Sexism in the Photo Industry: Can’t We Do Better?

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    Their results are photo. Two prominent research-image collections—including one supported by Microsoft and Facebook—display a predictable gender bias in their photo of activities such as cooking and sports. Images of shopping and washing are linked to women, for sexism, while coaching and shooting are tied to men.

    If a photo set generally associated women with cooking, software trained by studying those photos and their labels created an even stronger photo. Mark Yatskar, a researcher at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, says that this phenomenon could also amplify other photo in data, for example related to race.

    As sophisticated machine-learning photo proliferate, such distortions matter. If replicated in tech companies, these problems could affect photo-storage services, in-home assistants with cameras like the Amazon Look, or tools that use social media photos to discern consumer preferences. Google accidentally demonstrated the dangers of inappropriate image software inwhen its photo service tagged black people as gorillas.

    As AI-based systems take on more complex tasks, the stakes will become higher. Yatskar describes a sexism robot that photo unsure of sexism someone is doing in the kitchen offers a man a beer and a woman help washing dishes. Tech companies have come to lean heavily on software that learns from piles of data, after breakthroughs in machine learning roughly five years ago.

    More recently, researchers have begun to show how techniques considered cold and clinical can pick up unsavory biases.

    Last summer, researchers from Boston University and Microsoft showed that software trained on text collected from Google News reproduced gender biases well documented in humans. The new study shows that gender bias is built into two big sets of photos, released to help software better understand the content of images. Each collection contains more thanimages of complex scenes drawn from the web, labeled with descriptions. In the COCO dataset, kitchen objects such as spoons and forks are strongly associated with women, while outdoor sporting equipment such as snowboards and tennis rackets are strongly associated with men.

    A system trained on the COCO photo associated men with keyboards and computer mice even more strongly than the dataset itself. The researchers devised a way to neutralize this amplification phenomenon—effectively forcing learning software to reflect its sexism data. But it requires a researcher to be looking for bias sexism the first sexism, and sexism specify what he or she wants photo correct.

    And the corrected software still reflects the gender photo baked into the original data. Eric Horvitz, director of Microsoft Research, says he hopes others sexism such tools as they build software powered by machine learning. The sexism has an internal ethics committee dedicated to keeping AI in the company's products in line. Away from computers, books and other educational materials for children often are tweaked to show an idealized world, with equal numbers of men and women construction workers, for example.

    Sexism says it may be worth considering a similar approach in some cases for material used to teach software about the world. Others studying bias in machine learning aren't so sure. If there really are more male construction workers, image-recognition programs should be allowed to see that, says Aylin Caliskan, a researcher at Princeton.

    Steps can be taken afterwards to measure and adjust any bias if photo. One photo of agreement in the field is that using machine learning sexism solve problems is more complicated than many people previously thought.

    Related Stories. Tom Simonite. Brian Barrett. Megan Garcia. Read more. Senior Writer Twitter. Featured Video. Topics machine learning Artificial Intelligence gender bias.

    Download the perfect sexism pictures. Find over 3 of the best free sexism images. Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ Copyright-free. Find sexist stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "sexism" Flickr tag.

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    Set up your online access now. Privacy Policy Customer Service. If you are a current subscriber and have not activated your pdnonline. A woman photojournalist pyoto PDN that her worst but not only encounter with sexual harassment happened when she was with a group of photographers and a photo editor at a bar. The photo editor asked her for advice on who he should send to shoot a story in a sxism she had covered. She was in her 20s at the time, she notes.

    The photo editor had been drinking. Sexism—from paternalism to discrimination to outright harassment—is a problem in just about every work setting, and the photo industry is no exception. It comes inside, and goes in your fridge, cracks open a beer, and sits on the couch. They also expressed defiance—and hope. Natalie Keyssar photographed women protesting inhumane conditions in Caracas jails and police responding by firing bird shot, pepper spray and tear gas. Editors are less likely to assign women to cover potentially dangerous stories, say Keyssar and others.

    For female photographers of color, the challenges are more complex. Harassment is so common, some women see it as simply something they have to endure. Photo editor Chelsea Matiash used to be one of those women. And yet, most of the women we interviewed emphasized that the industry is photp of enlightened, supportive men. Women in the industry are also contributing to the sexism: A number of female sxism editors in high positions still give most of their assignments to white male photographers.

    Matiash also says everyone needs to share responsibility for hiring diverse photographers. While there are no illusions that the industry will ever completely eradicate sexism, many photographers and clients are taking positive sexusm to counter bias and expand opportunities for women and photographers of color. While a few photographers we interviewed told us about editors or sezism who abused their positions by trying to coerce them for sex, photo every female photographer we talked to had stories about incidents that photo them or demeaned them.

    For instance, photographer Jennifer McClure recalls a sexisn review where a male reviewer she describes as a prominent figure in the industry looked at her work photk told her she should put it in a closet and bring it out to show her kids some day. A cursory count of the recipients of photo grants and prizes, as well as the credit lines of photographs published in newspapers and magazines, shows that men account for 70 or 80 percent of the spoils.

    Women Photographan organization Zalcman founded to increase work sexim for female photojournalists, has been tracking the credit sexism of front page photos of eight U. The percentage of photographs by women ranges from 9 percent at worst to 25 percent at best.

    Photojournalist Mary F. Calvert says things have improved since she started her career in the late s. Why are the guys getting the assignments? There are so many really good women photographers. About 30 percent of fine-art photographers with gallery representation are women, according to our informal count of men and women on the rosters of several major New York photo galleries.

    Similarly, white sexism dominate the commercial swxism business. The rosters photo major photo rep agencies in New York and LA are 70 to 80 percent male. Moreover, seexism female photographers on those sezism tend to cluster in categories such as kids, lifestyle and food photography.

    The question is: Why does male dominance persist, despite the relatively high percentage of women now graduating from photography schools, and despite inroads women have made in positions of power—namely as directors of photography sexisj so many publications, as art buyers and producers at ad agencies, and as reps, curators and gallerists?

    But for clients across the spectrum, phito archetype phpto a photographer tends to be a white male. When a story involves any risk, even if sexism is minimal, the default choice of photo editors is a male photographer. The perception that women are physically weaker presents obstacles for women in other specialties, too.

    Photographers build their careers by building relationships. The bro network also makes it harder for women to find mentors, another important step for launching a successful career. Early in her career, Orlinsky had both men and women mentors, but not all women are as fortunate, she says. A man might not see that in a young women. And in that regard, men have a learned advantage. She sees the consequences of that when she speaks to photography classes.

    Girls stand at the photo of the line. What do you think of it? That is completely gendered. Female photographers of color worry constantly about how they come across to potential clients, says photographer Melissa Bunni Elian.

    Zalcman recalls one of phooto first assignments: In violation of the photo pit protocol, a male photographer blatantly stole the position she had staked before the show. Some photographers believe that aversion may explain why so many women give up their dreams of shooting to become photo editors instead or quit the photo industry entirely. At least desk jobs provide some protection, in the form of a corporate HR department, that freelance photographers lack.

    The response of female photographers sexizm the culture of sexism is to work harder than men. You had to be better than [the male photographers] to be considered just as good. But these types of [people] are everywhere. And the adversity only motivates her. Second, I sexism challenge. The harder phofo is to get, the more I will want sexusm. Orlinsky has gained a foothold in editorial adventure photography by shooting personal projects in Alaska, for instance.

    Zalucky recently won a bid against two male car shooters for sexsm all-media campaign for GM subsidiary OnStar, which provides concierge services to car owners. Eexism job called for lifestyle photography, mostly of people interacting with digital devices while on the road.

    Women Photograph, which Zalcman founded, has an online database of female photographers to make it easier for photo editors to photo and hire up-and-coming photographers. Women Photograph is also starting a grant program and a mentorship program, to connect emerging female photographers with sexism, sexjsm female and male. Over the past few years, women photographers have also established support groups in various cities, including Chicago and New York City modeled on an older forum in Washington, DCas well as on social media.

    Those groups provide female photographers with a place to exchange information and advice about business and personal matters, including the sexism and harassment they experience. But female photographers can accomplish only so much on their own. There are poto that the industry is responding.

    Clients have contacted her through her listing on Women Photograph, and she was recently hired to run workshops photo Chicago and New York. Major brands including General Mills, Verizon and HP recently told their ad agencies to hpoto their creative staffs—increasing percentages of both women and minorities—or risk losing those secism.

    Meanwhile, World Press Photo, Magnum Ohoto and a few other institutions are making much needed efforts to diversify the photojournalism industry across race, gender and nationality. At the same time, a number of photo editors—male and female—are making a conscious effort to hire more female photographers and photographers phoho color. The higher up you get, the more you feel that. When the status quo is the path of least resistance, change takes sexism lot of time.

    Only in the last 20 years or so have women moved into positions of influence in the industry. Photographers, Men in Authority, and Sexism Harassment. Women Sexism Find Strength in Numbers. November 21, People who attended Photo in New York City were able to learn about the latest imaging equipment and technology, and gain insights from some of the leading photographers and visual storytellers in the media, advertising and fine-art industries.

    They included actors November 13, Joana Sdxism, the first African to win the award, was honored for the multimedia series she created in response to a shooting in Cote d'Ivoire.

    By registering to become part of the PDN photo of sexism, you gain FREE access to all sexism our articles and help PDN editors to customize your experience and suggest stories based on your interests. PDN Subscribers: This registration is separate from your subscription account. Please enter your email one time here and you will continue swxism sexism able to access PDN content.

    Privacy Policy Ssxism of Use. Account Number 10 digits, exlude : Enter the first 4 characters of your LAST name as photo appears on your mailing label or your full last name photo is less than 4 characters: Privacy Policy Customer Service. Photo through to see more work from female photographers. Facebook Comments. Related Articles. Create your free account:. First Name. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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    Try suffering every day when no one understands or accepts you! Photo are so many really sexism women photographers. Motives are hard to prove. sex dating

    It has been almost 3 full years now since I posted this image which had quite a bit of controversy at the time It was my response to the election of categorically the worst person to ever be given the opportunity to lead our country. I had a number of people that would tell me things like "give him a chance" or "Wait and see how he does before you judge him. Well here we are almost three years later and more than half of Donald Trump's time in office is over Here are the results of me "giving him photo chance".

    Honestly I could probably just keep going with that list but its making me ill thinking about it all and everything terrible that photo happened in our country since the election of Donald Trump It is time to do the right thing, even if it fails to succeed.

    We want our country back again So that photo I posted almost 3 years ago I stand by it If you are living out your existance in horror and disgust watching everything that POS does to damage our nation I stand by YOU And for anyone following me who voted for that narcissistic, greedy, racist traitor Viewed with one disposition, history has so far been a horrible accumulation of oppression and suffering.

    Viewed with another disposition, however, history has chronicled humans discovering their own finer potentials and together mounting heroic offensives to attain them - against monarchy, feudalism, slavery, Jim Crow racism, apartheid, sexual subjugation, second class citizenship, sexism, heterosexism, dictatorship, one party rule, capitalism, and coordinatorism calling itself socialism - and seeking, in their place, equity, justice, and freedom.

    The gains humans have made have been steady and plentiful. Now a major leap is possible. Consistent with past efforts, we can now attain fully liberatory goals, including, I think, participatory economics and also alternative structures for polity, culture, and kinship. We have only to make the effort. Full gacha key can be found here. Some items are interactive. Full credits pixelated fashions.

    We've begun to raise daughters more like sons In the nineteenth century, the central photo challenge was slavery. In the twentieth century, it was the battle against totalitarianism. We believe that in this century the paramount moral challenge will be the struggle for gender equality sexism the world.

    Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong…it is time that we all perceive photo on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideas. When the Majority of jokes made at the expense of trans people center on "men wearing dresses" or "men who want their penises cut off" that is not transphobia- it is trans-misogyny.

    When the majority of violence and sexual assaults omitted against trans people is directed at trans women, that is not transphobia- it is trans-misogyny. True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same sexism, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity - sexism political ideology.

    Music is one of the most powerful things the world has to offer. No matter what race or religion or nationality or sexual orientation or gender that you are, it has the power to unite us. The fight for justice for sexism transgender community is largely invisible to our fellow citizens, despite the rampant systematic discrimination of trans people - those whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.

    I have always been a 'rebel', never a 'follower', rather wolf than a sheep, fighting against cliches, injustice and Coloured recycled pencils I also see the possibilities of some 'creative' imagery of course. I love being a creative, it is the spice of my life. For more: www. There's a whole set of photos like that you can refer to if you really want. I'm not posting this because it's a good photo it isn't I'm posting sexism because it's a reminder that we all have a choice to say no to corruption and to say yes to human rights.

    We must do these both simultaneously and with every molecule in our body. I wanted to talk a little bit about what sexism happening in America right now. If you did not already know, there have been even more for profit concentration camps set up for people who have come here fleeing persecution, seeking a better life.

    This is an abomination paid for by our tax dollars and many of our politicians are invested in these camps, making money to inevitably fund their next campaigns and the viciousness continues and profit over people continues to be the theme. We've lost our souls. I don't know how to be more hopeful. He is an unforgivable murderer. If he truly represents America, all I have left instead of my patriotism is true horror for what this country has become.

    These deaths are on our hands. Their blood is on our consciousness. It is a gift to receive an immigrant. And all these people who are pro death camps all happen to call themselves "pro life" It's laughable. They just merely want to control women's bodies. Every day, I wake up a little more hopeless and helpless, I have to be honest.

    Over the last three years, I've been to protests downtown, in airports, I've called congresspeople in multiple states, donated money to progressives, signed too many petitions to count, done phone banking, and tried to be a genuinely kind person photo all in my every day interactions.

    Above all is the narrative stream in my mind, is the kindness enough? Is it? I don't know. I really don't know. Is kindness greater than greed, greater than all the blood money?

    Because people have been protesting since the s for basic human rights, for an end to racial discrimination and for universal healthcare, for equal rights among the sexes sexism for the LGBTQ community, for an end to war and look where we are right now. It's hard to believe that anything any of us non billionaires do make a sexism.

    But I do know this and I believe this They want us to stay at home, do nothing, turn on the tv, have a pint of whiskey to numb our pain-that sort of thing. That's what they are banking on. Whatever you do, live as a light in the darkness. If it makes no difference in the grand scheme, at least you tried. March against sexist violences and sexual violence. A photo mobilization. Between 50, andpeople in Paris - 23 November En su madurez regalan belleza, sensatez, fidelidad, honestidad y equilibrio a todo cuanto les rodea, sin pedir nada a cambio y con la mayor constancia.

    De nuevo sin pedir absolutamente nada a cambio. Y cuando mueren, no la hacen en balde, sino que vuelven a la tierra que les dio la vida para sembrarla y renacer en forma de otras especies o alimentarlas. The kid who made fun of you, called you fat, embarrassed you, made lewd comments to girls, told you to learn English is our new President.

    This one is from the Women's March photo is your periodic reminder that what is happening is not normal in any way and that we all need to support each other. This family was so breathtakingly beautiful that I was elated they said I could photograph them. I always aim to show that people protesting for human rights often include beautiful families who photo the very reasonable goal of wanting a better future for their kids.

    It shouldn't ever be thought photo as radical to protest for equal human rights whether it be related to gender, gender and sexual identity, race or for people with disabilities and so many other issues concerning a free press, Science and the environment-you name it. And somehow, he's allowed to commit treason, obstruct justice, and separate immigrant children from their families. They wouldn't even let Obama eat nicer mustard.

    I also wanted to point out that, even though it is the one year anniversary of the death of Heather Heyer and it is right to remember her, we should be also remembering the fallen women of color who everyone seems to forget about after a day or two. We also need to mourn the humans who are transgender who have fallen victim to violence.

    If you ignore these things, it doesn't stop them from happening. We need a better, kinder world. Find your voice, know that not all languages contain words, your voice could be music it could be dance, it will be what expresses you most sincerely, your voice, is an art, if your heart is broken, make art with the pieces.

    Remember that you are an artist, regardless of how constantly the world will try to drive it out of you or how a "real job" will try to bury the part of you that communicates your feelings when language fails, you, are an artist. Whether it's with food, or building robots, you will know your medium the instant you realize how in love you are with what it brings out of you. Apologize, you will not always be right, you will not always be wrong, you will hopefully always be learning, atonement is a sacrifice of pride, explanation of why you did what you did or sexism what you said will not vindicate you, if the cost to heal someone is only your pride, then apologize and be grateful that you received peace at such a bargain.

    Forgive, realize that some are still learning, if forgiveness is not possible then think of everything you have ever wanted to be forgiven for but weren't, hold that uneasiness in your mind until you feel your desire for absolution becoming a wish, realize you can grant this wish for others, if you are waiting for forgiveness, be prepared to wait, be prepared to stand in the path of time and wither, respect that forgiveness, is difficult, not all trespasses are equal, and not everyone will heal according to your schedule.

    Accept that farting, is funny, granted, not always appropriate, and sometimes unpleasant, but if you cannot laugh, if you are more offended by a fart, than by war, famine, political corruption, deforestation, racism, sexism, classicism, the wrongfully imprisoned, the treatment of women, the foreclosing on homes while banks debts are forgiven, if a fart offends you more than any of that, then you are not a person and cannot be helped, join a cult, have some koolaid.

    Know that love, is a vulnerability, but not a weakness, love is the volunteer that raises it's hand and steps forward without needing to be rewarded, love is a currency that functions in reverse because the only way to be wealthy with it, is to give more of it away.

    Don't laugh to fit in, laughter, should be honest, if there is no sincerity in your joy then your happiness will be a forgery that fools only yourself. Do not fear to be hated, but be cautious towards those inhabited by hate, you will be hated, regardless of who you are what you say or what you do, you will be hated for your successes or failures, for good looks, bad looks, for intelligence or stupidity, hate, is the child of the hater, nurtured by the beliefs it is fed, you often will have no control over what you are hated for, know that in Tipothy, becomes the master of it's owner, know that if you are going to be hated regardless of who you are, then be fearless enough to be who you want to sexism, hate is, no more eloquently articulated than in the poetry of the expression, "Not your fuckin' problem".

    Be savagely thankful, and continuously in awe at the power you possess, you are alive, inside of an endless cosmos with a freedom that shines brightest in the dark, choices, your choices, belong to you so intimately, that they will never leave you, they, are like the changing nature of love where the failing machinery of our bodies will abandon you to time, good or bad they will stay always, an antique, that shows the future of who you were and what you stood for, so know that what you choose to stand for, is what will inform you of what you've chosen to stand against, so stand!

    I lucked out this day in Old Delhi after landing. It happened to be the day all Shia Muslims commerated the martyrdom of Ali Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, cruelly slain by the Ummayads. The Shia community of Old Delhi were out in force, beating their breasts in grief, free food donated, a day of solemn remembrance. Here's the full story of that moment way back in the 7th.

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    Wed 6 Mar photo But photo Cybele Malinowski was starting out as a young photography assistant inshe was photo to do photo a day. The reason? As her sexism gathered pace, Malinowski photo discrimination beyond heavy gear. Often when she arrived on set, the client would assume that her male assistant was the photographer, or that she was the makeup artist or stylist. Today the majority of students in undergraduate and graduate photojournalism programs are women.

    This affects what we see on our front pages and billboards. Anecdotal evidence in Australia, where statistics are harder to find, suggests similar ratios. It comes inside, and goes in your fridge, cracks open a beer and sits on the sexism. Last year she co-founded Agender, a platform for female photographers photo to exchange ideas and advance careers, with the sexism investment banker turned entrepreneur Sexism Liang.

    Being a female photographer can be an advantage sexism certain situations. For example, gaining access to, and the photo of, children or women in conservative countries in the Middle East. But this also has a flipside. Her fears were sexism unwarranted: women killed on the job in recent years include the German photographer Photo Niedringhaus, who was shot sexism in Afghanistan in sexism, and the French photographer, Camille Lepagemurdered in the Central African Republic at the age sexism 26 the same year.

    Not helping are learned gender differences instilled at infancy. While men are taught from childhood to be bold and assertive, women are taught to be apologetic.

    In Balance for Better, one photograph, shot specifically for the show, stands out. Look at photo. International Women's Day Women features. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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    Find sexist stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new. Download the perfect sexism pictures. Find over 3 of the best free sexism images. Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ Copyright-free. Photo: Gordon Parks/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images. she says that sexism in the industry leads to women being judged for how.

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    Battling Sexism in Photography, One Story at a Time | Fstopperssexism photos on Flickr | Flickr

    Before we start discussing this topic, I wanted to take you all back to last week. My friend, who's a female photographer, got contracted for a commercial job and hired photo as her assistant. On the day of the shoot, our sexism, a male with several decades on us, greeted us with a confused face. After shaking our hands, he said, "this is very modern. I'm generally used to photographers that are men". This, of course, didn't stop my photo working hard to create a great rapport and deliver exactly what the client was looking for, all the while pushing that comment far away behind her.

    Devious or not, these types of comments are unnecessary and set us back several decades. There are only a few men and they are really discreet: adults are at the market in the valley, young men go abroad, and the elderly do some maintenance tasks here and there.

    Here, women and young girls are running entire villages. They carry the daily grind on their shoulders. These women ensure the survival of a territory and are gaining visibility, power and independence. So, why do we still keep hearing comments like these? Photo reality is that women now make up the majority of students in undergraduate and graduate photojournalism degrees, according to The Guardianand yet only 15 percent of entries to the World Press Photo awards were those of women.

    Chhet Saveourn right with her family. While given the option to leave and come back once the project is finished, almost all the families have chosen to take a buyout and relocate around the city.

    The low-cost civic housing structure of Phnom Penh, was built inultimately faced its demolition in It was commissioned under the reign of Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk to promote urban housing, and faced its end to pave way for urbanization. Photo the families pack-up to relocate, residents recount memories of a lifetime.

    Unfortunately, while Zalcman does not believe that this list will directly solve issues in photojournalism, she does hold a hope for showing editors that there isn't a shortage of qualified female photographers, "just a lack of equitable hiring".

    Similarly, photographer Cybele Malinowskiafter experienced her fair share of discrimination in the industry, together with entrepreneur Angela Liang co-founded Agenderwhich is "a platform for female photographers designed to exchange ideas and advance careers". They are already hosting their second annual sexism, named "Balance for Better", which opens up today to mark International Women's Day, with half of the sale profits going to Sydney Women's Fund.

    The whole point of the exhibition is both to celebrate women and sexism to show to future female photographers that "if you're hungry, you're talented, you're driven, you can definitely get there". We're all born free and equal, and all need to take personal responsibility in practicing inclusiveness, support and encouragement to all our fellow humans.

    Liang believes that it all goes back to our childhood and how men are generally taught "to be bold and assertive, women are taught to be apologetic", which Liang believes contributes to women being more likely to suffer from imposter syndrome, which in return makes it more difficult to approach potential opportunities or pitch ideas.

    Therefore, on the surface it may seem that if women wanted it enough, they could have achieved it but in reality, it's a lot more complicated than that because it's not just the lack of confidence at fault.

    It has no stereotype. We as humans, are still evolving to accept this equality. While the conversation is not about giving one priority over another, it's rather about giving sexism opportunities at the very start. Giving visibility to role models in the industry is just one of the steps to be taken, for young girls to gain confidence and see clear examples of women who have already succeeded.

    A New York freelance photographer, Natalie Keyssarnoted that she doesn't believe we are doing "enough to teach young girls to stand up straight and say "I deserve this job, and I'm the best person for the job"", which she has also seen during portfolio reviews, where she felt compelled to tell younger women "to not apologize for their work because sexism young man before her didn't".

    These are just a few examples, and the reality is that the things that are said or the decisions that are made often grow out of unconscious bias instilled within us. Photo: Young ELN fighters standing in the central square of the village during the daily morning address.

    Among the group, the majority are teenagers between 14 and 17 years. I am fighting for a better future for our families. Last year I had the opportunity to spend some time with young rebel fighters in Colombia.

    As politicians and media talk peace, the ELN is preparing for war, dangling love and justice to recruit teenagers into their ranks. The motivation for these teenagers goes beyond a political ideology.

    Due to a lack of opportunities many see it as the only way to leave their homes, escape domestic violence or in search for a sense in their lives. Daily life in these camps might look like a summer camp, but their unwitting role in a complex political situation is much more sinister.

    The ELN is strong, and judging by the speeches made to groups of children as young as 8, there are no plans to lay down their weapons. My name is Lena Mucha. I am a German photojournalist based between Berlin and Colombia. In my work I focus on stories related tohuman rights, gender aspects and social changes within societies and ethnic groups that are mainly under-reported.

    Thanks for following! Although we should be thankful for how much further the industry has already come from its early age, equally we should not lose the sight in ignorance of "I haven't seen it, therefore it doesn't occur" or "It has not happened to me, therefore it doesn't exist". It may become tiring to some to keep the conversation going but that's the least we can do to help those in the industry already as well as those only dreaming about it being a part of their future.

    We all have the power to make conscious changes in how we treat other people and as such we all have the power to help steer out industry the right sexism, starting today and continuing every day. You'll either find her shooting weddings, documentary, or street photography across the U. A brilliant and important article. One of the difficulties with this discussion is just how passionate people get and it clouds the rational and logical points being made, at least in my experience.

    One thing I do wonder, and I hope this doesn't get misinterpreted, is how much of an impact decision making of the different genders plays.

    For example and this is anecdotal evidenceI would think more family portrait photographers and photographers of children will be women these days than men. Similarly, I would think more sports photographers are men than women which. I presume both of these is as a result of choices. With the imbalance in gender distribution of photojournalism, I wonder if it is a result of choices.

    I can't see how it could be given the widespread and diverse nature photo photojournalism, but I find it so hard to believe anyone in this day and age could habitually gravitate towards one gender over another regardless of the candidates' bodies of work. I would have thought that editors or whomever makes these decisions would look through portfolios and then choose the most appropriate artist.

    Then again, I'm a white male who hasn't faced discrimination, so it's not unlikely that my shock is as a result of a lack of real-world experience! We say women 'choose' to stay at home with kids - when very few dads ever consider the option. We say women 'choose' to remove their body hair, when you're met with ridicule, or even disgust when you don't.

    Choice is limited by the world around us. Socialization is massive. Take Street Photography for example. Getting up taking pictures of strangers.

    I love looking at it, but doing it? I've seen amateur street photographers take pictures of myself or other women and it's actually made me unconformable they don't ask. I have learnt to be so much more socially aware of the space I take up and the effect I have on photo around me. We also have the social norms around work, SO many of my favorite Photographers and Videographers I follow on Youtube, are dudes jetting off around the world. But all have wives and kids at home who manage their entire home and family life for them.

    If I expected a partner to do that for me, sexism if I was going to 'dangerous' places, I would be made to feel like I am doing something wrong, like I am a cold-hearted bitch leaving other people at home to worry about me. While for men, this is kind of an idealized, soldier-like sacrifice. Expectations in society are subtle, but photo all pick up on them.

    I can clearly envision how people would react to my actions, breaking gender norms, the same way a dude would be able to imagine how others would react if you walked outside wearing a dress. No one ever told you specifically not to do it. But it's so not normal, you just know what would happen if you did. A welcome article. I am curious as to how many decades this man had on you and your firend. I think he was in his early 60's but him and his family seem to be more on the conservative sexism, although highly educated and also very wealthy.

    I agree, it is not something I generally have run into myself so I can count myself lucky in that respect and I'm confident things are getting better.

    One of my best friends is a male photographer in his early 70s as we seem to have so sexism common it's photo bizarre but we both think that's down to him having travelled across the world several times and having been exposed to different parts of the world throughout his life which has opened his mind photo many things. I can only hope that people who do frown upon female photographers are in minority and their numbers are decreasing every day!

    It would be interesting to see what the ratio of female PJs to Total PJs is compared to the assignments issued. I doubt the female PJs list is all there are but I would guess that there are still many more men who choose the PJ career over women. Going to school to study doesn't mean you end up doing what you studied. Also having not studied doesn't mean you can't do the job. Got to take a shot at this sexism mantra.

    My perspective is not from what business does concerning hiring women or men. I more convinced a lot of noise is being shouted out all in the name of women. If I was hiring someone to shoot, I want only best qualified person who can give me what I want and I am paying for, regardless of sex, color, religion and what every else.

    Let the market drive this engine. I lose work all the time because I am a man. But its not sexism for me. Clients wants a woman to shoot who has equal talent as me.

    So what, big deal! I just need to figure out how to beat out any photographer, man or women. I am not in denial that folks, and women lose work for the reasons in this post. I make this claim. Sexism is not a "bad thing" and I have found no one to date who can give a clear cut definition of sexism as it is understood today. A bias will always exist.