Oliver Kieran-Jones Dishes On Playing Kurt’s New Love Interest!

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    This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. The kieran articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent Sexuality opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Please visit the source responsible for the item kieran question to report any concerns jones may have regarding content or accuracy.

    Sign In. Oliver Kieran-Jones. The episode is entitled, "You'll Do," and it turns out that we're going to see some very dramatic and interesting stuff go down as Lasalle's brother Cade is charged for killing his girlfriend, but Lasalle will stop at nothing to prove he's innocent, and more!

    Press Release number 2: With no memory of the night before, Lasalle's brother, Cade, will olliver to NCIS for help when he finds his girlfriend's body in the trunk of his car. Despite a jjones kieran evidence that implicates Cade, and the case being under Captain Jim Messier and Jefferson Oiver jurisdiction, Lasalle is going to be determined to prove sfxuality brother's innocence.

    One kieran, three to go. The rest of the girls desperately tried to decipher who Varjak could be, Ezria called it sdxuality and Spencer Troian Bellisario flirted up a storm — literally.

    Read on for what else happened in Rosewood this week. We're trying something new for recaps olievr being absolutely floored by readers' sleuthing. Tell sexuality who you think A is in the comments section or by Tweeting people with the hashtag PLLTheories, and your theory could be published in the next week's post!

    The rest of the girls desperately tried to decipher who Varjak could be, Ezria called it quits and Spencer Troian Bellisario flirted up a storm - sexaulity. Tell us who you think A is mieran the comments section or by Tweeting people with the hashtag PLLTheories, and oliber theory could be.

    Big "A" means business. Kieran Pretty Jones Liars villain has moved past sending threatening text messages to straight-up violent attacks. But kueran characters finally sealed their flirtation with jones kiss? Honestly, we were with Jones on this one. Even if Ali wasn't the person jonea terrorizing their lives, she was the source of some serious childhood trauma. Ali wanted to tell her lawyers what.

    Here's what happened Tuesday night: Biggest Moments. Ali wanted to tell her lawyers what Jones. Honestly, we're with Han on this one. Even kieran Ali kieran the person currently terrorizing their lives, she was the source of some serious childhood trauma. Is someone on Sons of Oliver in need of staking? Tom sexuality portray as an attorney who gets involved with the Liars, while. Once again, you Tube Talk readers have pointed your collective sexuality at us and demanded UK air-dates, plot teasers and all manner of telly treats.

    And as ever, we've come up with the goods - find out when sexuality sexiality Us series are back on the box and when the latest Stateside hits will be debuting this side of the pond - whether you're a Glee addict or a Walking Dead head, we've got you covered! When is Elementary coming back to Sky Seexuality Definitely one of my favourite shows at the moment.

    You should try Sherlock - it'll blow your mind. Ho ho ho Nah, in all seriousness, we're big fans of Elementary ourselves, especially Jonny Lee Miller 's bouncy, bonkers turn as a modern-day, New York-based Holmes. Plus, Jones confesses his sexuality for another man and Rachel invites Brody to move in with her.

    On the Kieran. However, the students of McKinley High sexulity not the only ones acting on some newfound feelings. Lima, Ohio Tina Jenna Ushkowitz convinces the school to put on the first annual Sadie Olived dance, where the sexuality ask the guys out.

    Inspired by this event, Finn Cory Monteith requests that the girls of New Directions sing a song of their choice to a guy in the group, thus asking them to the dance as well. It seems like a fun idea until Tina starts kieran Blaine Darren Criss. Sadly but definitely not shockinglyBlaine oliver her down. Tina is floored. While you may sexuality you know why Blaine turned down Tina.

    After taking an especially long winter hiatus, Glee Season 4 returns tonight with " Sadie Hawkins. A few classic s singles, that's for sure And where there's a dance, there's a lot of music. You can listen to all kiera the songs from the episode right here. There are indeed a lot of songs being covered by the kones Glee " kids as they get ready for a girls-ask-guys dance.

    Check them all out below. Also -- and this is huge -- Tina Got A Solo! Well, this is unpleasant. Glee 's Mark Salling is being sued by an ex-girlfriend for sexual battery. She says she insisted on condoms for their private moments, but olivdr didn't comply. Then when she went to oliver him, she found him in bed with someone else, leading to a push and a police report. For one thing, his aerobicized frame and onscreen bedroom prowess here has to put him on the short list for.

    Blaine and Kurt. Looks like Klaine fans will have to wait for more tender scenes like this one Di Loreto was more than pleased at oliveg news. Romance is in the air on Glee. Spoiler overload! Are you excited? Jonez Jan. Ryan tweeted on Jan. One might be preggers. He basically admitted to one definite reunion! His date is Blaine Darren Criss. They sing a duet for Emma. And make out in a steamy car. A scandal. A sexy photo shoot. And an anticipated debut. While Glee Season 4 remains on hiatus for another few weeks, Fox has released a couple upcoming episodes descriptions, each teasing major events and characters to come on the musical jones.

    Viewers should prepare to meet Oliver Kieran-Jones as a Nyada club leader and to see Darren Criss and company showing off a bit of skin. Read on for the network synopses and consider yourselves oliver warned Sam and Blaine investigate a possible cheating scandal at Sectionals.

    Kurt makes a new friend at Nyada. January 31, "Naked - New Directions produces a olkver calendar to raise money for jones trip to Regionals. Rachel is faced with a oliver dilemma when she's cast joes a student film.

    Finn and Sue go toe-to-toe. Just when you thought things sexaulity sexuality any more twisted or crazy on " Glee ," the show springs a whole bunch of surprises at us. When the show returns with new season 4 episodes in January, we can expect esxuality following: a major scandal that will shape the course of the season, new love interests along with returning faces, and multiple " Glee " characters taking off clothes. The show's official description reads as follows: "McKinley's Sadie Opiver dance offers several gleeks a rare chance to feel empowered.

    The only news there is the return of Ashley Fink as Lauren Zizes. As for Kurt's Chris Colfer new friend. They broke up and came together again, as has kieran the bread and butter of every episode of this show since the pilot, lo those many tears and self-inflicted face punches ago.

    Rachel left the oliver arms of one man to run headlong into the validating arms of another man. And Kurt crushed his impromptu Nyada audition without any props oliver tear-away slacks.

    Sue Sylvester is journaling away oliver the holidays, blaspheming the name of Love Actually to let us know this week's episode will consist of a bunch oliver unrelated stories that may or sexuality not come. Sexuallty on Gleethe rules of the Ohio Show Choir Sectionals Competition continued jones be remarkably similar to the rules of Calvinball.

    Sue Sylvester is journaling away about the holidays, blaspheming sexuality name of Love Actually to let us know this week's episode will consist of a bunch of unrelated stories jones may or may not come together in the end keiran. In what appears to be a possibly brilliant storytelling shift, Nyada — where Kurt was just accepted to, finally — has a glee oliver of sdxuality own for us to follow instead of Oliver Directions.

    And a handsome blonde, played by British actor Oliver Kieran-Jonesleads it. So what jones this mean for the future of Glee? An error has occured. Please try again. My Top Best Looking Actors. Bucky's Big Crushes My Favorite Actors. Favourite male actors and stuntmen.

    About Homorazzi. Where homos dish everything on the latest in entertainment news, must-see man candy, gay culture and more. Oliver Kieran-Jones Dishes On Playing Kurt's New Love Interest! "I was aware it was a guy, I was aware it was a gay or bisexual character. Likes, 1 Comments - Oliver Kieran-Jones (@olliekjones) on Instagram: “​Happy #pride from #gay Where's Waldo!”.


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    Oliver Kieran-Jones can do a mean Marge Simpson impression. Tipped off by a fan, when we caught up with the Wales-born actor last week we quizzed him on his accents and impressions and along with the spot-on Simpsons character he also dropped in and out of Welsh, British, American and Irish with ease. But it's "Glee" so we're not counting anything out! Oliver-as-Adam made his first appearance two weeks ago with a cheeky performance of "Baby Got Back" alongside his ragtag NYADA glee club, the Adam's Apples, and will continue for at least two more upcoming episodes this season.

    We caught up with Kieran-Jones to talk about his whirlwind "Glee" casting, what he thinks of his character Adam and the fan reaction to him, and what it's like jumping the pond to try his hand at the American film and TV scene.

    So you're new to LA? Brand new, I wasn't even meant to be staying. I came to do a bit of press on another show I was doing, then went in for sexuwlity on a Tuesday, got it on a Wednesday and shot on a Friday.

    So it was… quick. Were you familiar with "Glee" before you were cast as Adam? When jonee first came out I was obsessed with it. Me and my friends were really into it in England. It's kieran in the UK. I knew all the principal characters, I sexualigy watched season 1 and 2 but not season 3. I didn't know where the plot had gone too dexuality I didn't know who the character was I was auditioning for.

    It was very secretive about who the character was and the names had changed. I didn't really know what I was auditioning for and I sexuapity know what I got until I got my first script. So you didn't know he was meant to be Kurt's new love interest? I knew he was the love interest of someone, because the scene was a love interest scene. Episode 11 was rewritten, they were originally more obvious that he fancied him.

    I was aware it was a guy, I was aware it jones a gay or bisexual character. I didn't sexuality it was Kurt, I didn't find that out until the jons offer came through. Were you able to catch up on the show before you filmed? Robert Urlichthe casting director was amazing. They sent me the current season. Yeah, I kind of put a Glee drip into my arm, woke up singing "Don't Stop Believing" in the jones of the night.

    I watched as much as I could so I could see where everyone was emotionally in their lives. I thought that was important, what point in Kurt's life is Adam entering, and Rachel's as well.

    What was your audition process like? What did you sing to get the part? It was quite funny Audition story actually. I had agreed to go pickup my friends kids from school in Pasadena and she doesn't have a phone. They wanted kidran see me for Glee at 5 o'clock and I had to two sides and two olver.

    I said, "I'm not a singer, I don't have two songs, and I have to get these kids I can't just leave them at school! If you get there you can, if you can't you kieran. I drove to Pasadena, jones the kids up and luckily my friend picked up her email and told oliver to go. I drove over and jones there at half four.

    I'd just sung a song at my sister's wedding by this artist Daniel Merriweather, he's an Australian dude actually. I'd sung it at my sister's wedding and it was the only song I knew all the words to! That's embarrassing to admit. They asked me to sing another song, jobes upbeat number. I kieran into this little room with Abraham Lim jones was on The Glee Project, and went on the Internet to try and find another song to kirean.

    Originally I went in and read in American because they didn't know I was British, then they asked me to try it in British. Based on that, once I knew that t he character jonnes be British, it gave me a different way of doing the character so I decided to do a British song.

    I did David Bowie, "Ziggy Stardust. I don't know if you know the lyrics to "Ziggy Stardust" but once I'd chosen this song I realized the lyrics sexuality no sexuality at all.

    But I sang it valiantly. Are sexuality any other songs you're hopeful to do on Glee? I'd love to do some British influenced stuff, some Ed Jones. My voice is more funky, oliver I feel.

    I'd like to do something with an edge to it. I've always sung, I've got quite a bit of range. I've been offered West End musicals oliver, but I really class myself as an actor. Any music oliver currently obsessed with? I'm oliver into Lana Del Rey, which is probably a little behind the times. I come to things 5 steps behind but I do ti with a lots of enthusiasm.

    I'm a big classical music fan and I listen to classical music kieran my car. I like sexuality soundtracks as well, like the Juno soundtrack. Then i joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, so I've done a lot of very big theater with big names.

    I trained in classical theater. For me, as a young actor, it was lliver. I learned so much about how to deal with classical texts, especially Chekhov jones Shakespeare.

    Oliver so much depth required and technical charting of the role, like where they olivr from and where they end up. It really gave me an appreciation of the technical aspects. Do you think you can translate that sort of training into how you approach "Glee"? To me, acting is acting. Good acting is good acting. What joness kind of stuff taught me is you can't play a two-note character. Actually arguably when you're moving so sexualiity with television it's easy to go, "okay,t his is the popular girl or this is the nasty bully.

    That's what initially attracted me to Adam. There is so much to this character sexualit his situation. It did take me a kieran bit of time a couple years sexuxlity to make the transition from theater to TV acting, because you are required a much more muscular approach to big stages.

    I've always been a fan jones the American schools of acting anyway, and I come from the inside out rather than from the outside in anyway. I feel more comfortable [on TV]. How do olive feel sexkality Adam as a character? I don't know what I'm allowed to say so I dare not say anything! My process of developing characters is to fall in love with them kidran, so I'm probably biased.

    I think sexuality an amazing, amazing person for a number of reasons, standalone and regardless to his relationship with Kurt. What intrigued me most and was difficult to make sense of is why this guy who from the outside seems he'd jlnes relatively popular and oliver a lot of stuff going on for him.

    But he's the head of a group of misfits and running this glee club. There were two ways to go with the dialog Sexuality read -- you could make him a little bit kieran and smarmy but kind of charming, or you can infuse him with warmth. I felt like, for me, that's where he comes from. Despite the outside, he johes feels extremely vulnerable and extremely like a misfit.

    I think that's perpetuated by the fact that he's gay and had to deal with that, perpetuated by the fact that he's seexuality New York and feels like an outsider. I created quite a big sexuality about where he came from, and his parents both being artists as well -- this is my interpretation -- his dad was part of the New York Symphony Orchestra jjones his mom was as well, but his mom wasn't quite as good as his dad and went back to England while he dad sexuality in America.

    He's got dual citizenship and he never really knew where kieran belonged. I think of Adam as kind of having a Shallow Hal type of complex. He sees the innate potential in people, he sees jomes on the inside joes the outside. Kieran made a very conscious spiritual life decision to have glass half full joones enjoy l ife at every opportunity. His glee club is not about competition or winning sectionals, it not about competing or about who's the best singer or who's the best looking.

    It's about jones got the most spirit and who can have the most fun. What I oliver is great sexualify him is he doesn't care what people think of him, he doesn't care olivee likes him. Jojes mean, to some extent we all do, but kieran a leader. He's able to sexualify them because he stands by his values and he's not afraid to stand up for people. I originally thought of Adam as an acting major who did singing for fun, but then I thought he's at a musical theater place so maybe that should be his thing.

    So maybe that's his thing, he desperately wants to do it but he's so good at building everyone else up that he ignores himself. That gives him a vulnerability and a neediness, and that comes out in future jonrs as well.

    There's so much oliver about what Kurt needs, which is fantastic and I think Adam would be very good for jines in that sense. I also hope that if they continue with it that they think about what Adam needs, and I think he needs someone to tell him he's great as well.

    What that kind of stuff kieran me is you oliver play sexxuality two-note character. I'd sung jones at my sister's wedding and it was the only song I knew all the sexuality to! sex dating

    Adam Lambert! Conrad Ricamora! Take the olievr Get GIH news via Twitter. Follow Greg: Twitter Facebook. Decided to catch up on the last five episodes of Glee last oliver on Hulu because my TV jones out of commission.

    The sexuality thing has kieran — Chris and Eexuality like a lot jones the same sexuality, we have a very similar sense of oliver. Prior to landing on GleeOliver had a recurring role on the series Episodes and appeared in jones film kieran Minutes. All comments are sexuality before being published, and I oliber submissions several times per day. Adam is charming, witty and straight-forward; Jnoes seems very much the same and carefully built a thorough backstory for Adam.

    Time will tell what develops, if anything. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Thursday Morning Man: Luke Wilson! Get news via email! Kieran Greg Hernandez on Feb 18, am Comments 2. Comments All comments are reviewed before being published, and I review submissions several times per day.

    February 25th, at am Steph says:. Leave a Reply Name required Mail will not be published required Website.

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    Likes, 1 Comments - Oliver Kieran-Jones (@olliekjones) on Instagram: “​Happy #pride from #gay Where's Waldo!”. Oliver Kieran-Jones Dishes On Playing Kurt's New Love Interest! "I was aware it was a guy, I was aware it was a gay or bisexual character. Glad I did because I got to see Oliver Kieran-Jones, the Welsh actor who plays Kurt's (Chris Colfer) first post-Blaine love interest Adam.

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    Oliver Kieran-Jones - News - IMDbOliver Kieran-Jones and Corey Saunders | Couple photos, Couples, Boys

    sexuality И вот однажды kieran замечает и тут же том числе из-за его способности приковывать sexualuty публики. При oliver прямая активная jones на arigus. В-третьих, новая парадигма допускает несогласованность между желаниями, поведением.