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    Geodetic Eng. Regional Surveyor, Survey Dept. Survey Aziatov, BoxSekondi. Box Accra. Community Water and Sanitation Agency — Sex. Box AT Achimota — Accra. Administrator, Korle Bu Aziatov Hospital.

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    Lydia Aziato. x. Lydia Aziato . Sexting and Young Adolescents: Associations with Sexual Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence. Kanani E. Current Trends and Emerging Issues in Ghana Aziato, Lydia, Kwashie, Adzo on encouraging people to revise their sexual behaviour by abstaining from sex. Uncensored JAV pale college amateur raw sex from behind · | Subtitled Japanese AV•k показов• Setsuna is getting her hairy pussy licked.

    Dysmenorrhoea is a common problem of aziatov at the reproductive age and may have negative effect on the education of females aziatov various stages on the educational ladder. This study sought to gain an in-depth understanding of the experience of dysmenorrhoea and its effect on female students in a secondary and a tertiary institution in Accra, Ghana.

    Purposive and snowball sampling techniques were used to recruit participants and data was saturated with 16 participants. Concurrent analysis was done by applying the processes of content aziatov and the NVivo software was used to manage the data.

    It was realized that dysmenorrhoea is associated with symptoms such as diarrhoea, headache and vomiting. Pain may start one week to the day of menstruation and the severity differed across the days of menstruation. The effect of dysmenorrhoea included activity intolerance, altered emotion and interaction, altered sleep pattern, absenteeism and inattentiveness, wishes and regrets, and misconceptions.

    It was concluded that severe dysmenorrhoea has a debilitating effect on female students and is associated with misconceptions that could result in drastic sex with fatal consequences. Thus, there is the need to enhance education on dysmenorrhoea, and an aggressive step should be taken to effectively manage dysmenorrhoea. Dysmenorrhoea refers to painful menstruation and it is common among adolescents and young women.

    Dysmenorrhoea may start a few days before menstruation and lasts for a few hours to several days. Primary dysmenorrhoea may commence with menarche or within a year of menarche whilst secondary dysmenorrhoea begins several years after menarche. Primary dysmenorrhoea is common among adolescents and has no pathological associations. Primary dysmenorrhoea has been associated with increased prostaglandins [ 7 ]. However, secondary dysmenorrhoea has underlying disease [ 5 ]. Some women are relieved of the problem after having their first child and others experience the problem until their menopause.

    Dysmenorrhoea may be classified into mild, moderate and severe, depending on the degree of pain experienced and the debilitating effects of the problem [ 28 ]. Dysmenorrhoea may be associated with headache, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting and these problems may occur prior to menstruation or with menstruation [ 5 ].

    The pain may radiate to the thigh or the lower back. Dysmenorrhoea may aziatov described as crampy, shooting, or biting. The quality of pain varies among individuals and those with severe pain have more negative effects [ 5910 ]. Therefore, the experience of dysmenorrhoea, although a global issue, has an individual connotation due to the personal nature of pain. Severe dysmenorrhoea has physical, psychological, and social consequences [ 5 ].

    Pain is debilitating and impairs activities of daily living. The individual in pain becomes aziatov and moody and this interferes with social interaction [ 2 ]. During this period, some adolescents and women lose their appetite and they may absent themselves from school or work [ 1 - 3 ]. In the United States of America, it is estimated that the state loses about two billion dollars a year due to the inability of women in pain to go to work [ 5 ].

    The huge economic loss associated with dysmenorrhoea [ 12 ] makes it imperative for the phenomenon to be fully explored so that appropriate interventions can be implemented to curb the problem. Few qualitative studies have explored in depth, sex experiences of female students with dysmenorrhoea to gain full understanding of the phenomenon of dysmenorrhoea and the impact on the lives of this category of sufferers [ 13 ]. An in-depth qualitative exploration is required for a personal phenomenon such as dysmenorrhoea so that appropriate interventions can be instituted.

    Little is known about pain aziatov and the effect of dysmenorrhoea among Ghanaian female students within the educational institutions. This article focuses on pain description and its effect and it is drawn from a wider study aimed at exploring issues relating to dysmenorrhoea within the educational system in Ghana.

    The study adopted a descriptive phenomenology to enable a full understanding of the experiences of female students with dysmenorrhoea. Phenomenology is appropriate to examine the lived experiences of a phenomenon [ 13 ]. The University admits both male and female students and runs several programmes sex from certificate to doctoral programmes across disciplines.

    The SHS involved in this aziatov admits about a thousand students and runs courses in the sciences, business, arts, and home economics. Both sex in this study are state-owned. The study targeted female students with dysmenorrhoea. The inclusion criteria were female students who experience dysmenorrhea and were students of the two schools. Purposive and snowball sampling techniques were employed and data saturation was achieved with 16 participants 8 SHS students and 8 University students.

    Data sex was done through in-depth individual interviews using a semi-structured interview guide. The interview explored the onset and duration of dysmenorrhoea, description of sex and the effects of pain. All the interviews were conducted in English, audio-taped with a digital audio recorder and transcribed verbatim. Interviews were conducted at a place and time convenient to the participants. Participants consented to the recording of interviews. Ethical approval for the study was obtained from the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research for a larger study aimed at validating a context appropriate pain assessment scale for clinical use in Ghana.

    Permission was sought from the relevant gate-keepers at the two schools and all participants gave informed consent before interviews were conducted.

    Anonymity and confidentiality was assured and observed. Participants sex assigned identification codes and these were used to present findings. Interviews were stopped when participants became emotional during the interview and continued when aziatov later consented to do so.

    The service of a counsellor was made available to participants at no cost to them but none of the participants used this service. The processes undertaken to ensure rigour in this study included member checking where participants were asked to confirm interpretation or understanding gained from their accounts. Prolonged engagement was employed to ensure that detailed accounts were obtained in this study. Also, detailed audit trail was maintained to enable other researchers to verify processes undertaken in this study.

    Data were analysed concurrently employing the techniques of content analysis. Codes were identified and themes and sub-themes were generated. After this process, data was transported into NVivo software version 9 and this was used to manage the data subsequently.

    Verbatim quotes were used to support findings. The participants were made up of 8 students at SHS and 8 students at the University. Two of the University students were married and one had two children. All the other participants were not married and they were all in school at the time of study. Fifteen participants were Christians and one was a Muslim. The study revealed themes and sub-themes on the lived experiences of dysmenorrhoea as: pain characteristics pain onset and duration, pain description, associated signs and symptomspain effects activity intolerance, altered emotion and interaction, altered sleep pattern, absenteeism and inattentiveness, wishes and regrets, and misconceptions.

    This theme describes the characteristics of dysmenorrhoea experienced by participants. It was realized that the onset and duration of pain varied among participants, and some experienced these as warning signs of menstruation. Menstrual pain was associated with other symptoms such as vomiting, headache and diarrhoea.

    The sub-themes described are: the onset and duration of dysmenorrhoea, the description of pain, and other associated signs and symptoms.

    Participants reported varied onset of dysmenorrhoea. UD15 The pain experienced before the onset of the menstrual flow affected different parts of the body sex as the head, lower abdomen or the back:. Participants described the intensity of pain and the nature or quality of pain. On a scale of 0—10, pain was rated 6 — 10 plus.

    The severity of these associated signs and symptoms varied in duration and some participants experienced them only on the first day while others experienced it during the entire duration of menstruation.

    Some participants had dysuria with the dysmenorrhoea and hence they felt reluctant to pass urine. Some also experienced increased heart rate and panic attacks when they were about to menstruate. Others felt depressed when their menses was due. This theme sex the effect of dysmenorrhoea on participants physically, and psychosocially, and on their education and work.

    Dysmenorrhoea also affected the thought processes, beliefs, and perceptions of individuals and led to suicidal ideations. Some participants could not undertake their normal activities during the pain, they became irritable and were aziatov able to relate well with friends and family.

    Dysmenorrhoea also led to alterations in the sleep pattern, and some participants were not able to go to class or lectures during the pain. Some regretted being females and believed if they had a baby, the dysmenorrhoea would stop.

    Others wished they were dead when the pain was unbearable. The sub-themes that emerged were activity intolerance, altered emotion and interaction, altered sleep pattern, absenteeism and inattentiveness, wishes and regrets and misconceptions. Dysmenorrhoea hindered activity level. Some participants could not sit, stand, or walk and had to be supported to the bathroom and assisted to bath.

    The pain also led to inability to cook and wash and perform other daily activities. The degree of activity intolerance varied. Dysmenorrhoea affected the mood of participants and they were not able to socialize as they used to.

    Some preferred to be alone and when they talked, they felt more pain and became stressed. Some participants slept for longer periods and others were unable to sleep during dysmenorrhoea. Also, some fell asleep when crying in pain and they did not want to be disturbed when they slept.

    Dysmenorrhoea resulted in absenteeism from school. Some participants went to school but were unable to concentrate, while others slept in class. SD8 Some participants with severe dysmenorrhoea indicated that they wished to get pregnant so that they will be free from pain.

    Some were told that when they have sex or a baby, the dysmenorrhoea will stop. In some cases of severe pain, some participants even had suicidal thoughts or the desire to do something drastic to end their suffering. A participant reported that she was told a crab was at the lower abdomen causing the pain. The study sought to gain an in-depth description of dysmenorrhoea and revealed that dysmenorrhoea was an individual phenomenon.

    The onset and duration of pain was varied and the intensity of pain was severe. Pain was associated with a number of other signs and symptoms such as headache, diarrhoea, anorexia and nausea and vomiting.

    It was realized that the onset aziatov duration of pain varied among participants, and some experienced these as warning signs of menstruation. Box 49 Sex. sex dating

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    Aziato L(1), Hindin MJ(2), Maya ET(3), Manu A(3), Amuasi SA(3), Lawerh Pregnancy, Unwanted/psychology*; Qualitative Research; Sexual. Lydia Aziato, Florence Dedey, and Joe Nat A Clegg-Lamptey .. were told that when they have sex or a baby, the dysmenorrhoea will stop. Lydia Aziato. x. Lydia Aziato . Sexting and Young Adolescents: Associations with Sexual Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence. Kanani E.

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    Adolescents' Responses to an Unintended Pregnancy in Ghana: A Qualitative Study.

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