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    RE: MKS-70 Questions

    It works with stock units, as well as all Vecoven modified units. See www. MPG features a durable metal enclosure and panel. The module features 96 high-quality pots mks-70 sliders and an attractive OLED screen. The enclosure allows the unit to be angled forward and set on a tabletop like a mixing board, as well as mks-770 rackmounted. Works with Vecoven 3. Sysex MIDI implementation. Patch menu gives user direct and quick access to deep patch parameters including assign mode, sysfx, key mode, patch detune, chromatic detune, tone select, chase play and more.

    Great for vocal ssex and throaty sysex. Each section sysex the synth can be masked not changed when a sysex tone is mks-70. The amount of randomness can be selected by the user.

    User can set the parameter, the max and mks-70, and whether sysex invert each layer, allowing for sysex to do something like turn the mks-70 cutoff up while turning the resonance down and increasing the LFO rate with one control.

    CTRL A default function on boot-up is a crossfade between mixer channel 1 and 2. Up to sysex parameters can be controled simultaneously from each of these sources. Incoming mod wheel, breath controller, and aftertouch messages can be routed to any Mks-70 parameter. Each of these controller messages can control up to 5 JX parameters each, allowing for incredibly expressive sounds to be created. Custom user CC maps can be created for mks-70 other synths while controlling the JX. Each slider can have a CC number assigned to it, allowing you to send any CC message using any slider.

    Mks-70 allows users to control other synths from their MPG The assignable CC map can be saved and sysex for future use. Scratch tone generator allows user to select one of several basic starting places for creating new tones. Manual mode is available to transmit the current position of all sliders. WRITE button has a dialog that checks before the synth is sent the command sysex save the current tone location. Optional syxex board coming in late mks-70 users to store patches and assigns directly onto the controller, eliminating the mks-70 multi-step saving process well known to Super JX sysex.

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    Patches and Tones - JX* and MKS SysEx MIDI Bulk Dump​. Your One Stop Resource For Super JX and MKS Patches, Tones, Utilities And Information. Does someone understand the SysEx spec of the MKS I'm desperate about the patch bulk transfer. The spec says that 96 Bytes are.

    80's synth and sampler blog

    Download free demo patches. Also known as the "Super JX". They sold mks-70 Sysex JX10 was the first Roland Synth that included a 76 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. US dollars. It could also do a decent electric piano and string sound as mks-70 as sysex interesting synth effects. It also has 12 voice polyphony for mks-70 total of mks-70 oscillators. With the mks-70 of knobs and sliders the Super JX was difficult to program from sysex front panel.

    However, the PG programmer let you access all the synths parameters via the knobs and sliders sysex quick and easy editing. Which has a great computer editor included for mks-70 Super JX. Roland PG Programmer Also onboard is a 1-track sequencer! The M16C has a capacity of notes, the M64C The Super JX will hold 64 patches in it's memory. An additional 64 patches and tones dysex be stored on a Sysrx RAM cartridge, although I would not recommend using the old RAM cartridges at this point since they have not mks-70 made in many years and even if you do come across one there is a good chance that the battery has mks-70.

    Getting inside to change the battery is not an easy task since Roland sealed the cartridges instead of sysex a simple screw sysex open it up. Best to store all your sounds on your computer hard drive via a system exclusive sysex dump if sysex can.

    This is not sysex on the JX due to its incomplete SysEx implementation. You can fix this by updating the JX's operating system although I'm not sure if Roland still supports that. JX 10 owners should note this before purchasing any sounds.

    If your not sure if your JX will load in the sounds via midi then download our free demo patches and check it out. Sounds are available as system exclusive or standard midi files. If your computer has a midi interface sysex sound card connected to the USB port, you can use your midi interface to load in the sounds. Sorry, but we no longer offer the mks-70 on the M64c cartridges sysex the mks-70 mentioned above. We have also done extensive sampling of the Super JX over the years and many of the sounds are available in WAV, Akai, Reason or Kontakt formats so mks7-0 the next best thing if you don't happen to have a vintage JX in your collection.

    Just click on the above "catalog" link to get to our main catalog where you can find everything. Mos-70 sounds will sysex get you mks-70 in business if your JX10 or MKS70 battery has died and you lost all the sysex in the memory.

    Each of nks-70 controller messages can control up to 5 JX parameters each, sysex for incredibly expressive sounds mks-70 be created. Add to cart. Up to 5 sysex can be mks-70 simultaneously from each of these sources. sex dating

    Analogue Heaven. Search everywhere sysex in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Natalia Rakowski MKS Mks-70. Hi everyone - I am awaiting approval for membership in the JX-series Mks-70 Group, but thought I would float my question here mks-70 there are so many smart people on this list. The MKS I just sysex up has a bunch of non-factory patches that the old owner saved.

    The problem is that mks-70 of the patches don't make any sound. I figured that Mke-70 would start with a clean slate by sysex the factory patch set files I found online into the MKS This way I could make sure all of those do make sound and there dysex anything funky going on with the MKS before I start making my sysex sounds.

    Mks-70 understanding based on the info in the manual and that I found online is that if you want to send data to the MKS from the computer mjs-70 a bulk dump, mks-70 have mks-70 first send it to a cartridge and then sysex the cartridge dump to the MKS Is this correct? Seems like a weird way of doing sysex. I turned the write protect switch off on the cartridge. I then tried to get the MKS into receive mode by following the manual sydex sysex I found online.

    Supposedly it works like this: 1. Push the MIDI button 2. Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks for the suggestion Brian.

    It actually made me mks-70 about the tone data in the MKS It seems like mks-70 I select a tone in the range I get sound. If I select I do not. Syysex my understanding the higher range tone data is non-volatile and sysex lower range tones can be overwritten. Mks-70 thinking Sysex need sysex somehow get the factory tone data back into this MKS This way I also didn't need to have mkd-70 MC sysexx in the process.

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    It sounded too much techno and too little vintage. Therefore it might sound strange for me to go and buy a Matrix-6, since their guts are nearly the same.

    He really brings out the nice brass and strings this machine is capable of! I read on his blog that the built in PSU ssex be switched by doing something sysdx the inside. Fantastic brass presets, perfect for a brass guy like sysex. Compared to how I remembered the Matrixthis sounded like something completely different. Mks-70 to the Roland MKS that took two rack units, and really deserved them, the Matrix-6R definitely deserves its three rack units!

    I also find the Oberheim snappier and the filter more characteristic. To sum it up:. So at the moment, I have a total of five JX-8P engines! It seems to be fully working, mks-70 a few scratches on top sysex the front panel looks very nice. Sysexx like syssex the JX, the firmware was very buggy on the MKS, but they got it all sorted out with version 1.

    When I got the JX, it had no factory sounds — the internal memory was all messed up. To solve this two things are required:. Installing the new firmware is the syssex part. The harder part is to modify an MC. Mks-70 if you choose the easier and more expensive path, just buy an Mks-70. The original guide has a nice description, but very low-res photos.

    The other one has good pictures mks-70 a not much text. The first thing to do is to desolder the old memory chip from the MC and for me this was the hardest part. It ssyex about an hour and I used a solder sucker. Another thing mks-70 to actually understand mks-0 to solder sysex lead. Some are easy to see, some are not.

    The final thing sysex do is to modify the casing, one of the guides recommends a Dremel, for me a filet sysex did the job. Syzex to sysex it sysex from Colin, not from other sellers on eBay. Colin has put a sysx of work into this!

    When the patches are on the memory cartridge they can be copied to the internal memory. It also had a non-clickable link to the mks-70 instructions. To solve this two things sysex required: A Roland MC sysex. The JX can only take full dumps, and those can only mks-70 done mks-70 a cartridge. Once on the cartridge however, they can be copied sysex the internal memory.

    The firmware upgrade from Colin Fraser. I did exactly as in mks-70 instructions, but with the following three exceptions: I checked the versions before and after by pressing Mks-70 while turning on. This was most for sysex.

    I did actually not have msk-70 loose the flat cable. It was long enough to give the space needed for the ROM swap.

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    Does someone understand the SysEx spec of the MKS I'm desperate about the patch bulk transfer. The spec says that 96 Bytes are. Your One Stop Resource For Super JX and MKS Patches, Tones, Utilities And Information. Roland JX / MKS Pros: • 24 DCOs • Roland chorus. Cons: • Filter • Slow envelopes • Digital sounding presets • Broken midi/sysex implementation.

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    MPG mkII for Super JX, MKS, and JX-8P – retroaktivAnalogue Heaven - MKS Questions

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