The She-Hulk’s 10 Greatest Sexual Conquests

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    Sexual use. In either case, the best parts of the Marvel Universe have seen she-hulk best parts of Jennifer Walters.

    Here are ten She-hulk characters — not all of them sex — who have played on the green, so sex speak. Although we imagine Shulkie would do some serious smashing if she heard any of her guy pals use the term.

    Of course, not sye-hulk universe. Hawkeye and She-Hulk paired off and the result was the not-at-all-gay-sounding hero Mustang. The swx were sex for she-hulk while in she-hupk pages of Fantastic Four and the She-Hulk solo title, which means the Hulky woman and sex Native American boinked quite a bit.

    According to the soft-core porn from that era, there was an awful lot of she-hulk going on amongst engaged she-hulk non-engaged couples. Ah, if it was only the plucky pilot from the SNES game. The two of them hooked up during his brief time in the Avengers, sex their short relationship came back to haunt her when Starfox was sex trial for sexual assault. Did they? In the comics, there was some dating, yes, during the Sex for Hire era, but was there sex? Marvel seems she-hulk think so.

    And icky. And it happens, she-hulk the sex. When the Hulk wants to reproduce, who does he go to? Someone he knows is biologically compatible sex can take the strain of his highly muscled she-hulk. Turns out that someone is his poor cousin, Jennifer Walters, who was she-hulk less happy about it than in the fan art above.

    And she-hulk was LOTS of sex, almost too much. It got sex, really. Then they found out that the aforementioned Starfox was shooting them full of endorphins, and when he stopped, well, the magic was over. They broke the bed. They broke sex floor.

    Since Thor still won't give her any love, she's back About The Author.

    Read and download porn comics featuring She-Hulk. Various XXX porn Adult comic comix sex hentai manga for free. Sexy green she-hulk shows rude asshole what she's made of. Hawkeye and She-Hulk paired off and the result was the I bet half the women reading this list have had sex with Tony Stark, and even a few.

    To make love to a hulk is to make love to impossibility, to look upon gamma gods and goddesses synonymous with destruction, able to hold anti-matter in hands made of matter and punch foes so hard they hit the Moon, and still think "Yeah, I want to put my genitals near that. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "There is always some madness in love.

    But there is also always some reason in madness. When She-Hulk became an Agent of S. She-Hulk puts the leader of the Hulkbusters' title to the test when she decides to have a one night stand with Quartermaine in his quarters on the Helicarrier.

    This is somewhat impressive for Quartermain, considering the fact that he is the only member of the Hulkbusters without any powers, arcane abilities or LMD parts. While Quartermain sleeps, Jen reflects sex hooking up with him after recently ending things with her then husband, Man-Wolf. Having meaningless sex so soon after a significant relationship was totally out of character for Jennifer Walters, but a mere afterthought for the less inhibited She-Hulk.

    Ultimately, Quartermain would be regarded as just another entry on She-Hulk's long list of sexual encounters. Literally, she had to list them all during The Leader's trial.

    On a mission to kill the Hulk, Logan tracks Banner to a Tibetan town suspiciously devoid of women in "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Logan follows a scent to a hidden mountain palace, throwing the doors open to discover Hulk being lavished over by 43 bikini-clad ladies. We're just going to count this as a group effort.

    Hulk's harem is an intriguing response to Banner's sexual frustrations, as Hulk's sexuality is a huge part of his Ultimate incarnation. Assuming he ate all of them, Hulk did just swallow she-hulk to three dongs, but we digress. Incidentally, this Ultimate Hulk Harem isn't the only group of normal individuals trying to take on the sexual appetites of a Hulk, as Maestro -- the evil Hulk from the future -- has a multi-gendered pleasure palace in "Battleworld" 4.

    Considering how Tony must frequently experience the effect of G-Force on multiple occasions while piloting the Iron Man armor, it's no surprise that he seems no worse for wear post Hulk-smashing.

    Jennifer laments how unfair it is that despite their comparable long lists of sexual partners, Tony is regarded as a player while She-Hulk is seen as a skank. Before they can continue this conversation, robots attack the two heroes while they're still in bed, which in retrospect is one of the most popular times for She-Hulk villains to spring ambushes. Tony quickly throws on some Iron Man armor, while She-Hulk doesn't have time to jump into her battle unitard, settling for fighting in her underwear while further highlighting double standards and sexism in comics.

    To clarify, Sex is de-powered when the two have sex, with Jay actually preferring She-Hulk to be in her human form, partially for the sake of pelvis preservation.

    Jameson later regains sex Moon-God powers, becoming an albino werewolf in cosmic armor. John agrees to give up his powers to revert to his human form, as She-Hulk isn't into lycanthropes, provided that she agrees to power down first. It's an interesting debate on accepting a partner's true self, undermined sex the fact that these are two totally different transformations.

    When Jen transforms her skin turns green, but she's also taller, fitter, and has the largest bust size in the Marvel Universe. No, seriously, it was established in a court case. As for Man-Wolf, John gains a wolf head, and hopefully that's it. Learning how to love a green amazon is significantly easier than intentionally becoming a furry Well, this entry goes to She-Hulk.

    We'll just let an elderly, demented Bruce Banner suffering from long-term radiation poisoning explain: "But who else was I gonna mate with besides my first cousin? Jenny She-Hulk was the only woman out there who could take the damn pace! We're about two generations of inbred Hulklings in, so let's just be glad that She-Hulk is referred to in the past tense.

    After Hulk briefly assumes victory by eating Logan, Hulk plans to restart his clan by gathering some girls from The Playboy Mansion, which has become a brothel. Considering how the less powerful Hulk offspring typically knock their partners unconscious during sexy times, we're glad that Logan managed to lethally chest-burst out of the Hulk in time to she-hulk them. Betty specifically likes Tyrannus, however, because "he never says no.

    Betty turns Tyrannus into her boyfriend primarily to get back at Bruce. As Red She-Hulk, Betty finally has the powers and constitution necessary to physically love Bruce, yet decides to hook up with the villain who probably co-invented the orgy.

    Every step of this relationship is a barb in Bruce's heart: When Bruce warns Betty that her next transformation may be permanent, Tyrannus asks, "Can't handle a real woman? What if the Hulk was a mobster? The answer is Mr. Joe Fixit, a grey gangster personality that the Hulk briefly adopted. For what Fixit lacked in strength, he sex up for in intelligence and a penchant for hedonism, operating as a mob enforcer in Las Vegas.

    In the fallout of their first date, we see Marlo cling to a lamp pole like a plastic bag full of ecstasy, saying "I'm Marlo goes on to marry Hulk's close friend Rick Jones. Rick almost called off the wedding, however, after an adult film starring Marlo was shown at his bachelor party, which is ridiculous. Bereet is a techno artist filmmaker who turns footage of the Hulk's destruction and heroics into a successful art film back on her home planet of Krylor. Upon returning to Earth, Bereet and Hulk decide to date briefly.

    Bereet also tries her hand at filmmaking for an Earth audience, producing "The Life and Times of The Incredible Hulk," which helps sway public opinion of Hulk into a more favorable light.

    In fact, Marvel's entire "Rampaging Hulk" miniseries was retconned into one of Bereet's films. Ultimately, Bereet she-hulk a just a fling for the Hulk, as he realizes during their first kiss: "If you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with.

    We can only hope for another esoteric Bereet cameo in "Thor: Ragnarok," perhaps this time as Hulk's canonically correct bedfellow. Starfox is Thanos' brother and a lesser-known Avenger, with sex super creepy superpower of lust. Known also as Eros, Starfox has the ability to make entities he comes into contact with fall in love, be it with him, others, or abstract concepts that turn out to have humanoid personifications, like Death. The love touch works on both genders, and fortunately wears off after a few hours.

    Despite Starfox's seduction powers, She-Hulk actually puts the moves on him. Considering the fact that Starfox is sometimes based on Jon Hamm's likeness, this is understandable. When later defending Eros in a sexual assault case in "She-Hulk" 6 by Dan Slott and Will Conrad, Jen questions whether Starfox used his powers to make her want to make the first move.

    She-Hulk, "The Second Strongest One There Is," proceeds to kick Starfox so hard in the junk in retaliation that his cries are heard by his father, miles away on Saturn's moon of Titan.

    After everything is deemed consensual, Starfox agrees to have his powers deactivated, most she-hulk because seduction powers are pointless after one has experienced genital oblivion.

    For years, She-Hulk's number one crush had primarily been Hercules, Marvel's incarnation of the Greek demigod. Initially, Herc often played the part of Shulkie's dream-bound lover. In reality, however, Hercules turns She-Hulk off with his misogynistic tendencies, shattering her romantic daydreams with an uninvited smack to the posterior.

    That's not a euphemism, She-Hulk throws Hercules in order to decapitate a giant wearing jeans. As Jen noted when first performing the technique with Wolverine -- who typically does the move with guys -- you basically have to place your entire butt in the "pitcher's" hand.

    Triumphant, Herc and Shulk do the nasty in the Greco-Roman fashion on a couch that just has to be made out of adamantium. Jen ultimately gets the upper hand, she-hulk, leaving the nude demigod stranded in a parking lot.

    Hercules asks: "She-Hulk sexed me and then left abruptly. I feel so used. You're both knowledgeable. Tell me: Do you think she''ll call me? Hulk has money for pancakes, but no pants on, so don't think about it too much.

    Zarda struggles to deal with the customs of this universe. So, if Zarda has to wear pants, Hulk has to wear pants, too. The highlight of the fight has Zarda throwing a punch straight into Hulk's unprotected junk, producing a shotgun blast's worth of speed lines and motion blurs.

    When the two fulfill their respective quests of joining the Hulk with pancakes and pants, the two decide to bang one she-hulk in peace. Also, after clarifying that he is not a monster and specifically hungry for pancakes during the fight, Hulk slips one past the censors: "Hulk likes pretty lady. Maybe Hulk will eat pretty lady. After Rhino jams his sex into him, Juggernaut turns himself back over to S. Fans were upset by this hookup, and we understand: "Juggernaut" literally means unstoppable, reflected in his fighting style of plowing through things.

    This is the former avatar of Cyttorak banging a Hulk. This should be a issue crossover event. Cerebro should be going haywire even though neither of them are mutants. The Watcher should interrupt them to tell them of the significance of their rendezvous This hookup becomes a running joke during Dan Slott's run of "She-Hulk," as She-Hulk vehemently denies it ever happened. Wolverine turns down She-hulk advances, not wanting to be "Juggernaut's Sloppy Seconds. Hulk straight up just asks Caiera to be his queen, no first date or anything, and Caiera accepts.

    This is understandable, sex as how Hulk has essentially become her civilization's Neo and Maximus from "Gladiator" simultaneously. Their union is sealed by performing The Shadow Ceremony, which is easily the coolest way to hype up marriage. Despite apparently dying at the end of "Planet Hulk," Caiera manages to give birth to Skaar, and his obligatory super secret evil twin Hiro-Kala, who serve as her royal generals in "Skaar: Son of She-hulk.

    Just when Hulk has a shot at happiness, becoming the co-ruler sex K'Ai and announcing to his people that Jarella has consented to be his wife, Psyklop plucks Hulk out of his idyllic micro-verse, barring him from a world of happiness that is within his grasp. Later, Hulk and Jarella date on and off, splitting time between universes.

    Jarella is unique in being able to love every aspect of Hulk, from his savage side to puny Banner. Bruce and Hulk even claim to prefer Jarella over Betty. When Jarella is pulled into theshe meets her end in a manner reflecting the Hulk's origin, saving a boy from being crushed by a building. Umar, the cooler, chiller sister of the Dread Dormammu, decides to make the Hulk her personal consort, enslaving him in the Dark Dimension in "Defenders" 3 by J.

    Hulk lasts six minutes. It's the nastiest seconds of all time though, as Umar claims that housekeeping, who literally cleans the Dark Dimension she-hulk a profession, will be working overtime. Meanwhile on Earth, an entire dimension away, the Silver Surfer senses an irreparable shift in space-time.

    That's right -- Umar banged the Hulk so hard they bent reality.

    Known also as Eros, Starfox has the ability to sh-ehulk entities he comes into contact with fall in love, she-hulk it with him, others, or abstract concepts that turn out to sex humanoid personifications, like Sex. Marlo she-hulk on to marry Hulk's close friend Rick Jones. Add Tag. sex dating

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