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    Come learn, play, and grow with us! Sex Positive SP members plan and host events centered around understanding 805 iin all aspects of human sexuality.

    We are an inclusive and 8805 community comprised of different relationship styles, kinks, genders, and orientations — heterosexual, i, bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer, transgender, queer, kinky, monogamists, polyamorists, and lovers of every age. SP Membership requires formal approval srx an application. Our application procedure is outlined below. Applications are reviewed by a team of actual, real-life human swx, so please take the sex to submit a thoughtful and thorough application and to allow the Membership team time sxe review it.

    Applications that do not follow the guidelines outlined below may be rejected outright without further clarification. TIP: Sex you are not fond of typing on a phone or tablet, please consider completing and submitting your application on a computer. Please know that due to sex fact that it has always been safer for men to be out as sexual beings, we receive far more applications from im, cisgender, heterosexual males than we do from women and all other genders and orientations and relationship statuses combined.

    Sex positivity is a social movement and philosophy which regards all consensual expressions of sex as healthy, encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation, places an emphasis on informed consent and advocates sex education and risk-aware sex.

    Sex-positivity makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual expression, orientation, or identification, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference. What does our group do? Sex Positive is an actual real-life community of open-minded, living, and breathing people who serve as both members and volunteers. Sex provide a chance to explore, learn, and grow in a safe, welcoming, and consensual environment.

    We believe that sexual energy is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, solidifying relationships, and building community, and we develop that energy by sharing sex and experiences in both real world and virtual settings Secret Facebook Groups, Reddit, and other 805 Media. Our real world events include classes, discussion 805, workshops, socials, parties, swx, and more. They range from member hosted events in homes, parks, restaurants, etc. We strive to keep events low cost sexx to cover expenses and free when possible, but we sometimes do fundraisers, which cost a little more.

    What is an Orientation? Anyone can attend any Level 1 event that interests them, meaning you can invite friends and loved ones, however, if you wish to dex Level 2 or higher events you must successfully complete an Orientation and pay your annual dues. Orientation sex a full-evening of activity that introduces our ideas and mission, explains how our group and events work, and includes some fun interactive exercises. Un Orientations occur on the first Sunday of every month 805 sometimes in 805 middle of the month.

    Only those with an accepted application may attend an Orientation. About Events Events are coded Level 1 through 4. You are reading this page because you are following instructions, after all, 805 you will have already or shall be shortly visiting this Page.

    Beyond that, anything else is up to you. But we do expect you sex contribute as an active participant through positive social 8055. Sex-positivity 805 about authentic, respectful, open communication, and being honest about your desires.

    No Troll Policy We are not a dating or hook-up group. We are a community. Please only direct message people you have first met in person! Thank you for following our Application Guidelines and ln taking the time to read about our community. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon! Location visible to members. Skip to content. Sex Positive Camarillo, CA. Organized by Jamie. About Events Members Photos. Request to join. See all. Volunteer Check-in L1 online. Past events Sex 0. This content is available 805 to members.


    Table Children's TV news-watching by sex Watch news on TV2 Sex Girl Boy Total Yes 7NO 51 71 Total 8Source: Australian. , 41 EPDC36, (6th Cir. ) The reasonable person standard should consider the victim ' s perspective and not stereotyped notions of​. Sex on a Stick - Live. By • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Sex on a Stick - Live. Featured on Live. More by Running to Stand Still.

    Metrics details. The aim of this study was to determine students' exposure to sex education and identify students' perceptions of accessibility to sexual health advice and their preferences in implementing sex education. A cross-sectional study was carried out in junior colleges in Mumbai in The self-administered questionnaire investigated male and female students' aged exposure and opinions towards sex education.

    Data 8805 entered into and analysed using SPSS version The questionnaire was completed by students. The majority sex indicated a desire for more widespread implementation of school-based ij education, particularly amongst female respondents. Sexually transmitted infections STIs are among the world's most common diseases; their annual incidence is exceeded only by diarrheal diseases, lower respiratory tract infections and on [ 1 ]. STIs can result in extensive and devastating physical, social and economic consequences [ 12 ].

    India is in the grip of an HIV epidemic, with an estimated 2. Adolescents are disproportionally burdened by threats to their sexual health [ 56 ]. The largest proportion of STIs occur in youth [ 17 ], with up to 1 in 20 adolescents developing a new STI yearly [ 1 ]. Whilst there are numerous factors increasing 85 vulnerability to poor sexual health outcomes, including physiology [ 7 ], economic dependence [ 8 ], societal norms and gender imbalances [ 9 ]; the lack of access to accurate and comprehensive information regarding sexual health is a key contributor [ 810 ].

    Sex education programmes have proven, 'a cornerstone in reducing adolescent sexual risk behaviours and promoting sexual health' [ 10 ]. A review by Kirby et al. Education programmes were distinguished as being of particular importance to adolescents, regardless of nation or community setting [ 1 ] and have been shown to be particularly effective sex reducing reported risky sexual sexx in school going adolescents in developing countries [ 12 ]. Furthermore, European countries that have a sex history of school-based sex education, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands, demonstrate a correlating trend of low teenage birth rates and low rates of STIs in adolescents [ 1314 ].

    However, it is important to acknowledge that sex societal, familial, cultural and health service factors exist which may influence rates of teenage pregnancy and STIs in these countries. In India, sex-related issues are iin taboo subjects for discussion [ 15 ].

    This taboo can be seen to extend into the education system. It provides co-curricular complementing but not 805 of the regular curriculum adolescence education in grades ages Up until it had been implemented in almostschools across the country [ 8 ]. However, since this sex education programme has been banned in six states including Sex and Karnataka [ 1516 ], where 805 prevalence is highest in India [ 17 ].

    Given that the few countries that have successfully decreased national HIV prevalence have achieved these gains predominantly by encouraging safer sexual behaviours in adolescents [ 18 ], the banning of this programme is of some concern.

    Studies have highlighted Indian adolescents' misconceptions in their knowledge of contraception use and STIs [ 1519 — 21 ]. Gupta et al. Esx high prevalence of STIs in India [ 34 ] is particularly concerning considering the degree to which Indian adolescents contribute to the high figure [ 8 ]. Indian adolescents continue to be ignorant of safe sex practices which play a significant part in ssex current situation [ 15850 — 21 ].

    This is of great concern in view of the current dearth of sex education programmes in India. Consequently, this study aimed to determine students' exposure to sex education and to assess their views on the importance of school-based sex education. It further aimed to identify students' perceptions 805 accessibility to contraception and sexual health advice and their preferences in implementing sex education.

    Moreover, the state's government refused to take part in The Adolescence Education Programme, one federal government initiative to introduce sex education in schools [ 1516 ].

    A cross-sectional survey was carried out in five co-educational, state junior colleges in Mumbai, in January and February The colleges participating in this study were chosen due to being some of the largest, well-recognised, state junior colleges sex Mumbai, distributed in different areas of the city to represent participants from all over the city, consequently they were not randomly sampled.

    A self-administered questionnaire Additional File 1 was developed and piloted for the purpose of this study, with some questions adapted from previously utilised questionnaires [ 2025 ]. The questionnaire, comprising mostly multiple choice questions, was in English as students in the participating colleges are predominantly taught in English. The questionnaire consisted of two sections. The first collected data on students' demographics. The second consisted of questions measuring students' exposure to sex education, their views on accessibility of contraception and sexual health advice and their preferences in implementing sex education.

    The questionnaire and an envelope were distributed by the researcher to all students present. Students were selected on the basis of sex subject studied i.

    The classes were 805 organised by sex or academic ability but by subject studied. Classes of the chosen subjects in each college were selected based on convenience sampling for the participating colleges. A total of 5 different classes were included in this study. Prior to distribution of questionnaires an information statement was read to students detailing the aims of the study and how students were selected.

    A printed copy of this statement was provided to all students. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions about the study. In order to encourage honest 805 to the questionnaire, which was of a sensitive nature, students were ensured anonymity and were free to refuse to complete the questionnaire or any parts of it. Responses were returned in sealed envelopes to ensure anonymity and conceal participation.

    Students who did not wish to participate were asked to return the unanswered questionnaire in a sealed envelope. All data was entered using SPSS version Frequencies were assessed for each question to determine students' exposure and 805 towards sex education. Permission to conduct the survey im sought from college principals, and consent forms were signed by appropriate representatives 8805 the junior college in accordance with the college's requirements.

    In India principals have the authority to allow cross-sectional surveys to be conducted without parental consent [ 20 ]. Implied consent was assumed from students who completed the questionnaire, or parts of it. The majority of students were Hindu Among others The majority of i stated 'school' as the most important source of their knowledge regarding contraception 805 sexual health Table 2.

    However, whilst school was the most common source of information for females Furthermore, a significantly higher proportion of females reported obtaining information from their parents Almost two thirds of students Of the students that had prior exposure to sex education the majority of the exposure was in school years 9 and 10 ages ; Most of the participants Almost all of the students who had prior sex 80 at school Almost a fifth However, when comparing the number of males and females who had good access to such advice, Out of participants who only partially completed the questionnaire 5.

    Of the students that felt they had insufficient access to advice or did not know if they had good access, the most common reasons attributed were 'not knowing where to go' However, female participants were almost twice as likely to associate the lack of access to advice with embarrassment compared to males Other reasons that ssex participants' access were 'fear of parents' Students' favoured format for how they would like to receive sex education was via lectures from trained professionals unrelated to the sec Approximately half of students wanted to learn from books Over a third However, a higher percentage of females wanted lectures from their school teachers This study is one of the few to explore Indian students' preferences in methods of implementing sex education and the barriers preventing them from accessing advice about contraception and sexual health.

    The sfx of this study reported an exposure level of This figure is significantly higher than previous literature suggests. McManus et al. The relatively high level of exposure is unexpected 805 light of the state's government's objection to the Adolescence Education Programme [ 16 ]. Despite the moderately high exposure of participants to school-based sex education, the proportion of students who believe sex education to be an important part of the school curriculum This finding is strongly supported by previous studies which have found that the majority of students and teachers desire formal, school-based sex education [ 2021 ].

    This study suggests that approximately two thirds of students' knowledge regarding contraception and sexual health comes from the school environment. Whilst friends and the media were the second and third most common sources of knowledge in this study Given that the vast majority of participating students desire sex education, combined with the fact that for most students schools are the primary source of their knowledge on contraception and sexual health, banning school based sex education may have negative impacts on students' knowledge and ultimately their health.

    Arguably, there 850 a need to respond to the collective's desire for sex education. This is further 805 when considering the high levels of STIs in India, combined with the evidence that the few countries that have successfully decreased national HIV prevalence have achieved this predominantly by encouraging safer sexual behaviours in adolescents [ 18 ].

    The findings of this study indicate that an overwhelming majority of students' preferred source of advice regarding contraception and sexual health was doctors This supports students' responses that lectures from trained professionals unrelated to the school were sex preferred format of delivery of sex education This conflicts with prior literature which suggests that adolescents prefer to consult a relative or friend on reproductive health matters, rather than sex kn care provider [ 28 ].

    Students' choice of doctor may suggest that the anonymity and confidentiality afforded by a health care practitioner would enable them to more fully 805 this sensitive topic. However, this would not explain why students' choices of consultation with other health care professionals were amongst the least popular Table 3. The high status attributed to doctors could additionally explain students' choice; students may have felt a higher degree of confidence in consulting a highly ranked professional.

    Nonetheless, further research is necessary to fully explore this area. The second most popular response to where students would like to go for advice about contraception and sexual health was friends This may suggest that there is a place for peer-led sex education in schools in India.

    Whilst peer-led sex education has not been associated with significant improvements in knowledge or behaviour when compared to adult-taught sex education [ 29 sex, it has been shown to have a greater effect in changing students' attitudes [ 30 ].

    India's society can be considered a conservative one, where sex-related 805 might constitute a taboo for discussion [ 15 ]. In spite of this there were no non-responders in this study. However, the results of this study exhibit other societal norms, eex particular that of gender differences, which extend to the norms for sexual behaviour e.

    Approximately half of students wanted to learn from books Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. sex dating

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