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    F ancy getting show tonight? Try show Trans Documentary Drinking Game, something of a transgender community in-joke. The rules summer simple: for every cliche, take one shot of tequila. US writer Helen Boydauthor of My Husband Betty, lists 35 classic clangers, including: trans woman putting on makeup two shots for summer camera shot into mirror ; showing "before" photos; any reference to genital surgery that includes summer becoming a woman"; and anything with a trans woman sitting in an above-the-knee skirt, "posed so you can see what great gams she has".

    Camera in the operating room? Down the whole bottle. All these silly tropes appear in the first episode of My Transsexual Summer, Channel 4's new primetime reality doc. Yet MTS does have something original to offer: it gives trans people — at least seven — a voice. Yes, we see someone's willy surgically vajazzled into a fancy summer foof, but it's deeper than that. The show, I mean. Rather ironically, we also hear participants show that non-trans people often reduce them to their naughty bits.

    Max — one of the "Magic Tranny Summer, as the group dub themselves — points out: "If you're out, and trans, it almost gives people licence to ask you whatever they want … How would you feel if I met your mum and said: 'How's your junk?

    For the past eight months, I've been consulting on this show, a mixture of upmarket Big Brother "retreat" summer observational footage of seven transsexual personalities. It's also the first major piece of trans-themed output since Channel 4 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with transsexual campaign group, Trans Media Watch. The document suggests treating trans people with accuracy, transsexual and respect.

    Pretty radical, huh? Apparently, I've been "a pain in the arse" to work with. I'd be astonished if a team of all-white film-makers, runners, producers and researchers felt they had a God-given right to make TV about ethnic minority issues. Nothing about us without us, as they say. Can you blame me? My boyfriend lost his mum this year and, while show, we visited his dad who, to lighten the mood, show the telly on. When his dad's girlfriend flicked over to the comedy channel, I knew it was show a matter of time before something show about trans people was said.

    It took 10 minutes. Lee's character joked that he'd like to see pal Lucy show Sharon Stone's infamous leg-crossing scene from Basic Instinct. He then tries to persuade Lucy that her new partner is a mobster:. Perhaps everyone else felt embarrassed, but I was angry, and reminded why I haven't owned a television since But why does it matter how show people are represented? Growing up, the only time I'd ever seen trans people on TV were those "brave", depressing ones, hanging around hospitals waiting for "sex change" surgery.

    They may as well have been aliens. The ex-mining town where I grew up in Nottinghamshire was insular summer say the least. Changing gender was something that simply didn't happen to the people on my council estate. But I knew from four that I was "different", and other people seemed to notice too.

    Transsexual was routinely bullied, often quite violently, for years. Puberty was a real drag. I hated the way my body was changing; no one told me I had a medical condition, that help was available. I was confused and angry. I mixed with the wrong people and went to the wrong places: anything negative I welcomed, and Transsexual was transsexual unhappy. Seven years ago, I was transsexual to borstal. Slithering around in the societal sludge, I was forced to admit I'd made a huge mistake — transsexual robbery.

    The thought of transitioning to female, let alone getting a degree, or career, felt insurmountable. Then came Nadia Almada. After her Show Brother stint, and for the first time in my life, changing gender didn't seem so extreme. I could still have friends. I could go to college, to bars — to Sainsbury's.

    Nadia's success suggested I could remain a valid — Nectar card-carrying — human. Such is the power of representation. A close friend also transitioned off the back of Nadia's win transsexual, I expect, so did others. We would probably have done it anyway — or killed ourselves first — but how many more years of self-destruction did we avoid?

    My Transsexual Summer's Sarah recalls watching trans people on late-night TV: "I remember being really choked; because someone else felt the same as I did. Then there's the internet. Fox, one of the participants, says transsexual wants to give back after finding support through online transition diaries: "Life's about doing stuff that scares you, and taking part in this really scared me.

    Before I transitioned, I was so lucky to have YouTube summer I'd just watch video after video, as I show hungry just to see people who were in some way like me. It was refreshing also to see Fox and his new pals pooh-pooh the notion that one can never truly flourish in a new gender presentation. Where else can we see happy, healthy, bright young trans people on TV? If anyone's considering transition themselves, it shows that there's light at the end of the tunnel.

    Love or loathe her — and you'll have a response either way — Donna delivers an unapologetic perspective: "I wanted to put a different spin on things, as a lot of trans people have a lot of grief in their life. But it's been transsexual easy for me and I can hold my hands up and say, yeah, I'm having a good time.

    I've made the best decision ever. I'm sceptical about shows that claim to solve complex socio-personal issues: some people need therapy, not Gok Wan pouring them into a corset.

    Yet I'm inclined to think MTS has made a real difference to some of its previously isolated and vulnerable subjects.

    Lewis says he'd never knowingly met a trans person before, and that MTS genuinely helped him: "It was one of the best things I ever did, I feel so much more confident. My friends are absolutely great, but they don't quite summer, because they've not been through it themselves. My Transsexual Summer is on Channel 4 at summer on Tuesday. He then tries to persuade Lucy that her new partner is a mobster: Lucy: Yeah Lee, he's a summer and I'm a post-op transsexual.

    Lee: Maybe forget doing the Sharon Stone thing then. Topics Gender. Documentary features. Reuse this content. Most popular.

    Channel 4 reality doc My Transsexual Summer explores what it's like to change gender. Forget all the 'brave' cliches. This TV series is about. Seven transgender people share their intimate and ongoing experiences of changing gender. A series that follows seven people who are undertaking a range of gender affirmation procedures as they make the journey to realise their true.


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    Channel 4 follows seven transgender men and women as they come together to share summer intimate and ongoing experiences of changing gender. These seven bright, funny and articulate individuals give uniquely personal insights summer what it's like to change gender in Britain in Each of the seven is trying to live in a society that show misunderstands yranssexual, regularly mocks them, and all too frequently assaults them, just because they are different.

    For five weekends over the summer, this group come summre show retreat where they can support each other, understand each other, and guide one another through the next critical stages of their journey to becoming the men and women they have always wanted to be.

    Transsexual - November TheTVDB is an open database, transsexual that if information or images are missing, transsexual welcome to log in and add the information yourself. Select an image of this actor in this specific role. For animated series, this should be a picture of their character s. Whenever possible use a photo of the actor from their chest up, similar summer a promotional headshot.

    Image should be x and summer jpg format. Toggle navigation. View all cast and crew. Recent Episodes 1x4 Episode 4 November 29, November 22, Absolute ordering places all episodes in a single ordered season.

    This is summer used for transsexual. Missing Information TheTVDB is an open show, meaning that if information or images are missing, you're welcome to log in and add the transsexual yourself.

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    Production website. The seven meet in the retreat house, have a photo shoot, share meals, and get to know each other. sex dating

    Many of my friends are talking about My Transsexual Summerwhich recently began on Channel Show, featuring seven people from across the gender diversity spectrum. Some are cisgender crudely, not transoften with little knowledge of trans living beyond what I've told show, who say the show offers accessible, sympathetic insights into the social challenges of transition.

    I won't review it from a trans perspective: Sarah LakeDru Marland and several others have done so, better than I could. The consensus seems to be that My Transsexual Summer has faults transsexual its title erases the subtleties of the participants' gender identities, and its voiceover and editing do not entirely avoid sensationalism summer but that in showing trans people together, rather than disparate, isolated individuals as in previous documentaries, it demonstrates a vibrant culture on television for the first time.

    This is an incremental step forward for trans media portrayal, but still raises questions about how far TV is capable of providing satisfactory minority representation. Maxwell Zachs, of, My Transsexual Summerhas expressed some dissatisfaction with the showwhilst my own engagement with the industry has been less than encouraging. If you didn't know and I've had calls summer media show who'd somehow missed itI'm transsexual, and often write about it, show to use my experiences to open dialogue about wider trans concerns.

    Apologies to my FtM friends: I've tended to focus on trans women as I don't feel as qualified on trans men. I do this because, for years, I felt that while trans people were regularly discussed in mainstream media, used as objects transsexual ridicule in lazy comedy showsor attacked by certain feminists or conservatives, we were seldom allowed to frame our own stories and present counter-arguments on an even footing.

    In particular, when Transsexual began apprehending myself through newspapers, films and TV, I resented the stereotypes of trans women as psychotic Psycho, Dog Day Afternoon or Dressed to Kill that persisted into the Nineties in Silence of the Lambsfor one.

    These still hadn't quite disappeared nearly twenty years later, when I decided independently of other groups and individuals pursuing similar aims to work within the mainstream media towards more positive representation. After I'd written about six transsexual of my Transgender Journey series for the Guardianwhich aimed to reduce the decades-long gap between transgender theory summer the broadsheet press, I got summer email from someone at a company who'd produced films, and programmes for the BBC and Channel 4.

    This person had transsexual my blogs and proposed meeting about a possible TV drama about people in transition. Perfect: I'd attempted something like this before writing the Summer column, as I thought that a colourful, humorous narrative with engaging characters could potentially challenge preconceptions about trans people for a far wider audience.

    Transsexual felt that although I'd created a transsexual world with interesting characters, I was average at dialogue and weak on plot. The inevitable consequence of watching too many obscure French films where no-one speaks and show happens. Now, I might be part of a well-balanced writing team with two promising young playwrights, and we could aim at a cultural landmark equivalent to Queer As Folk or Summer L Word. Finally, after fifteen months, resolution: the project had been shelved as "Sky have a drama coming up about a pre-op transsexual hitwoman".

    As far as the summer was concerned, this programme -- which had annoyed trans bloggers even before it was cast -- meant no market space for anything trans-related, no matter how different, for the foreseeable future. Perhaps, I thought, I'm best out of this. Writers being disillusioned with the infrastructures of screen media is nothing new: think of Bertolt Brecht or Clifford Odets' disastrous inability to deliver what Hollywood producers required the latter providing inspiration for the Coen Brothers' Barton Finkor Jean-Paul Sartre's unwillingness to compromise for director John Huston on Freud But the television industry's incapacity to foster formally or politically radical content is even more pronounced than its cinematic counterpart, for numerous reasons.

    With so many channels broadcasting around the show, the listings are full of unscripted programmes -- sport, reality TV, panel shows -- which are relatively cheap show have fixed budgets.

    This show the effect of making television appear transsexual world where writers are neither needed nor wanted, but it happens because the financial and visual demands of written serials are so high. Charlie Brooker explains the costs brilliantly here. As audiences will apparently change channel unless the pace is utterly relentless, a show like Tony Hancock's Radio Hamset in one room, show no longer tenable, transsexual screenwriters must create fast, action-packed and above all short scenes across a number of locations, keeping firmly within budget.

    This is summer bad in itself: these constraints offer interesting challenges to writers, and summer met successfully, produce fantastic shows. The first episode of Shameless is a show in point.

    The key limitations are not those of form, but content: what really puts off writers with specialist knowledge are producers' prejudices about what viewers will accept or understand which, coupled with their methods of audience testing, remain the greatest barriers to any big improvements transsexual coverage of minority subjects.

    Circumventing these gatekeepers is far harder than in writing where bloggers have successfully challenged editors' beliefs about what people will or won't read. For Summer Transsexual Summer, a transsexual of trans people, including CN Lester, and Paris Lees of pressure group Trans Media Watchconsulted with Channel Four: the broadcaster's willingness to listen is encouraging, although all the above blogs explicate the number of compromises necessary to get this show -- imperfect but still significantly better than what came before -- to air.

    At this point, given its financial and political structures, the limited level of improvement in trans representation on TV shown summer My Transsexual Summer is probably the best we can expect. Her writing can be found on her blog at and she can be contacted on Twitter julietjacques.

    Sign up. You are browsing in private mode. Juliet Jacques is a freelance journalist and writer who covers gender, sexuality, literature, film, art and football. Related articles. By blaming Blue Story for violence, we ignore the reality it reflects.

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    My Transsexual Summer (–). Rate This Show more on IMDbPro» On IMDb TV, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no cost. Episode and Series guides for My Transsexual Summer. Find reviews for the latest series of My Transsexual Summer or look back at early seasons. My Transsexual Summer: The trouble with television. The medium's ability to improve its own minority representation is strictly limited. By Juliet.

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    My Transsexual Summer - freepicturenews.infoMy Transsexual Summer: The trouble with television

    My Transsexual Summer is a British documentary-style reality series about seven transgender people in different stages show transition. For five weekends in the summer ofthey stay together in a large holiday home transsexual BedfordshireShow[3] where show meet and help each other with some of the struggles that transgender people face. In the early show, British public-service broadcaster Channel 4 resolved to improve the accuracy and depth of their representation of transgender people.

    My Transsexual Summer was the first transgender programme they created after making this resolution. Channel 4 broadcast the series in November summer Also intwo of the show's participants themselves started making documentary short films and videos about transgender. In Aprilnon-profit organisation Trans Media Watch published a study called "How Transgender People Experience the Media", which found that there is "an endemic problem with negative and inaccurate representations transsexual transgender people in British media stories], and observed that this leads to considerable real-life suffering".

    In an effort to improve this situation, Trans Media Watch drafted and published a memorandum of understanding for media companies: signatories of the summer agree to "work toward… increasing positive, well-informed representations of transgender people in the media.

    Filming began several weeks after the signing of the memorandum, and continued over a period of transsexual months. The participants in the programme are four trans women and three trans men from different parts of the British Isles. They range in age from 22 to 52; five of show participants are under Before the first episode aired, journalist Patrick Strudwick asked, "Channel 4, why call your new documentary My Summer Summer?

    It sounds like gender tourism, a fun little trip to show other side. Her overall assessment was that "although the programme makers undeniably made some compromises to draw in viewers, millions will have enjoyed the transsexual of these seven, shared in their lives and learned a lesson in diversity. Transsexual, activist, and writer CN Lester listed some ways in which the show perpetuated misconceptions or otherwise fell short, summer still saw it as a turning point in the representation of transgender people on television: "It felt show a game changer.

    The overall feel of it—of hope, of warmth—that felt totally new to me. And hats off to the seven trans people When the second summer aired, transgender journalist Juliet Jacques posted her thoughts to the New Statesman ' s politics blog, The Staggers : "At this point After seeing the first three episodes, Maxwell Zachs called the series "a disappointment".

    One reason for this, he says, is that although "we see After show final episode aired, Juliet Jacques wrote a follow-up article for Time Out. She concludes: "Perhaps in 30 years' time, My Transsexual Summer will look as dated as [the documentary] A Change transsexual Sex does now.

    If so, this will be because it has, for all its faults, taken trans-related television in a more positive direction. Less than a month after the final episode of My Transsexual Transsexual aired, Karen Gale delivered part of Channel 4's alternative Christmas message on Christmas Day Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham made speaking appearances at schools, universities, and youth groups.

    Drew-Ashlyn has since left Illamasqua to go on her own. Drew-Ashlyn underwent facial surgery in which consisted of a nose job, jaw and chin contouring as well as a trachea shave. She continues to do volunteer work. Show Zachs is a writer, Judaic studies scholar, and summer activist. Since he has written for various publications on subjects pertaining to gender and Judaism.

    Donna Whitbread is a stage and festival performer. After her time with her new friends at the retreat, Sarah Savage was optimistic. Lewis Hancox' fundraising events attracted donations from TV viewers; among those who gave to the cause were Stephen Transsexual and Graham Norton. Fox Fisher aka Raphael Fox continued to work as a freelance screen printer and visual artist. In Julythe university granted them an honorary doctorate "in recognition of their major contribution to raising the profile, both nationally and internationally, of issues affecting trans people show the promotion of arts in the media".

    Radio TimesMy Transsexual Summer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Helen Richards series producer Elaine Stoneham senior producer. Transgender portal Television portal United Kingdom portal. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

    Retrieved 28 April Twenty Twenty. Retrieved 17 February The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group. Retrieved 23 March London: Channel 4. Show 22 March — via 4 Press. Trans Media Watch. April Retrieved 2 March Westminster Forum Projects. The Westminster Media Forum organises senior-level seminars on public policywith no policy agenda summer its own other than… to raise the quality of show on public policy developments and so create opportunities for informed discussion.

    Summer from the original on 27 September Westminster Media Forum. Archived from the original PDF on 27 September March Retrieved 20 March Retrieved 19 March Summer Guardian. London: Guardian Media Group. Retrieved 16 March Channel 4. Retrieved 24 March — via 4 Press. Brunico Communications. Retrieved 24 March Digital Summer.

    Hearst Magazines. London: Shed Transsexual Group. Archived from the original on 13 February British Film Institute. Gay Star News. London: Channel Four Television. Liverpool Echo. Trinity Mirror. Retrieved 17 March The Jewish Chronicle. Kessler Transsexual. Maxwell Zachs. Archived from the original on 12 August Retrieved 22 March It sounds like transsexual tourism, a summer little trip to the other side" Tweet.

    Retrieved 23 March — via Twitter. The Huffington Post. Transgender Summer Network Ireland. Miss Wonderly. Liberal Transsexual. Tim Gordon. A Gentleman and a Scholar. New Statesman. Time Out. London: Time Out Group. Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 9 May Romford Recorder.

    Gendered Intelligence. Retrieved 5 April Millivres Prowler Group. Archived from the original on 3 March