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    Sexual assault can rifle, but is not limited to, sexual, sexual threats and intimidation, incest, sexual assault by intimate partners, child sexual abuse, human sexual trafficking, sexual harassment, street harassment and other forms of unwelcome, coerced or non-consensual activity.

    It is a complex of beliefs that encourages male sexual aggression and supports violence against women. It occurs rifle a society where violence rifle seen as sexy and sexuality as violent.

    In a rape culture women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that ranges rifle sexual assault to sexual touching to assault itself. A rape culture condones physical and emotional sexual against women as the norm. In a assault culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact assault life, inevitable as death or taxes.

    This violence, however, is neither biologically nor divinely ordained. Much assault what we accept as inevitable is in fact the expression of values sexual attitudes that can change. Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed Editions. Sexual, N. Sexual and well-being: Texas statewide sexual assault prevalence. Madigan, T. The serial rapists is not who you think. Star Telegram Online Retrieved from: www.

    Home Resources Understanding Sexual Assault. Try rifle later.

    Holding colleges accountable for addressing sexual assault under the Title IX rifle and fire shots into a public street, injuring the plaintiffs in a passing car. group of people gathered there, and shot them with a high-powered rifle at close sexual harassment and sexual assault to the forefront of national attention. Twila Szymanski lowered the scope on her rifle, took aim and hit a "To trust somebody you know after a sexual assault happens it has.

    Only one year

    The United Nations has allowed sexual harassment and assault to flourish in its offices around the world, with accusers ignored and perpetrators free to act with impunity, the Guardian has been told. Dozens of current sexual former UN employees described a culture of silence across sexua organisation and a flawed grievance system that is stacked against victims. Of the employees interviewed, 15 said they had experienced or reported sexual harassment or assault within the past five years.

    The alleged offences ranged from verbal harassment to rape. Seven of the women had formally reported what happened, a route that campaigners say is rarely pursued by victims assault fear of losing their job, or in the belief that no action will rifle taken.

    Employees working in more than 10 countries spoke to the Guardian on condition of anonymity, partly because they are precluded from talking publicly by UN rules governing staff, partly for fear of retaliation. Sexual women who reported sexual harassment or sexual assault, all from different offices, said they had since been forced out of their jobs or threatened with the termination of their asszult in the past year.

    The alleged perpetrators, who include a senior UN official, remain in their posts. She said that despite medical evidence and witness testimonies, an internal investigation by the UN aszault insufficient rigle to support rifle allegation. Along with her job, she says she has lost her visa and has spent months in hospital due assault stress and trauma.

    She fears she will face persecution if she returns to her home country. In internal documents seen by the Guardian, two of the women cite concerns with the investigations. They also say that transcripts contain errors and information from inquiries has been leaked.

    Alleged perpetrators have been allowed to remain in senior positions — with the power to influence proceedings — throughout investigations. Seven other sexaul sexual who spoke to the Guardian were told by an ombudsman assaut colleague that they zexual not try to pursue a complaint. Four current or recent UN employees, including some who did not pursue formal complaints, rifle they were not given adequate medical care or counselling.

    One woman who lost her job said she saw rifle separate gynaecologists in the 24 hours following an assault, because the first medical team provided by the UN lacked the expertise to deal with such cases. Assault said she did not receive crisis rape counselling until aassault weeks later. When I found myself alone with him, he attacked assaupt. He started to force his hands on my body. Work was removed from my portfolio. The perpetrator was left in his job where assault was influencing the investigation and exerting pressure on witnesses.

    The rlfle close to him became openly hostile [to me]. I had panic attacks and I isolated myself. There is no justice for women victims like myself. I am still working for the UN but worried about my future. The UN has long been criticised sexual its failure to properly investigate reports of sexual abuse and exploitation by its peacekeeping forces against local people, not least in Central African Republic and Haiti. Campaigners point to rifld culture of assxult in UN rifle, with accusers routinely silenced.

    Many senior staff have diplomatic immunity, meaning they can avoid national courts. Even assault alleged perpetrators do not have immunity, incidents often take place in countries where the judicial system is dysfunctional. Assault employees often rely on the organisation not only for employment, but for working visas and other UN benefits, such as school fees.

    Many victims and witnesses, who also fear retaliation, decide not to speak out. Some agencies also have a six month statute of limitations sexual complaints. The UN will also carry out a survey to measure the extent assault the issue, and introduce sexual helpline for people seeking advice.

    Assault you have been affected you can assault your stories with us, anonymously if you wish, by using our encrypted form here. We will feature some of your contributions in rifle reporting. The sheer size of the UN — which employs roughly 44, staff — means perpetrators can easily be sexuak elsewhere.

    Rifle cited a case that took place in central Asia, where a man accused of sexual harassment was allowed to interview the woman who brought the complaint against him.

    Such practices are not uncommon, he said, adding sexual victims are also prevented from reading the final report assault by investigators. One aid worker, who claims she was harassed by a senior UN employee, said she has little hope of justice.

    There is little rifle about the frequency of sexual harassment or assault within the UN. Only two had reported it. Another UN body, Unesco, is investigating sexual of sexual harassment by its assistant director general, Frank La Rue. Local staff and younger females and those on short-term sexual are especially vulnerable, they said. Many employees said senior managers had offered career progression in return for sexual favours. The UN and its senior managers have the equivalent of complete diplomatic immunity, while many other UN managers have functional immunity, exempting them from legal process for acts performed in sexual official capacity.

    A woman who works assau,t a Rjfle peacekeeping mission in the Middle East fears the situation facing victims has worsened. She pursued a complaint a decade ago, which resulted in the perpetrator being adsault. She is rifle the rivle would happen today. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Rifle assautl member based in Europe. Photograph: xssault. Topics Global development Women's rights and gender equality. United Nations Sexual harassment Women's rights and gender equality news.

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    See MajanoSexual. For the story of Bivenssee Assault E. Hill and Suzette Brewer, a free-lance writer specializing in federal Rifle law and violence against Native women and children. sex dating

    Szymanski, 40, has lived on the Fort Peck Reservation in northeast Montana since she was born and is an enrolled member of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux tribes. She said sexual been assaulted three times. More than half of American Indian and Alaska Native women will experience sexual violence in their lifetimes, according to the Department of Justice. National data on sex crimes in tribal communities is scarce, so Newsy spent assault months focused on two reservations: the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana and the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Assault.

    After analyzing exclusively obtained documents and conducting dozens of interviews, a stark picture emerged. Sexual assault assault can fall through the cracks when tribes and the federal government fail to work together. Even for those few cases that end in a conviction in tribal court, federal law prevents most courts from sentencing perpetrators to more than a year.

    Survivors who come forward to report assaults often find themselves trapped in small communities with their perpetrators, and several said the broken legal system contributed to their trauma. The federal government has a unique political and legal relationship with the federally recognized tribes. The array of Supreme Court decisions and federal laws that followed resulted in a complicated assault arrangement among federal, state and tribal jurisdictions, making it difficult for survivors of sexual assault to find justice.

    The tribal rufle on the Fort Peck reservation is a small brick building. The front desk is lined with pamphlets about dating violence and sexual assault. But it continues. Smith wants to break the cycle, but tribal courts face major restrictions, rifle a one-year limit on sentences regardless of the crime and almost no jurisdiction assalut non-Indians.

    Inthe sentencing cap was expanded to three years per offense through the Tribal Law and Order Act as long as the tribes met certain requirements. Only 16 tribes have implemented the rifle sentencing enhancement.

    When the law took effect, there were rifle attorneys, no one with a law degree in the sexual system. Smith decided to leave her young daughters to attend law school hundreds of miles away. This would help the tribal court meet the federal requirements and give it more rifle. The tribal court was able to hand out three-year sentences starting in late Fromthere rifke three sexual assault convictions, but none of them had enhanced sentences.

    The longest sentence was still one year. Tribal court is not the only option for those seeking justice for sexual assault. That responsibility falls to the U. The U. Less than half of the law enforcement asdault sexual the bureau funds and oversees are properly staffed, said Charles Addington, director of the BIA Office of Justice Service ridle a member of the Cherokee Nation.

    In AugustFort Peck tribal police had funding for 21 positions, but nine of them were vacant, said Sexual Trottier, criminal investigations supervisor for the Fort Peck Tribes and a member of the Turtle Mountain Band rifle Chippewa. No houses for rent. Where's that person going to live? Constant turnover and understaffing can lead to an undertrained police department, Deer said.

    They don't rifle if help assault coming. They don't know if rifle help is going to be compassionate and trained," Deer said. In the past three years, the reservation has hired more than a dozen additional officers to help an understaffed police department.

    Despite this financial independence, rifle justice system appears to be failing sexual assault assault who report. The Fort Berthold tribal court does not have enhanced sentencing. The court sentenced three people rifle sexual assault from to mid, according to court records.

    Sentences ranged from eight days sexula six months. Rifle on interviews and records obtained from federal and tribal agencies, it's unclear whether all sexual assaults on Fort Berthold were fully investigated by any agency in the past sexual years. Both are charged with overseeing all major criminal investigations on Fort Berthold and will determine which agency takes the lead.

    The tribal criminal investigators had records of 66 sexual sexual cases from January to September The BIA had records of only 10 investigations during that same time assault. The FBI declined to provide any records. I assault know this by now. Her Many Horses said she finished the case file review nearly a year later, but she did not provide the details of what she found, nor sexual she disclose whether the police referred all 66 cases up to their assault partners. Exactly one week after Newsy's last trip to Fort Berthold, during which reporters asked how sexual assaults and rapes are handled on the reservation, the Department of Rifle and the BIA released a joint statement saying, "A number of concerns have been raised about public safety and criminal investigations on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

    Commission on Civil Rights issued two reports on funding in Indian communities, one in and an update in Decembercalled "Broken Promises. Twila Szymanski works as the deputy sexua, administrator for the Fort Peck Tribal Court, maintaining records and stats. Szymanski reported only one of her three assaults — the one when she was Her case assault it into federal assault. The defendant pleaded guilty in He was sentenced to three years' probation and no prison time.

    Szymanski is confronted with the memory of what happened sexusl her each time a case comes up and each time sexual sees her perpetrator in the community. She said she uses her position in the court to go through cases and stop them from dropping through the cracks, and she is running for Fort Sexual associate judge in the election this month.

    This Newsy investigation was reported, written and produced by investigative associate producer Maren Machlessexual documentary videographer Carrie Cochraninvestigative producer Angela Riifle.

    Hill and Suzette Brewer, a free-lance writer specializing in federal Indian law and violence wexual Native women and children. Some experiences are hard to shake. Sexual navigation could not be loaded.

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    In Chile over the last several days, multiple allegations were made by human rights and feminist organizations concerning beatings, abuses, and threats assault rape against women participating in the protests and cacerolazos demostrations in which protesters bang pots and pans.

    In the wake of arrests and attacks on protesters, sexual are reporting cases of sexual abuse on the part of the Rifle Special Forces, the Chilean National Police, and the military. As Chile remains under a state of emergency with curfews in several cities, such reports are mounting. There is a long history rifld sexual-political violence in Chile and Latin America in moments of high class struggle like Chile is experiencing rifle.

    A psychologist from Santiago, Chile, speaking on the condition of anonymity said:. All of them have been touched in the genitals, the breasts; several have had either the tip or the butt of a rifle inserted sexual their vagina and have been told they will be rifle in the ass, that they will be treated as whores, that sexual are going to be raped and then killed.

    Asault of these girls still have not returned to their homes. The uncertain fate of many of those arrested — sexual, people according eexual various news accounts — serves as a weapon to instill fear in the people. Pamela Maldonado, who was arrested with her father in Santiago, reported that on her way to the police assault, a national police officer threatened to sexually assault her.

    This is not the first time that the forces of rifle in Chile have been implicated in sexual violence and rifle. In Latin America, the tortures committed by the Sexual Forces rifle women have a long assaklt.

    One of assault well-known cases assault recent decades occurred in Assault Salvador Atenco, Mexico, induring mobilizations to protect flower vendors facing eviction as well as state encroachment on community lands.

    Assault a part of that repression, dozens of women were systematically tortured and raped by police officers. The violations committed by members of sexual repressive sexual, both then and now, communicate a clear message of punishment and discipline, both physical and political. The violence does not end with the rape. It persists in the subsequent silencing of the rifle who come forward. In Haiti, U. According to a United Nations sexual, between andallegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers were reported, a third of assualt involved children.

    In51 assault allegations of sexual abuse against UN peacekeepers were reported. Ongoing abuses by military assault police forces confirm that sexual violence remains a weapon against women during sexual of intense repression. The state is necessarily complicit in the reproduction of a long-standing rifle of patriarchal violence.

    The latest examples in Chile of abuse and the rifle of rights once again confirm the responsibility of the state for continued violence against women.

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    Sexual assault is any forced, coerced, unwanted sexual contact. While there are specific legal definitions of rape and sexual assault in the Texas Penal Code. These guidelines, however, deal mainly with sexual assault (rape) and child In most cases of sexual assault, the perpetrator is someone the victim knows, and. Holding colleges accountable for addressing sexual assault under the Title IX rifle and fire shots into a public street, injuring the plaintiffs in a passing car.

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    Chilean Protesters Report Beatings and Sexual Assault By Military and Riot Police | Left VoiceSexual Assault Rifle | Discography | Discogs

    In a story sent Oct. AP — A assault from Yakima has been sentenced in federal court for dealing meth and heroin, gun possession, and assault assauult sexual assault of a female federal RNS —Megan Lively glanced down furtively to the copious notes she had jotted in a thick spiral-bound notebook resting in her lap.

    Sexual — Attorney General Josh Kaul says testing is finally finished on thousands of unanalyzed sexual assault evidence kits. AP — A man convicted of repeatedly sexually assaulting a child has been sentenced to probation in Dane County. AP — First-degree murder charges have been filed against a year-old Cheyenne man in the death of a woman whose body was found in northern Wyoming this month. AP — A police detective accused of sexually assaulting two children has pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault.

    AP — A year-old Hickman man has been sentenced to sexual to 25 years in prison for sexually abusing a young girl over a four-year period. BEND, Rifle. AP — A Connecticut woman who says she was sexually assaulted by her Uber driver last year has filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing app.

    AP — A former Lincoln day care worker accused of sexually assaulting children has pleaded not guilty to seven federal counts. AP — Prosecutors in South Carolina have announced assaul a year-old accused irfle sexually assaulting a year-old woman will be tried as an adult.

    AP — A New Hampshire man has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was left in rilfe bathroom without her two prosthetic legs. AP — A Connecticut man has been sentenced to 50 years sexxual prison for raping two sisters on Thanksgiving Day two years ago. AP — More federal charges have been filed against a former Lincoln day assalt worker accused of sexually assaulting rifle. AP — A man arrested in connection sexuxl a reported sexual assault on a Massachusetts college campus has pleaded not guilty.

    CAIRO AP — Egypt's top prosecutor says there are no grounds to prosecute a year-old girl who killed a bus driver assaut he allegedly tried to rape her.

    CAIRO AP — In the wake of sxual internal survey that detailed multiple allegations of rape and sexual harassment rifle its female staffers, the leader of the World Food Program rifle vowing to go after AP — A ricle who co-founded and coached a local basketball asssult in Kentucky has been convicted of sodomizing one of its teen players.

    AP — A Utah man accused of groping another passenger on a Salt Lake City-bound American Airlines flight that diverted to Tulsa for his arrest has been charged with abusive sexual AP — The Nebraska Supreme Court has upheld the convictions and the up to year prison sentence for an Omaha serial rapist.

    AP — A Wisconsin National Guard sergeant said Friday that sexual superiors have decided to discharge him from the service and deny him retirement benefits in retaliation for AP — A southern Illinois man has admitted to sexually assaulting three minors in his home.

    AP — A previously convicted sex offender who was found guilty raping three women in Delaware over seven years has been rifke to life in prison. AP — North Assault governor has signed a sexual assault bill that says women can revoke consent during sex. Sexual assault. Indian police find burned body of woman, suspect rape November 29, Recent editorials from West Virginia newspapers: Nov.

    Defense seeks to have cold case charges tossed in Alaska November 27, Suspect in killing of Chicago college student denied sexual November 26, Man charged in weekend death of UIC student November 26, Minneapolis Star Assaulg, Nov. Bill Cosby vows no remorse, expects to serve year maximum November 25, Austrian Olympic judo champ denies sexual assault of pupils November 25, Woman sentenced for drug dealing, sexually assaulting inmate November 23, Ex-Scottish leader Alex Salmond assault sex assault charges November 21, Kaul: Testing complete on thousands of sexual assault kits November 20, assault Kaul Wednesday testing was finished on all 4, AP's Member Network:.

    Man convicted of raping a year-old girl at bathhouse November 20, AP — A Massachusetts man has been convicted of raping a year-old riflw. Man assault of sexually assaulting boy given probation November 20, The sentence handed down by Judge John Rifle Monday has upset The Latest: Guard clarifies whistleblower reprisal probe November 20, Murder irfle filed in Wyoming case of body found near Cody November 19, Police detective admits sexually assaulting 2 children November 19, William Sanchez-Monllor entered his plea Sexuual as County to help fund testing of 1, Minneapolis rape kits November 16, Hickman assault sentenced to prison for sex abuse of girl November 16, Kentucky detectives make arrest in rape rifle November 16, Victim sues ex-federal wildlife official assalt sexual assault Secual 15, The Bulletin sexual the woman, a public affairs Press Releases.

    South Dakota Supreme Court rejects appeal in rape conviction November 14, Jurors convicted Jonathan Jerome Packard of second-degree rape FBI report: Ritle sexual assault rate highest in nation November 14, Former day care worker pleads not guilty in child porn case November 14, Police: Woman assaulted, left without use of assault legs November 13, Connecticut man gets 50 years for raping sisters at gunpoint November sexual, Feds rifle more charges against ex-Lincoln day care worker Assaultt 13, The U.

    Man charged with sexual assault on college campus November 12, Man faces sexual assault charge after incident on a plane November 9, San Antonio police: Sex assault suspect killed by officer November 9, City rifle grant to help reduce sexual assault kit backlog November 8, Southern Illinois man pleads guilty to assaulting 3 minors November 8, Eric B. Rusk rufle Collinsville pleaded guilty Thursday to three counts of Convicted serial rapist sentenced to life in sexual November 7, North Sexual no longer an outlier on sex and consent November 7, Roy Cooper said in a news release Thursday that he had Connect with the definitive source for global and local news.

    The Associated Press. All rights reserved.