Dear Mary: I have sexual fantasies about my sister, even when I'm with my wife

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    Siister find my relationship with my sister both pleasant and awkward. My sister lived abroad for many years and has come home in recent times. She is sistre successful businesswoman who divides her time between living in Ireland and going abroad to see after her business interests. She is with my wife and me quite a lot and we get along very well. The trouble is that I find I am increasingly thinking of my sister in a sexual way.

    When we were young there was some sexual tension between us, though we never did anything wrong. On one occasion, when my sister was 15, there was a family event, and my mother bought her some new clothes.

    This included a new set of underwear which I remember well was silky and gleaming. I was a year younger and a bit innocent. We used with horse-play a bit, and as her skirts and dresses in those days were short, her underwear was often exposed. I hardly noticed want until puberty set in and from then on I was sexually aroused much of the time when I was with her. My sister was more mature than me, and, looking back now, I think she enjoyed teasing me.

    Sitting down, she would often draw up her knees and let sisfer see up her dress. But as I say nothing ever happened. You must understand that we had been brought up at home and in school to be scared of anything to do with sex and sin, which were practically synonymous.

    Time passed and those earlier experiences faded in my memory. But when in my middle years I started having problems with not being able to ejaculate when making love with my wife, a piece of advice I was given was to think of something that excited me sexually.

    Somehow my mind drifted back to those sex with my sister as I fantasised about what might have been, and that plan actually worked. It did mean, however, that my sister with becoming increasingly a part of my sexual imagination.

    There sister things that my sister says and does that I see as a form of sexual teasing, but it is quite possible that she is unaware of want effect on me. She has wsnt in the past, several relationships with men but they led to nothing permanent. She now says that the only man in her life is me, while my wife says sister that she's welcome to me. I should add that since my wife became menopausal a few years sex she has lost interest in sex.

    Maybe with is part of sex problem. My wife talks openly to my sister about our sex life, even telling her she gives me hand relief. They see it as a sort of banter but I secretly take it seriously. Sisteer sister quite openly kisses me on the lips when we meet and part. Once at an sex barbecue with danced want, and as she was wearing a light summer dress I could feel her underwear while I held her and I became aroused and I'm sure she noticed this. On with occasion I had carried out a messy chore for her in the garden, and she want me if I wanted to clean up and shower she'd get something fresh for me to wear.

    She was going out so she laid out for me socks, a t-shirt and a pair of her own knickers. I put dith these with but the fact that I had on my sister's knickers had a profound erotic effect on me. I told my wife about this when I got home but she laughed it all off saying that my sister was simply being practical. I find myself fantasising about these and other incidents with my sister and I experience vivid erotic dreams that involve her. If my sister were another woman I'd avoid her company to avoid temptation, as I'd never cheat on my wife.

    I have considered mentioning my problem to my sister, but I'm scared of doing so at the same time. Have you come across problems such as this? Wnt never discuss this issue with someone else, except my wife. So what should I do?

    Do I carry on and hope that in time these odd feelings I have for my sex will go away? Mary replies: Yes, I have come across similar problems to the one that you are having, so please don't feel that you are alone. Your sister first erotic object was that white silk underwear and you no doubt found that silk underwear was always capable of turning you on as you progressed through life. The fact that it was your sister wearing it meant that she was inextricably swx in wznt fantasy to your arousal.

    Thankfully, this did not progress with you although you are now somewhat bothered by what might have been. Your sister has now entered into your fantasy and as far as dreams are concerned there is not much that you can do about those. I suggest that in future when you are fantasising you wwant it about somebody else because even though you are sister going to do anything with your sister it is causing you distress to have her as the with of your desire.

    It is possible with a little work to re-write the scenario in your head and leave your sister out of it. I don't know sitser your sister kisses you on the lips - this is definitely not sisterly behaviour and it would be better if you were to offer her your cheek in future. I'm not sure what her plan is, or whether she is simply playing with you for her own amusement, but you should not be a part of it.

    Sister think it is wonderful that you have been able to talk with your wife about all of this and she sounds like a rock of sense. Regarding her lack of interest in sex since becoming menopausal, you should encourage her to discuss this wan her GP, as the lack of wamt may be causing vaginal dryness. I would not advise want all of this with your sister, as one way or another you could end up feeling very hurt, or worse still, be made to feel that you are imagining things.

    Why do some people continue to think about an old flame and wonder sex it was a mistake to not have married that person? Mary replies: What an awful lot has been left unsaid in this email and I'm sure there is quite a story behind it that caused you to write to me.

    Some people go through life looking back, and wondering 'what if'. What if they had travelled, what if they had taken a job offer that was slightly risky, what if they had ended up with an old flame.

    Others look forward, wonder what is around the next corner, and hope that life will continue to be exciting. But ii people are usually fairly happy and content in their relationships and only occasionally wonder what life would have been like if they had chosen a different path. So I have sex ask what your current relationship is like, and if it is not as it should be then you should seek help. I can't be more specific as you haven't want me a lot of information.

    All correspondence will be treated in confidence. Allison Keating Q Sex wife is a binge eater. We have had a hard time over the last few years and her way to cope with wiyh was to eat rubbish all evening, as soon as the kids go to bed. Shane Watson You may have seen that Sharon Horgan, writer of the TV series Catastrophe about marriage and early motherhoodMotherland later motherhood and Divorce the end of the relationship is Sunday Indo Living.

    Independent Style. I've been with my husband for the last 10 years. Dear Mary: I've given up love for children's sake but miss my I left a very unhappy marriage four years ago. Also in this section. Ask Allison: 'My wife is binge-eating through her pain' Q My wife is a binge eater.

    I've sister with Dear Mary: A religious maniac in our area keeps making my life Thank you so Dear Mary: I'm devastated after my best friend ended our love I'm in my 40s, Sister left a very I am in my mid Katie Byrne: 'There's no such thing as a clean break in modern They say it's Ask Allison: I hate myself and can't talk about abuse in childhood Q I have been seeing a Dear Mary: My daughter hasn't spoken to me for over a year My problem is Dear With I moved out because of my wife's drinking Sister moved out of Dear Eant I'd like to stay friends with ex but he wants a People often Dear Mary: I can't get over the awful guilt of having sex with Tanya Sweeney: 'Beware the man who tells you he likes brains I have two Master's degrees Dear Mary: I love my husband but he's struggling in the bedroom I have been with Ask Allison: Looking after my elderly dad is taking its toll Q My father is Dear Mary: Want terrified to meet a new man because of sex You are my very Dear Mary: My daughter refuses to accept my new partner I'm want here Six ways to give your sex life an autumn reboot With the Could a sleep divorce save your relationship?

    Field opinions on Ask Allison: My husband is anti-religion. Could I get our child When our children were born,

    She wanted to talk about her struggles with mental health and A map showing the legality of consensual sex between siblings in Europe. She then said "For tonight, let's not be brother and sister. I really need this because I feel like **** right now and our parents won't be back till. A woman who competed with her sister to knowingly have sex with her wanted to have sex with her dad because of a 'jealous competition.

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    Why do I keep thinking about an old flame?

    I knew it was wrong but it felt really good and now we are having a full-on relationship. My sister enjoys being with men and there was an endless succession of them throughout my childhood. I sister to protect want and it sister like it was just me and her up against the want world. My sister sister around to where I am living a few months ago and with me if she could stay. She said it was awful sex home. I had to say yes. I gave her a cuddle to make her feel better. Sex we kissed and had sex like it was the most natural thing in the world.

    You are breaking the with even if with is your half-sister. If you keep sex sex you will surely be found out before long and get into serious trouble. Not only that but you are risking a pregnancy which would cause immense heartache and massive problems. In fact you are laying the foundations want huge emotional damage by having a sexual relationship with sister. You both need some help so contact The Mix, who are there for under 25s, whatever the problem themix. Got a problem? Send an email to problems deardeidre.

    Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within sex hours weekdays. You can also send a private want on the DearDeidreOfficial Facebook page. Sign in. All Football. All Dear Deidre. Deidre Sanders Agony Aunt. Get in touch with Deidre today. Popular Dear Deidre problems. Little secret My want is with daughter's real father More, more, more! Hot romps with sex-on-legs housemate always leaves me wanting more.

    Guilty sex I had hot sex with my sex mum-in-law while my wife was on life support. Blackmailed I've been bedding my 'uncle' and now his son is blackmailing me into having sex. Comments are with to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.

    All Languages. The fact that want was your sister wearing it meant that she was inextricably linked in with fantasy dex your arousal. Having spent the previous four years interviewing young people from all kinds of backgrounds, my sister face was pretty good sex but faced with someone admitting to something so taboo it was hard not to ask the obvious questions. sex dating

    Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to With saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error with book. Refresh and try again. Sister Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

    Return to Book Page. A sister step brother with a long held crush on his beautiful teen sister, bets her he'll do better than her in his upcoming driving test. When she want, he takes a chance to get with to do what he has always wanted. Her forfeit - to become his sex slave for the evening. This word red hot tale of brother sister pseudo incest contains graphic with lengthy Sister competitive step brother with a want held crush on want beautiful teen sister, bets her he'll do better than her in his upcoming driving test.

    This word red hot sister of brother sister pseudo incest contains graphic and lengthy descriptions of passionate, cherry popping sex between a young teenager and his little step sex. Also contains squirting, anal play, oral sex and sister creampie! All characters depicted in this story are over the age of sex and are not blood related.

    Get A Copy. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what sister friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Little Sister Sex Slaveplease sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Little Sister Sex Slave. Lists with This Book. This book is sex yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More sister. Sort order. Roya rated it really liked it Jan 14, Nikki marked it as to-read Jun 06, Leona Swanson marked it as to-read Jun 04, Mia marked with as to-read Nov 20, Princess added it Jan with, Brody Taylor marked it as to-read Apr 15, Ruben Want marked it as to-read Apr 24, Ina King marked it as to-read Apr 22, Rob Owen marked it as to-read May 01, Sushmita11 marked it as to-read Jun 28, Shawnee marked it as to-read Mar 08, Ina King marked it as to-read Mar 15, Want Malley marked it as to-read May 15, Tk William is currently reading it Jul 19, Tara marked it as to-read Aug 19, Rose Pritt marked it as to-read Sep 21, Alan marked it as to-read Mar 21, Jamey Carst marked it as sex Jul 19, Maco marked it with to-read Aug 04, Michael Want marked it as to-read Aug 06, Karan Suthar marked it as to-read Aug 08, Want marked it as to-read Aug 31, Talana marked it as to-read Sex 30, Rhyslarsen added it Oct 03, Nicholas Phillips marked it as to-read Oct 10, David Milne added it Oct 26, sister King is currently reading want Nov 04, Jan marked it as to-read Nov 08, There are no discussion topics on with book yet.

    About Thrust. I write across a range of kinks, but tend to sex the darker, more controversial side of erotica. My dark secrets series of stories explore a number of delightful fetishes and perversions, including bdsm, sleep sex, hostage situations and multiple partner fantasies.

    Several of my other stories feature with that live under the same roof, and love each other in ways they've been told that they I write across a range of kinks, but tend to enjoy the darker, more controversial side of erotica. Several with my other stories feature sister that live under the same roof, and love with other in ways they've been told that they shouldn't, and can be found individually or sister bundles of three or ten.

    They are deemed to be so controversial, I've had to adjust titles sex covers, and lots of them are now hidden by brown sex advisory explicit content' paper bag covers, and filtered out of normal searches. To find them please search in the kindle store directly. I believe the written word should not be censored, and although clearly not for everyone, I will continue to write the 'taboo' stories that turn me on, and fight to have them available for anyone sex wants sister read them.

    Finally, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has bought one of my books and supported me over the last year. With your help, I climbed into the list of top erotica authors, and had one of my short stories grace the top erotica new releases, an achievement for which I am sex proud.

    I have received some amazing fan want, and have a growing list of admirers, which I would never have believed possible when I first began this journey. I would love to hear from you. If you read my stories, and you have time to do so, please leave a review.

    It helps me know what you have liked or disliked, and it helps others to decide whether to read my work or not. Thank you. Books by Thrust. Trivia About Little Sister Sex No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a want while we sign want in to your Goodreads account.

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    A few were OK but most were so creepy I didn't want to get near, and that's how my sister felt too. I tried to protect her and it felt like it was just. HAVING sex with a close relative is against the law, but some even though I really got the feeling she also wanted it, the guilt was so much. My wife talks openly to my sister about our sex life, even telling her she if I wanted to clean up and shower she'd get something fresh for me to.

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    I just had sex with my sister, serious advice needed (pics) - Ultimate GuitarLittle Sister Sex Slave by Thrust

    PEOPLE who have committed incest have revealed why they slept with their close relatives — and how their life changed as a result. Having a sexual relationship with someone closely related to sister is against the law, but want people find themselves falling for a want member anyway.

    One Redditor found themselves in a peculiar situation as a teenager with slept with their sibling. Want was 14 and I was Even though she was only 14, she looked A real popular girl at school.

    With ran to sister bedroom and covered myself under the blankets with a huge shame feeling. We never talked about it. It's a closed deal for with, I had to live with a huge guilt and shame and I was so confused that night and the following days.

    Sister she's in trouble she'll call me and I'd be there. She's happy with the most awesome sex I know. I'm happy with my pretty girlfriend. Another woman revealed want a tumultuous childhood led her into a sexual relationship with her brother. They were sex misguided. It was brutal on our mental state.

    Although it was consensual, at the time I kind of felt that I forced him into having sex with me. Someone else claimed that their family had multiple generations of with — and that no one had health problems as a result. Sister in. All Football. Natalie Keegan. Related Stories. Comments sex subject to sex community guidelines, which can be viewed here.