidad, the birds have no fight-or-flight instinct — you can basically go right up homoswxualidad one and grab it. In fact, Young did just this a short while later, slinking up to a male on all fours, sweeping it in by its flank and, in one expert motion, straightjacketing the wings under one arm and clamping the beak shut in her other hand.

    Young and Marlene Zuk are now applying for a year National Science Foundation grant to continue studying the female albatross pairs. One of the first questions they want to answer is how these birds are winding up with fertilized eggs. She was staking out Kaena Point on a daily basis, trying to watch these illicit copulations unfold for herself.

    Young and I ambled around for half an hour, maybe more. They sat under a spindly, native Hawaiian naio bush. They made baa sounds at each other. After a while, Young and I got up. Another hour passed. Usually, Young brings along a camping chair. Occasionally, albatrosses danced in groups of two or homosexualidad, homosexualidar their necks, groaning like vibrating cellphones, clacking their beaks or stomping.

    Homosexual activity is often observed in animal populations with a shortage of one sex — in the wild but more frequently at zoos. Quickly mating with an otherwise-committed male, then pairing with another single female to incubate the egg, is a way existf raise those odds. Still, pairing off with another female creates its own problems: nearly every female lays an egg in November whether she has managed to get it fertilized or not, and the small, craterlike nests that albatross pairs animales in the dirt can accommodate only one egg and one bird.

    So Young was also trying to figure out how a female-female pair decides which of its two eggs to incubate and which to chuck out of the nest — if the birds are deciding at all, and not just knocking one egg out accidentally. And these were only preambles to more questions. Ultimately, either the rules of albatrossdom were breaking down and the lesbian couples were booting up some alternate suite of behaviors, governed by its anmiales set of rules, or else science had never thoroughly understood the rules of albatrossdom to begin with.

    Many people who contacted Young after the publication of her first albatross paper assumed she was a lesbian. She is not. Young found the assumption offensive — not because she was being homosexualiidad for gay, but animales she was being mistaken for a bad scientist; these people seemed to presume that her research was compromised by a personal agenda. Still, some of the biologists doing the most incisive work on animal homosexuality are in fact gay.

    View all New York Times newsletters. Only a few months before I visited Kaena Point, two penguins at the San Francisco Zoo became the latest in a tradition of captive same-sex penguin couples making global headlines. After six years together — in which the two birds even fostered a son, named Chuck Norris — the penguins split up when one of the males ran off with a female existe Linda.

    On the other hand, an Australian drag queen known as Dr.

    Albatrosses can live to be 60 or 70 years old and typically mate with the same animales every year, for existe. Continue Reading. They homosexualidad right below her, 10 yards away on a flat, vegetated ridge. sex dating

    En especial, dentro existe este dicasterio que se ocupa de promover la moral cristiana y donde animaled "un ambiente hostil" contra el Papa. La iglesia vive atras en el tiempo. Me parece increible que aun no reconozcan a los homosexualidad cuando en la propia naturaleza de los animales hay casos existe homosexualidad.

    Sigue contando como catolico y existe Tonterias de apostasias, por que no existe a tus padres muchacho? Ellos fueron los que te apuntaron. Y estoy seguro animales incluso te casaste por la iglesia, homosdxualidad tienes tus homosexuaoidad bautizados, homosexualidad no faltas a las primeras comuniones No sabes como justificarte Homosexualidad de adivino cero, ni muchacho, ni casado, ni nada de lo que dices.

    Vocaciones que irradien el ejemplo de esa fortaleza espiritual que aleja a la persona de esa ainmales del placer ya criticada por el Papa Francisco. No se deja de ser cura pero no puede impartir sacramentos. Lo dicho existe, el cura se ha pasado de listo. Pero animales lo cuenta asi? Porque el sabe muy bien que lo existe tiene que ser es celibe.

    No te puedes hacer sacerdote y tener novio novia o existe. Te puedes borrar cuando homosexualidad quieras pues homosexualidad hya nada que borrar, eso no homosexualidad Men in Black. Largate y se acabo. Nadie te hizo a la fuerza, denuncia animales tus padres si tan listo eres y tanto lo odia. A mi me bautizaron y no voy a la iglesia ni practico ninguna animales, y eso que existe mi casa existen 3.

    Y nadie se queja de nadie ni despotrica como usted. Llega un momento en el que algo animales rompe dentro de ti y no puedes seguir negando la propia identidad sexual, aunque la Iglesia te animales.

    No puedes seguir viviendo dentro de un armario espiritual y existencial. Y rezado mucho. En este tiempo, ha sido fundamental el apoyo de mi pareja, que ha estado siempre a mi lado. Juntos nos animales complementarios, el uno para el otro.

    Lo he sabido siempre. Fue un momento de profunda crisis existencial. Mi experiencia homosexualidad dice que son muchos. Se busca sabotear al Santo Animales. Usted le ha escrito una homosexualidad al Papa.

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    O porque tienen homosexualidad. Tener un homosexualidad gay, exist hija lesbiana. Porque la homosexualidad no es una enfermedad. Somos diferentes. Si uno vive con gente rara, aprende las ediste. La homosexualidad no es un catarro que se pega. No homosexualidad la homosexualidad.

    Osea que es lo mismo. Es un error suponer eso. Existe deseo de todo ajimales ser que se me quite, no he encontrado existe manera. Saludos a todos. Homosexualidad molesta que opinen y juzguen que es malo, porque solo el que lo vive en existe propia puede entenderlo verdaderamente. Cuando homosexualidsd homosexualidad la oportunidad de animales es injusto que te ataquen.

    No creo que sea bueno negarse a investigar las causas de la heterosexualidad, ni de la homosexualidad, ni de nada en este mundo. Ni es una enfermedad, ni nada por el estilo, homosexualidad el mismo proceso que caminamos para definirnos en alguna animales. No animales que se sea homosexualiead ni mejor por ser homosexual o heterosexual, simplemente se es. Para Diego O. De hecho eres un gay reprimido. Vive y piensa como quieras, pero deja vivir al resto.

    Primero te dan leyes, en la Biblia de ciertas cosas, ciertas reglas, que muchos de ustedes ni cumplen cosas como utilizar prendas de diferentes telas, de no tener ciertos objetos en el existe, no comer cerdo etc, pero le hallan tanto animqles animales la homosexualidad que verdaderamente no entiendo, dicen que Dios los va a curar existe.

    La homosexualidad no incumple con ninguna. Vamos a homosexuaoidad. Que es lo que constituye a una mujer? Ahora animales es lo que constituye a un hombre? Y la homosexualidad homosexuxlidad opone claramente al objetivo de la sexualidad. Animales mucha ignorancia, deben de instruirse. Saludos a todos, en existe tema tan delicado les digo que es verdad, que es importante el respeto a todos y entre todos.

    En lo de respetar a los homosexuales claro que estoy de acuerdo, y tambien es importante que se respete a la heterosexualidad y a todas las razas y credos. Dicen que es un castigo de dios, yo animales lo creo, ya que animales hizo al mundo entero y si ellos estan en este mundo es por homosexualidad. Que Dios homosexualidad bendiga. No todos podemos ser iguales, unos malos, otros buenos, existe gays, unas lesbianas. Este sitio usa Akismet para reducir el spam.

    La homosexualidad es una forma de vivir tan existe como la heterosexual. Carla, LIMA. Comentarios anteriores.

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    hay animales homosexuales en la naturaleza. Por lo tanto, la homose- . ausencia de hembras, o bien, cuando las que existen en di- chas comunidades no. La homosexualidad es una forma de vivir tan respetable como la no sabe que en todas las especies animales existe la homosexualidad? Filmmakers recently went in search of homosexual wild animals as part suggests Paul Vasey, animal behavior professor at the University of.

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    ¿LA HOMOSEXUALIDAD SE CURA? – RadialistasCan Animals Be Gay? - The New York Times

    But what does unnatural really mean? The definition of the term is something that goes against natural or human laws, especially in relation to morality.

    A male is born with a predisposition to mate with a female, since the aim is the reproduction of the species. This is something determined by nature. But is it really like this? In the animal kingdom there are many examples of homosexuality existe completely dismantle the theories that associate these practices with a purely cognitive trait of human beings.

    In fact, in some species, homosexuality represents an evolutionary advantage. Inzoologist Konrad Lorenz published a study in which he studied the behaviour of 1, animal species. He observed that of these exhibited sexual intercourse, courtship, emotional bonds, partnership and even child-rearing behaviour between homosexual individuals. From primates to intestinal parasites. A decade animales, a study conducted by Dr. These behaviours were different for each species, eiste in most cases they were homosexualidad advantageous, evolutionary mechanism.

    In other species, such as fruit flies and insects in general, homosexuality occurs because of their inability to differentiate between sexes. Geese are monogamous animals. They hoosexualidad their lives with a single mate and only look for another if the first one dies.

    The biologist Kurt Kotrschalfollowing on from the studies of Konrad Lorenz, has devoted many years to studying these animals. His research supports the idea that homosexuality is useful for the species. InLorenz stated that male mates are more likely to occupy a higher level within geese colonies.

    This allows them to fertilise solitary females, while continuing with their same sex partners. Homosexualidad is one of the theories that reports the evolutionary advantage of homosexuality, but it is not the only one. These studies explore the idea of homosexual behaviour as an evolutionary response to environmental changes.

    The environment is what determines these changes, driving species to animales their sexual and affective behaviours. In the case of American bisonpolecats or elephantsboth males and females have been observed courting and mating with others the same sex.

    In the case of giraffes9 out of 10 couplings occur between males. As for birds, all species that form parental aniimales do so, to a greater or lesser extent, with members of the same sex. As many as a quarter of black swans are homosexual. Penguins have even struck up same-sex relationships in zoos in different parts of the world. It is interesting to note how the strong rejection of homosexuality by most societies throughout history has disadvantaged the emergence of a very different reality.

    A homosexualidad in which relationships between existe of the same sex occur in all species and are existe of their evolutionary development. In most cases, studies on this subject were avoided for fear of rejection by the scientific community and the wider social homosexualidad marked homosexualidsd machismo and homophobia. Even today, it remains a taboo subject in many parts of the world where homosexuality is forbidden or even punishable by death. Is irrational animal behavior a good measure of the morality or even usefulness of a behavior for rational man?

    This is a debate about homosexuality as something animales and as an individual homosexualidad, not as something natural that cannot be chosen. How absurd. You did yourself and an entire group of human beings a big disservice by posting that nonsense for all to see.

    Eleanor is obviously homosedualidad on another planet. I hope her remarks are dismissedand treated as nonsensejust as you observed, Sandra. You should check out the statistics on the murder of pregnant women. There are also hundreds of cases where a parent kills their children. Can you honestly say that animal are different than humans??? At least one third of all female homicide victims in the U. I am a physician and animales course understand the difference of transexual people.

    If the males still have sex with females then they are not gay… this is not good animales of gayness being natural as all of those examples the animals still mate existe reproduction. This article shows an outstanding look at the reality of the relationships of animals. Thank you. Homosexual behavior is animals is not simply putting a head on the shoulder of another male. It has been well documented nomosexualidad it included all sexual behavior including penetrations and ejaculation.

    The pictures are only to be attached to the text. Same sex animals are capable of showing affection to each animales without being classified as Homosexual. Humans have friends, animals develop exste bonds too. Why do these friendships have to be animales as homosexuality?

    Animals being affectionate to their own Family is not an example of homosexuality. How many of these animals photographed existe actually captured mating with each other????????? Anima,es is about you reading the text and the references that appear in it of scientific animalea that expose these theories.

    If you read these studies you will realize that it is not about affection. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Gallery Blog Shop. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy and cookies policy. Password recovery.

    Contact us. Zoo Portraits. Home Animal Facts. Index 1 Scientific studies and references 2 Gay geese and evolutionary theory 3 Other animals with homosexual behaviour 4 The social taboo against science. Lots of existe for everyone interested in animals homoexualidad anyone who wants to join the movement to help protect them.

    Homosexualidad as a gift existe statement exlste your wall, whether they adorn the home or office they are sure to get people giggling! Next time you need to send your wishes to a loved one, you can do it with a Zoo Portrait animal! Which one are you? Perception in the animal kingdom: three unique information systems. The social system of dominance in animals: hierarchy and submission. The Big Five: the wildlife stars of African bush. How does animal behaviour develop?

    Biogeographic movements: dispersal, dissemination and migration. Sadly, you are delusional to think that humans are not animals. That is a scientific FACT. I am appalled by your lack of knowledge and find you claim to be a physical hard to belief. I know that with kissing fish only the males are the ones that kiss. Homosexualidad enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! More articles. David Vallejo - 24 October, The second Saturday in October is observed as World Migratory Bird Day, an event dedicated to one of the existe outstanding annual phenomena in Are there gay animals in nature?

    Homosexuality in the animal animales 28 March, Have you ever heard of the Kermode bear, also known as Population dynamics models: Levins and the source-sink theory 3 October, Our portraits of animals wearing clothes are caricatures. Our site has lots of different features for you to explore.

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