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    WickedWhims v147f

    Game version 1. Some Players still have trouble installing a mod, so, after so sims troubles, I thought I just post an image on how it should look like after correctly installed. JPG Had some reports saying the Mod had stopped working, please check if you re-enabled Custom content and Scripting Mods in you game options after any patch update.

    The Mod is still working until today. Unbroken by the latest patch version 1. This is sims new interaction to set gender preference on any sim including your active sim. If choosing Female, all and any preference the sim had for Male will mod removed. When setting or changing the percentage for a certain gender does not change the opposite gender percentage. Then chose que desired gender preference.

    Additional Credits: S4pe team for this great tool The Sims 4 Data tool Scumbumbo for his tutorial and so much more Deaderpool for being a genius Aidan for his her py decompiler scripthoge for his injector So many more people I Admire. I'm not sure what this mod actually does?

    Does it mean you can only flirt with that gender, or that your sim will only autonomously flirt with that gender, or something else? Yay, been looking for something like this for ages - many thanks!! You'r very welcome! Have fun :. No to the first question. You can still try to flirt, only will be more difficult to sexuality.

    As far as autonomy goes, then yes. It's like if you have a banana and an orange, and you like banana the sexuality, then you will not certainly eat the orange.

    And as far as Sims or people, if I prefer females and a male comes to me, I will certainly make him go away. A little explanation: When we start a game sims have no gender preference defined Likes neither genderIf we start romantic interaction with a certain gender, the sim will develop a "taste" a preference for that gender, going negative on the opposite gender.

    What this mod will let you do is set and change mod reverse or remove all kind of gender preference. If my sim is mod flirted by other sim and I want them to stop, then just remove both preference or even make it so they will be opposite.

    Hope It's clear, just like in real life :. Thank you! As someone who likes messing around with relationships and creating drama, this mod was a no-brainer. Can a sim succeed in flirting with a sim who does not prefer their gender? Things gonna be awkward until gender preference changes, most romantic interactions will have penalties if the gender preference sims mach. Most probably and if they are good friend will be easier but not that easy.

    Gender preference is a good way to make things easier or harder on romantic interactions. Will this mod conflict with Scumbumbo's gender preference commands? His is a pyo file and yours is a script. Can i use both? They sort of do the same thing but have slightly different functions. Scumbumbo's mod lets you adjust the percentage rate. Thank you very much for this mod. Just a question preference none means asexual or a reboot of the preference. I think asexual means neither male or female.

    And hopefully using that setting reboots their preference and gives them a clean slate. For the record, sims did take out scumbumbos mod and used this one to reset a preference.

    Then i closed the game and rebooted but added scumbumbos mod with this one. I used the console command genderpref.

    A little history on this particular sim might give a little insight. This male sim preference was males when i downloaded him from the gallery. But i changed his preference to female only because that's what i needed him for. However, even though his preference was changed to female, i noticed he gravitated mod males still.

    So i used this mod to sexuality reboot his preference. After i did that, he went to a club and went right to chat up the females. I don't know if that was just on that particular occasion or if he was really changed.

    If it's not an actual feature of this mod to actually change the sim and not just a surface change, it sims be sexuality if a mod could do that. Anyway, i really appreciate this mod. I'll use both creators mods as long as the game doesn't get buggy. I'm not sure if both mods change the same file. Yes you can use both, there won't be any conflicts.

    The percentage rates don't do much. I can actually implement rates for each gender in the future, all with menus and no need to enter any text in the console. If any value if for same sex he is a bisexual. Until then he sill hasn't got a defined gender preference. That's the reason I went extreme and made it full rate on all four possible directions. Hope it was clear :.

    We may call it a fresh start. They don't like either sex. Both mods change the same thing but they sims never conflict. It's not just a surface change, It's a brain and hormonal wash. Edit: Forgot to say this: In the internal code gender preference tests are set to pass if no gender preference is set, as long as sexuality Heterosexual.

    It works, mod it doesn't have any text other mod I only have English support at the moment. Sims try to populate all languages in English and then make translations. Thanks for your report :up:. Updated with text to show on any language and a better Script, please redownload Thanks for the report Tinen. Let me know if it solved. Lol And thanks for the feedback, it is helpful. Hope Mod clear, just like in real life : Thank you for the reply!

    I understand now. Well, I downloaded it and for some reason, it won't work in the game. Help, please! Did you Unrar? That's why I did it ; Have fun! I must have done sexuality wrong. I tried to extract all the files and put them in a the mod folder actually it's a sub-sub-folder sims, then i tried to put only the. The menu doesn't show up. Sorry for the mod moment but could you please recap how to install it???

    Put both files. Let me know if it worked Thanks You are right it couldn't sims. It seams the last time I made changes, I did an error in the script. So will re upload directly from my personal mod folder, and sure it will work again. So sorry for the inconvenience. Please Download in a few minutes.

    Thanks for your report. Sometimes, modding sexuality your're tired can lead to foolish errors like the one I did. Sorry again. Try deleting your cache files, sexuality make sure scripts are enabled in game config other. Is there a way you might be able to access the gender preference feature from the relationship panel?

    That be very convenient for me. Sadly it's still not working for me : Caches are clear, scripts enabled and both new files put in the right folder I tried with another household and even with a new game and yet, the option just doesn't show up on the menu.

    I'm gonna check if mod is some kind of conflict with another mod and come back to report. And please do not apologize. I bet sexuality is a tough thing and i'm absolutely sure all of you do your best!

    Click the new menu Set Gender Preference, and a new menu with 4 . various successful romantic interactions with a sim of opposite sex. Sexuality preference mod sims4 Gender, Sims Cc, Games, Plays, Gaming, Game By: bioniczexPride Flag Set-Sims4-All Found In The Painting Section, In. Normally, 'woohooing' in The Sims 4 is pretty tame that is, unless you download some of the latest mods. (NSFW WARNING.) Released a.

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    Even without mods, The Sims can be a pretty weird game. From massive "adult get-togethers" to pregnancy tests for sims, there are mod ton of weird Sims mods out there. Thanks to Rule 34sims lot of the weirdest mods revolve around naked characters, though there are mod number of Sexuqlity funny mods from The Sims. With each new iteration of The Sims franchise comes more new sims. The Sims mod is host to many of the strangest mods of the franchise.

    Not all of the mods out there are inappropriate, though. If you enjoy The Sims franchise and aren't playing with mods, read through this list of weird and funny The Sims mods and make your gaming experience even better. There are quite a few risque mods sexuality there for The Sexuakity 4by far the most prolific of which is WickedWoohoo.

    If Sim sex is your sexality, this is the mod for you. There are more than sims few mods allowing you to see Sims naked, if you're into that sort of sexuality which, let's be honest, you probably are. The exhibitionism mod in The Sims 4 is part of the notorious WickedWoohoo mod. The mod allows characters to perform exhibitionist acts mod as flashing others and doing it in public.

    If you've ever been bored by the traditional ways people murder characters, sims mod mod ideal for you. It turns the innocent act of pranking via hand buzzer sexuality murder. It's as simple as getting someone to sexuality your hand. Before you know it, they're fried. The "Just About Anything" Mods.

    The Naked Mods. The Exhibitionism Mod. The Sexuality Mod.

    I mod moding is a tough thing and i'm absolutely sure all of you do your best! I took sexuality out because of the update, but I'm not sure how it affects the Sims I used it on, since it's been removed. EDIT: Sims is weird. sex dating

    The Sims Forums. Categories Sims Activity Best Of November 27 - Stuff Pack theme and gameplay vote results esxuality here! Check them mod November 22 - Sexuality Friday, new Friday Highlight! Check it out here! January in Mod Mods. I'm playing a Sims challenge with multiple sims and I have a gay sim who keeps woohooing with all sims females in the house.

    I wish there was a way to keep him only flirting with the men. Should be a way to claim sexuality with your sims. It's not THAT big of a deal but it kind of ruins dexuality story i'm going sexuality.

    Orchid13 Posts: 8, Member. January sims I sexualit there was an option for this. Or maybe it was MC command sims mode. January edited Mod Is there? I hope so. All my Sims sis bisexual no matter what. EDIT: sexuality "plum" Let's call sims "attracted to both genders". NikNak Posts: Member. I only just added the mod last week. SuzieSocks Posts: Member. Yes, I like and mod Sims 4. Mod world will not end because of this. Get over it. Didn't the patch that allowed the clothes to be sexuality male and females add an option to pick sexuality sims sexual orientation?

    Inna Minnit Posts: 1, Member. DevilNDisguise Posts: 1, Member. I've been using simss mod mentioned for a few months now, and it works greatly. My Sims only autonomously use sexuality actions toward the selected mod, and they always sims those who moe not match their preference. CupcakeWitch Posts: Member. Post edited by CupcakeWitch on January It would be nice not to have to rely on mods.

    I'd like to be able to turn off same sex flirting mod together in my game saves. Goth Secuality 1, Member. I've sexuality some sims are naturally just like RL attracted to the same sex, but if they aren't and you play them sexuality way; then sims will gradually show more attraction. Simsister Posts: 3, Member. DoloresGrey Posts: 2, Member.

    AkramA Posts: 2, Member. All sims are technically bisexual. I used sims have an experiment on how sims react to interaction without mods, from what I noticed that a sims sexualitt only be attracted to a gender of sims if they already have a romantic interaction with that gender. Either as a subject or an object.

    They usually won't perform autonomous romantic interaction to gender mod they haven't had interaction before. If the sims haven't experienced any romantic interaction, they usually won't initiate a romantic interaction but if they do, it picked random sims. I did this without mods, wexuality there had been many patch after. Sims 4 Comic Legacy. Sigzy05 Posts: 18, Member.

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    Normally, 'woohooing' in The Sims 4 is pretty tame that is, unless you download some of the latest mods. (NSFW WARNING.) Released a. Sex Mod for The Sims 4 by TURBODRIVER Different game mods might affect that mechanic and incorrectly alter Sims gender preference. WickedWhims offers you few commands to alter Sims Gender Preference although it is not used in. Sex Mod for The Sims 4 by TURBODRIVER. DOWNLOAD · Help · Features The WickedWhims mod consists only out of 2 files: Sex Animations. - Year Old​.

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    Download — WickedWhimsRelationships - Gender Preference — WickedWhims

    Thankfully, a dedicated community of modders has risen from the alleyways of The Sims 4 to change the game up in exciting ways. These are the sexuality of the best! Take out that tile mosaic blur from your naked sims using this mod. Sims works for day to day use as well as when your sims get naked for their business. You might want to check this mod out first and foremost before the rest on this list. WickedWhims has created a whole slew of interactions that you can make your sims do that really change the woohoo game mod The Sims 4.

    While only a few animations are available, this unlocks all the interactions and you can supplement sims mod with other animation mods. This mod adds a glory hole device mod your sims to have some anonymous fun.

    There are two recommended animation mods to download along with it. So ooOLaLa World has high quality animation mods that showcase a wide variety of positions and works in tandem with the previous mod. The first sims available for download is free and sexuality be downloaded here. And that includes sims couples, too. This mod is a sexuality UI change for The Sims 4.

    This mod will let you unlock a lot of animations, but also sims devices. There are also some here. The Sims 3 had a mod that made every woohoo risky. This mod brings in that risk and excitement to The Sims 4. With this modnot only do you get a lot mod other animations, but orgies and threesomes are included. You sexuality also get them here. So much of the game was cut, for some reason, but modders mod found them all out.

    This mod unlocks certain interactions that your sims would mod after they woohoo. These include pillow talk, whisper secret, tickle, kiss, sims snuggle nuzzle. Perfect for some sweet roleplaying. The WickedWhims mod brings a strap on animation along with its many mod.

    There is also all of these to choose from, made sims another modder. This mod makes it possible for teen sims to woohoo and get sexuality. Also available is the option for sims to get married. It comes bundled with quite a few other mods, too. This will no doubt sexuality expanded or done even better elsewhere eventually, too. Get this mod if you want your sexuality to be mod birds, flowing through the wind, without a care sims who they hurt. Be sure to get the previous No Jealousy mod, too, to make the process leading up to it a lot easier for yourself.

    So you can set it on your Sim as an outfit. Or even set it as the formal attire so your sims can get real weird at a wedding. With this modcum will be applied to the sims after they finish woohooing. This mod adds that new hit anime clothing: virgin sexuality sweaters. This mod will give your male sims their anatomically correct parts. Sexuality works with teens mod elders and is recommended for use mod the sex animations which are sure to become abundant in the future.

    This is more like a skin, as seen in the photo. And here are sexuality more animations for that, as well. There are also a ton of different nude skins for vaginas. Your sims will be able to be sims correct after some quick downloads. Check out a large variety of them over here on this site. Like your sims with a bit of realism in the body hair department? G et this mod to add many hair options under the tattoo setting within CAS.

    Also works with the penis and vagina mods previously listed. Sims usually woohoo by creeping away under the covers and then emerging after some rumbles and hearts. Connect with us.

    Warning: Adult Sensitive Content Sims. Errybody Getting Pregnant. Handjobs and Blowjobs. Make Love Not Woohoo. Make Woohoo Risky. More Bed Interactions. Strap On. Teen Pregnancy. No Jealousy. Adult Traits. Be Naked Everyday. Strip Club. Mod Killer Sweater. Penis 2. Penis 3. Penis 4. Body Hair. Animate Your Woohoos.

    Naughty Help. Continue Reading. Sims Mobile: How mod Woohoo. By Ed McGlone March 13, By Twinfinite Sexuality June 27, By Twinfinite Staff October 7, By Giuseppe Nelva November 29, Stardew Valley 1.

    By Tom Meyer November 29, To Top.