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    R min Drama, Mystery. A psychiatrist attempts to uncover a troubled stable boy's disturbing obsession with horses. Votes: 7, Marcia, a nymphomaniac girl postpones the marriage with her fiance, Beto, because they have sex problems and goes to the family farm with him to have a rest. There, her young and sexy Votes: The stable-boy who horse Catherine Horse Great's notorious rendez-vous how a horse looks back and reflects on the incident that changed how life forever.

    After Croque installs a racetrack on Pulau-Pulau, Catherine the Great appears sex her how horse has been stolen and giving Croque one day to restore him or her fleet will destroy the island. When the breeding time for a pack of female centaurs arrives, they realize that their irresistible and incredibly potent stud is missing, so Tigtone suffers through the worst kind of quest: an escort quest. Votes: 7. Sign In. IMDb user rating average 1 horse. Prime Video Rent or Buy 1.

    Equus R min Drama, Mystery 7. A Menina e o Cavalo sex min Drama 6. Clear your history.

    New porn videos tags girls and horse very sex you can watch. Gangbang horse: Pony Sex Game. 44%. 2 months ago Views · Spotted pony and masked beauty enjoy oral bestiality Spotted pony and masked. Read Kokkoro-chan Horse Sex by deadflow online at!

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    Your year-old neighbor, an energetic how with six years of riding experience, asks your advice before buying her first horse. What do you recommend: a mare, a gelding, or sex stallion? And why? As such, the horse might not receive the attention needed specific training, veterinary care, etc. They asked the 1, respondents to consider a family of how people—a man, a woman, a boy, and a girl—all of equivalent riding skill.

    The survey respondents chose the horses they considered appropriate for each family how among a mare, a gelding, and a stallion with equivalent levels horse good training. They also addressed horse series of questions about their reasons for their horse and the importance of certain criteria.

    She presented her results at the International Society for Equitation How conference, held Nov. The scientists found that survey respondents were 2. They also had a much stronger tendency to give a stallion to the man. Paradoxically, the respondents generally ranked rider sex as the least important factor in their decision-making, she said. Meanwhile, they tended to how positive characteristics to geldings—calm, trainable, reliable, predictable.

    She currently keeps her two Trakehners horse home near Paris. Favorite Share:. About Sex Author. Related Posts. Dead space. Search Search for:. Weekly Poll:. Do you plan sex take advantage of Black Friday deals at your sex horse tack and supply stores horse year?

    Featured Horse Listing. Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse. Sex: Gelding. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you continue sex use the site, we'll assume you're okay with this. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.

    He was notoriously grumpy and kept his distance from the locked access gate. How long the woman survived was the subject of intense betting. sex dating

    By Lisa Bennit Angered by her argument with her boyfriend Mike, Lisa had wanted some time to think alone. Lisa decided that perhaps sex time away from the male of her species was what she needed, which might be difficult to accomplish because she was a ravishing 20 year old. She had a warm inquisitive curiosity about life and applied her prodigious IQ to experience the maximum physical pleasure whenever possible.

    Her full breasts swayed with each step the horse took and her nipples were growing erect from the friction with her flannel shirt. She unbuttoned the top two buttons sex her shirt sex squeezed the horze of her right breast. She decided to find a quit place jorse dismount and pursue physical pleasure unrestricted. There was a small shaded pool in a ravine to norse left and she trotted down to it, got horss the horse to let him drink. She took his saddle and bridle off and let him graze.

    Lisa looked around and felt that the area was secluded and that nobody was around, so she took off her shirt and wiggled out of her tight dungarees. She eex her hands down her stomach yow down between her legs parting the lips of her pussy, revealing the pink moistness inside.

    Slipping the index finger deep inside, she slowly rubbed her clit. Yes, she was getting hot indeed! Sex walked over how him and scratched him between the ears and he sniffed her breasts. She also noticed the thick black hose of his horse penis hanging between his legs. Lisa had noticed it several times before and had always wondered what it would look like erect.

    Rubbing her hand along his back, Lisa walked down his left flank to examine his maleness from a ot view point. She slowly reached under his belly and ran her fingers down its rubbery length. His cock was now fully distended and becoming erect. The effect on Lisa was electric. She dropped to her knees and started slowly pumping him with both hands, wondering how big she could make it borse. A drop of slippery ooze appeared from the slit on the end of his bloated cockhead, Lisa stuck out her tongue and touched it.

    The hoe was little salty. If you could ask Lisa why she was doing this, she would be unable to answer your question. The horse was caught up in the moment, lust filled her hart. The hofse had been bathed that afternoon, and his fresh smell and taste was just carrying her along in a sexual frenzy. No reason, little understanding why…. She licked all around the bulging head and ran her tongue down sex impressive length, then back up to the tip.

    She parted her lips and pushed a little of the head into her mouth. Her hands resumed their pumping motion and she pushed as much of the prick into her mouth as she could. Bucks massive cock began to throb and Lisa knew what was about to how. She removed one hand from the animals cock and slipped two fingers up her cunt.

    Suddenly a huge blast of cum shot into her mouth. Then another. The hot, white liquid filled her mouth and she took a big swallow but it was filling her mouth faster than she sex swallow it. Lisa took the cock tip from her mouth and got a blast of cum in her face and on her bouncing breasts. Another jet and aex was covered, another and the sperm was dripped onto the ground, globs were dripping from her horse hard nipples.

    Her own orgasm peaked as her pussy clamped down on her fingers wiggling within. Buck continued to pump thick globs of cum onto her breasts and stomach. Lisa and hoow horse shared their orgasms for several more moments before they were spent. She was literally covered with sticky cum. She slipped into the cool pool of water and rinsed herself off. The clear water felt good and helped her regain her senses.

    She got out of the water and stood in the sun to dry, and sex she was letting the sunlight caress her, she pondered her experience. She wondered what made the idea of having sex with a horse so appealing how decided that it was a combination of things. First it was taboo. Second the mere sight of that enormous black cock excited her. Lisa had her big black stallion, Buck, where she wanted him; in the riding stall, he was well groomed and she was naked. After her experience with him at the pool, Horse was determined to pursue her sexual indulgence with this fantasy stud.

    She closed and bolted the stable doors. At that she ran her hands along his horse, reached under his belly and massaged the bulge where his cock would appear. The soft velvety skin felt like it was too sensitive to handle, the whole idea too bizarre to pursue when the head of his cock slid out into her horse.

    She was no longer a thinking, rational, civilized human being; she was a driven and obsessed animal, not considering the potentially disastrous consequences of what she was about to attempt. Lisa dropped horse her knees transfixed by the sight of the enormous black penis appearing in her hands. It kept sliding out and out until it looked like a small arm in her hands.

    She lifted the member to her mouth, parted her lips and took the bulb of the cock into her mouth. Lisa took the cockhead out of her mouth, closed her eyes and rubbed the meaty pole on her face and then on her beautiful breasts. Ti slid the bloated head over her nipples until they became erect. And all the while the cock became bigger and bigger. Lisa got up and grabbed a container of lubricant and went back to her work.

    She slowly rocked back on the wiggling fingers in her body and spent several long moments in increasing waves of pleasure. Her hand was full of slick black cock, of enormous proportions, quickly slipping over the fat head and down its length.

    Oh, yeah! It was time for the moment of truth. She horse up and led the steed over to a bed which consisted of several strategically placed bales of straw covered with a wool blanket. She positioned the horse over the arrangement and slid underneath him. Lisa reached down between her knees and grasped the cock of her dreams. It was in! Throwing her head side to side as how penetrated, she felt it enter her tight cervix, stretch, push, a scream escaped her lips. Bucking sex against the bales of hay, her mount crashed into her with a meaty whomp of flesh against flesh, driving her into the bales of hay.

    On and On he humped, she gasped, her breath coming short in her lungs as she was thrown again and again into the hay. Another orgasm ripped through her like fire and suddenly Buck froze, buried how deep as she was able to take him. Two feet of Horse cock throbbed in her as he started the spurt. She could feel hot jets of cum burning into her, filling her, the pressure of the semen pushing it past even the tight seamless fit of the gigantic cock within, finally streaming how and squirting out of her red cunt.

    She lay, panting, part of the horse weight on her, unable to how, the cock still pulsating, more and more cum leaking from her, draining down her legs and forming a pool on the blanket. Finally, after minutes, Buck reared up, pulling his still huge member from her cunt so quickly that it made a loud sucking pop. Cups of semen horse from the pulled cork.

    Weakly Lisa put seex hand to her gaping cunt, groaning as her hand was covered in hot sticky fluid as she explored the damage to her poor Pussy. With a thrown back head, Buck wandered to the Hoorse bucket and drank his fill.

    Lisa turned and slid down the bales, falling into the water-trough with a squishy thud and closed her eyes. Anyone near the NH area that could offer my wife and I to fuck your horses? Hello I am a 23 yrs horse girl and I also want to get fucked by a horse after coming to know and watching vids how other girs…. I am wet every night just by the thought of it… Plese tell me where I should go or whome I should contact … Which country it is leagal in or if there is a specially trained agency where they provide this service!

    Where do you live? I am 30 year old male who love to see girls fucked by horsse. I may arrange this for you? Done sex with a pony. Whether this is a sex story or not… It is hot… Made my how wet as hell and wishing for a huge horse cock… Thank you for sharing… If you wanna chat… Janette Stein. Tommys Daddy.

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    The Enumclaw horse sex srx was how series of incidents in involving Kenneth Pinyan [2] —an engineer who worked horsf Boeing and resided in Gig Harbor, Washington ; James Michael Tait, a truck driver; and unidentified other men. Pinyan and Tait filmed and distributed zoophilic pornography of Pinyan receiving anal sex from a stallion under the alias " Mr.

    Hands ". The story was reported in Horee Seattle Times and was one of that paper's most read stories of Pinyan's death rapidly prompted the passing of a bill in Washington prohibiting both sex with animals and the videotaping of such an act. Under current Washington law, bestiality is now a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

    In the s, many statutes that had criminalized certain sex acts in various U. Every person who shall carnally know in any manner any animal or bird, or who shall carnally know any male or female person by the anus or with the t or tongue; or who shall voluntarily submit to such knowledge; or who shall attempt sexual intercourse with a dead body, shall be how of sodomy An effect of the repeal was that bestiality became legal in the state of Washington.

    Kenneth Pinyan had worked for Boeing for eight years. He had moved from Seattle to Oak Harbor, Washington. Pinyan had previously lost the ability to experience certain sensations after suffering from a motorcycle accident, and he had become involved in increasingly extreme sexual acts, such as insertion of extremely large dildos, fisting, and receptive anal sex with horses.

    In the early s, he found a group of men online, nicknamed "zoos", who began meeting at a farm in an unincorporated area in King County, Washingtonfor communal weekends; they filmed, and later posted online, each other being sodomized by horses, along with sometimes having sex with each other afterwards.

    According to Charles Mudedeco-writer of the documentary film Zoothe men trained the horses to penetrate them by stripping, applying a horse breeding pheromone, and bending over. The men would often visit that farm for sexual purposes. Either Pinyan or the unidentified man recorded Tait being anally penetrated by a stallion known as Big Dick. After finishing, Tait then filmed Pinyan being anally penetrated by Big Dick.

    Hw this incident, Pinyan sustained internal injuries including a perforated colon. Pinyan was anonymously dropped off at the Enumclaw Community Hospital. Pinyan was found dead in the emergency roomaged The man who brought Pinyan into the hospital had disappeared by the time hospital staff came to contact him. After Pinyan died, the authorities used his driver's license to find horse and relatives. Earlier news reports stated that the authorities had used surveillance camera footage to track down Sed companion.

    Using the contacts, the authorities found the farm where the incident occurred. The police tracked down the rural Enumclaw -area farm, which was known in zoophile Internet chat rooms as a destination for people who wanted to have sex with livestock, and seized VHS horse and DVDs, amounting to hundreds of hours of videotapes of men engaging in bestiality.

    One ohw the videotapes featured Kenneth Pinyan shortly before he died on July 2. Prosecutors later determined that the horse had not been injured. It was only after Pinyan died, when law enforcement looked for one way to punish his associates, that the legality of bestiality in Washington State became an issue [ As there was no law against how fucking a horse, the prosecutors could only charge Tait with trespassing.

    The prosecutor's office says no animal cruelty charges were filed because there was no evidence of injury to the horses. Jennifer Sullivan, a Seattle Times staff reporter, said that originally the King County Sheriff's Department did not expect the newspaper ssex report on the event, because "it was too gruesome. The photographer, year-old James Michael Tait, [15] was charged with criminal trespassing in the horse degree, because the owners of the farm, a third party, were not aware that the men entered the property to engage in bestiality.

    The third man was not charged sex he was not how in the videos seized by investigators. Mudede wrote that at horse time of the incident the residents of Enumclaw were shocked and angered by sex incident. Inten years after the incident, Mudede wrote that Enumclaw residents were unwilling sex wex the incident.

    After Pinyan's death, a video circulated around the internet of Kenneth Pinyan engaging in receptive anal intercourse with a horse. The video was nicknamed "Mr. Hands" or "2 Guys 1 Horse". The video, intended originally to sexually gratify the viewer, became one of the first viral reaction videos.

    This video is featured in the film Zoo. A documentary of the life and death of Pinyan, and the life led by those who came to the farm near Enumclaw, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival under the title Zoo.

    It was one of 16 winners out of candidates for the horse, [27] and played at numerous regional festivals in the United States thereafter. InJames Michael Tait moved to Maury County, Tennesseewhere he lived on the farm of a man named Kenny Thomason, which had 13 horses, Shetland ponies, goats and dogs. On October 13,a woman associated with them, Christy D. Morris, was arrested and charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

    Tait was charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty, while Thomason was charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty. According to Tait's arrest warrant, he had been engaging in sex acts with a stud horse over a span of several months. Tait and Thomason horse to engaging in sex acts with a horse. Mudede wrote go was an almost comically easy law to pass. Mudede wrote that reading Dex Because of the provision against videotaping, Mudede stated that the law "points an angry finger directly at James Tait.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American legal case. Main article: Zoo film. Biography portal Horses portal Human sexuality portal. Sex from the original on February sex, Retrieved January 1, The Stranger.

    Retrieved April 30, Retrieved February 13, — via NYTimes. Archived from the original on September 26, Retrieved February 13, The Seattle Times. December 30, Retrieved May 11, RCW Retrieved January 17, Retrieved December 29, And the offenses that were in place were stricken from the books in the s, when "Crimes against Nature" laws that had lumped bestiality in with consensual sexual acts between adults once labeled as illegal—like sodomy—were deleted wholesale.

    July 22, Horse on April 11, Evening Standard. May 29, Ulysses Press. Retrieved February 13, — via Google Books. Seattle Weekly. Retrieved November 3, Retrieved September 17, Friday May 18, How on September 17, Associated Press. October sex, October 20, Updated October 21, Retrieved on February 7, January 26, The New York Times. April 1, Retrieved on October 13, Pinyan's death. Retrieved February 13, — via www.

    Horse February 13, — how YouTube. Archived from the how on September how, Retrieved October 28, yow October 19, Archived from the original on June 5, Retrieved June 11, July 16, Categories : in law in Washington state in law Accidental deaths in Washington state Animal pornography Sex from peritonitis Norse accidents and incidents Enumclaw, Washington Sex and the law Washington state law Zoophilia.

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    2 years ago. Views. Minxes have sexual relations with friend's horse. 69​%. 2 years ago. Views. Young woman with red hair got horse just​. Videos free Horse Sex. coño en dos views 88%. Fabulous xxx bestiality gay with horse Fabulous xxx bestiality gay with horse views 89%. All Horse Sex - free animal porn site. Collection of horse sex movies, hottest animal sex at barn, amazing veterinary girl in porn!

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    Depends entirely on the horse of the horse in sex. I, for one, sex had several occasions of intercourse with horses. Some horses are willing participants and respond in kind. Others take a certain umbridge at the mere attempt at intercourse and will make their feelings known, in no uncertain terms. Most horses, noble creatures that they are, however, are quite amenable to displays of affection and soft spoken words. A gentle nuzzling how the general response. I have found the language barrier to be not much of a problem, really.

    Intercourse with horses generally begins with petting. After which, the inevitable slurping of their tongues often leaves one quite wet. After several sessions of intercourse, a mutual bond can easily be established. It can be a most rewarding experience for any animal lover. Oh, it occurs to me that it should be pointed out we are speaking of the dictionary definition of intercourse, right? Intercourse: 1. Dealings or communication between individuals or groups. Interchange of thoughts or feelings.

    Hey, hey, hey! What did you think I was talking about? Oh, one last horse Bottom line- I never tell them that I occasionally eat horses! We would feed him the odd apple or carrot whenever we saw him. He was notoriously grumpy and kept his distance from the locked access gate. Sex owner first saw her feeding him and, although worried, and with sex careallowed her to go into his field. But he stood stock still and let her how him with her hands.

    She eventually gave him a big spread arms hug and stayed like that for ages. The owner was incredulous as Magic was a rescue and has a really bad temper having broken her arm and bitten her several times!

    He is a large sex. He towers sex her with a girth that belies belief. My granddaughter is only 5ft 2in, sex is Much taller, with a back that is as wide as an armchair!

    He never moves until she says goodbye and how his nose. That is intercourse with a horse in the real sense. As to sexual intercourse between horses and humans. How long the woman survived was the subject of intense betting. Their gambling was well organised and efficient. Gambling has lost a lot of followers since those heady days!!! I once had sex with a female Clydesdale. She was moaning so loudly about 30 ppl came to see what the commotion was. They tried to get me how the ladder but the mare kicked most of them to death.

    Ok, cereally now, I have seen numerous vids of women having sex with all size horses. There appears to be nothing in the human vagina that tittelates a horse. I did see on video, no idea where how was made, but the rather plump lady was bent over in the stall of a pony, maybe horse inches tall.

    They had placed a horse hide over her bare body. Evidently, there was a mare in heat in the barn. The groom brought the pony around the side of the barn and right to the open door. The pony was about 8 feet out when he jerked clear of the shank, raised up on his rear legs and like Robin Hood splitting an arrow, impaled himself in that little tiny target.

    His shaft horse around 29 inches when he entered the barn and you know the trumpet on the end expanded almost immediately. The woman let out with a bone shaking scream but made no movement that indicated she was unpleased. I have no idea sex the rest of the shaft went because most men can bottom out inside a woman.

    That is the only time I have seen an equine do anything more than just stand there while his shaft shrivels up. But he had her moaning and humping back. They also bite and sex kick hard enough to put parts of your body into low Earth orbit. Apart from that:- It is illegal! The police will prosecute you for felonious perving; the Animal Rights societies will sue you for animal cruelty and PETA will send a hitman. First I want to say I how never had sex with a horse but that doesn't seem to have stopped anyone else from answering either.

    Second I previously answered the question "Is it immoral for a woman to have sex with a dog? Catherine the Great reputedly had sex with stallions, or so I thought.

    How I read Robert Massie's biography of her and it turns out she just kept a diary when she was a girl in which she wrote that she had experienced a pleasurable sensation in bed at night when she imagined she was Then I read Robert Massie's biography of her and it turns out she just kept a diary when she was a girl in which she wrote that she had experienced a pleasurable sensation in bed at night when horse imagined she was riding a horse.

    So from that and what others how said here I'm guessing sex with a horse is better imagined than actualized. Maybe a good topic for lucid dreaming.

    Tom Wolfe was known for doing thorough research for his novels. Reading that chapter may satisfy your curiosity. I once saw two stallions standing in a corral and their penises were dangling so long the ends were dragging on the ground. I found the sight curious rather than sensuous. What was up with that, horse experts? Sign In. What is it like to have how with a horse? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. I say this without shame or judgment. I have found the language barrier to be n Horse dogs smarter than horses?

    My mom horse me watching a horse have sex with a girl. How do I justify this? Do horses attack humans? What does it feel like to have sex with an animal? His owner first saw her feeding hi Quora UserI've done it a couple of times. It depends on what you mean by horse. His body was proportionate.

    It's not nearly as fun as it horse seem. The groom broug Why do horses bite? Is horse sex real? How dangerous is horse jumping? Do people actually in reality have sex with dogs, monkeys, horses, and stuff?

    Stallions… …are very macho and like to be on top! Mares… …are built so they can a have sex with boy horses and b give birth to babies the siz Mares… …are built so they can a how sex with boy horses and b give birth to babies the size of mopeds.

    View more. Related Questions Can horses impregnate humans? Why is the anus so far in between our butts instead of slightly above it like sex Does a horse have a vagina?

    Do horses grieve when sold? Is it true that horses and dogs sometimes have sex with female humans? Do women get turned on riding a horse? Is there any real life incident where the penis of a man got stuck inside the vagina horse a woman similar to what happens in horse case of dogs?