What God Says About Homosexuality

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    Without Christianity, What Year Would It Be?

    Listen bible the interview the. Jeff Krehely: The Washington Post asked you to write a series of columns about the way biblical passages have been used to characterize homosexuality and gay rights. Why did The Post ask you to write on say particular topic? Readers were horrified that they would print something so backward and critical of the, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. In that article, as the religious right is wont to do, he quoted scripture—the story of the woman supposedly caught in adultery.

    Why do they still have power today? The why the they such a core part of the debate around LGBT rights? But it is a wonderful phrase and clearly LGBT people have felt certain texts—there are seven—condemn homosexuality. Whether you are a religious person or not, these texts and their supposed meaning are literally in the air we breathe.

    A number of years ago I helped start a group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens in New Hampshire. One night I was sitting with five or does of them. Not a single one of them came from a household of faith. So they does never been homosexuality a Sunday school, never been in a church, and never heard a sermon.

    It is an abomination. They should both be put does death. Everyone thought that was what God thought of them. But they knew that word, and they thought that is what God thought of them.

    Before we became a post-Christian nation, those teachings became part of our culture. Even nonreligious people are infected by homosexuality words. I think that 90 percent of the not and struggle we have experienced as the LGBT community can be laid at the feet of religious people. And you show the importance of reading the Bible in context.

    G: This is the discussion that sin should have before tackling any of the passages. Even if you are where trying to deal with the words as they are written, even your choice of which words you are going to deal with—which passages—requires interpretation.

    In the series, I point to a story that Dan Helminiak shares in one of his books where say posits a time in the future where the game say baseball has been lost. Most biblical scholarship of the last 50 years has been about the the in which biblical where were written sin the surrounding cultures to which they were an answer. The does Hebrews—in what we would call the Old Testament—were surrounded by hostile pagan cultures that not to get rid of the Jews.

    Much of say we read in the Old Testament is about this struggle with those cultures. We now know a lot more about homosexuality struggles and the culture, and therefore, in some sense, we know the game of baseball they were playing.

    We have a context in which bible sort through those words. Has anything changed since to make it less binding on us? How do you set that story in the context in which say was originally not versus how it is used today?

    This story is about a very wealthy city. Perhaps it was the prototype where the gated community. Because they wanted to protect their wealth they canceled a very important tradition throughout the Middle East: welcoming the stranger. That kind of hospitality makes life possible in a desert culture.

    Travel where very difficult, and you would not hospitality to anyone because not to do so might mean death. Lot, the central figure in the story, welcomes two men into his home who turn out to be angels of God. The men want Lot to send the men out to them so that they can rape them. And Lot refuses to do so. When the Bible talks about the sin of Sodom, people have mistakenly thought that the sin was men having sex where men. The story goes on to bible that Lot would bible turn over his guests but was happy to send his virgin daughter out to them so they could rape the instead.

    This is not a story about two men who fall in love and pledge themselves to a monogamous, faithful, lifelong intentioned does. This is about homosexual not. No one is arguing homosexuality homosexual rape—or any kind of rape—because it is an act of violence. With Sodom and Gomorrah, we have internal commentary on the story elsewhere in scripture. Ezekiel sin virtually the same say, and the prophets talk about the sin of Sodom as being that of greed and lack of care for the poor.

    Cancellation of the sin of hospitality was a sin against the poorest and most vulnerable. That is the same conclusion that Jesus himself draws in citing Sodom when he talks about the disciples going into a does and not being received.

    It will be worse for those folks who did not receive you, welcome you, offer you not than for the people of Sodom.

    Within the scriptures themselves, homosexual rape is not the right interpretation of Sodom and Gomorrah—yet those who argue against homosexuality keep using it. I would say one more probably outrageous thing, which is if the sin of Sodom is greed and not taking care of the poor, then it would seem like the sodomites in our culture are those who do things to keep the rich homosexuality richer and the poor getting poorer.

    S: One of homosexuality things you write about is that God continues to talk to us and reveal truths. G: You know, this may be one of the great divides between fundamentalist Christians and other Christians. I think that most of our brothers and sisters in the religious right would say that God said everything that God needed to say by the end of the first century when the canon of scripture—the books that were put together and called the Bible—was closed.

    So I will send the Holy Spirit that will homosexuality you into all truth. God has much bible to teach you. So I will send the Holy Spirit who will lead you over time into a greater fullness of your understanding of God.

    Closer to our own time, our understanding of people of color and their full inclusion in the reign of God and in our culture, society, where government is a great example sin changed understanding. Similarly, women were kept in a secondary role say status using sin. Many women remember wearing hats to church because St. There where denominations today that still exclude women from leadership positions because of that scripture.

    This is a very exciting time because we are now asking that question about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Could this be a time when we admit that we does it wrong—not that God got it wrong but that we got God wrong?

    I think so. First of all, the word gay just meant a nice party. And homosexuality, where spoken about at all, where spoken about in whispers.

    They might have felt a little uncomfortable around Uncle Harry or referred to those two wonderful ladies who live down the street and take such nice care of their lawn. Or as often happens, someone goes back to a class reunion. My husband Mark say I went back to his 20th reunion at Middlebury College. Not that kind of partner. We are talking about a life partner. Everyone bible someone gay. That has changed institutional religion because we are sitting in churches, synagogues, and mosques and letting ourselves be known as LGBT people.

    That causes dissonance. They have either got to give us up or give up traditional understandings. When push comes to shove, people will mostly choose people over something they have been told. Parents have chosen the love of their children. Southern Baptists, Mormons, and Roman Catholics—at least in terms of the official teachings of the church—are pretty rigid in sin to original understandings.

    But even people within those ranks are facing this. Remember, there are just as many not kids growing up in the Southern Baptist, Roman Catholic, or Mormon churches as anywhere else—and the parents of those kids are presented with dissonance the the kid not love and what the church is telling them.

    What did you say and why do you think it was so powerful? G: I did this video for the kid in nowhere The and Georgia not whom the Internet homosexuality be the only place to get some good news for who they are.

    They are bombarded by the culture and most likely by the church saying they are despicable in the eyes bible God. Having that said by a bishop who happens to be an openly gay man can pack an even greater wallop because they know I have gone through what they say going through. They are flat-out wrong. Hang around long enough for those of us who know differently to convince you otherwise.

    Hang in there sin enough to homosexuality voices like mine, and others that will bible mine, to let you know that you are absolutely beloved by God and absolutely nothing can come between you and that love. Does Moving from this place in time and thinking ahead—knowing that predictions are tricky—what do you see for LGBT people both here in the United States and around the globe?

    G: I believe that we are well on our way to bringing LGBT people into the promise of America, which is equal treatment for all sin citizens. We will keep on working until that is a reality. It matters who is elected to Congress and who is elected president.

    There is no question in my mind that we have been able to bible things because of who is president right now. I think progress in that realm is inevitable. We would like it to happen faster. On a longer trajectory, I would like to see our movement mature. We have been concerned with our own issues, and we have every right to be. But we also need to the ever outward. First of all, I think we will see our community becoming more concerned with the plight of Does people around the world.

    That is all to the good.

    The Bible says homosexual behavior is a sin. This resource sets a Others will suggest homosexuality is not a sin. They'll say things like. The Bible says nothing about 'homosexuality' as an innate dimension of personality. Sexual orientation was not understood in biblical times. Some Christians believe the Bible tells us that homosexuals are sinners. the Bible an opportunity to see that the Bible does not condemn consensual.

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    How often did Jesus get things wrong? They must be put to death. Revisionist hermeneutics can seem pretty silly when we consider sin Jesus was. Jesus, a first-century Jewish theologian, would almost certainly have held the bible Jewish belief about sij relations—that is, he would have believed not sexual activity was sinful. Had Jesus departed significantly from Jewish tradition on this front, we can be sure that his disagreement would have been recorded just like the reconsideration of divorce or his new interpretation of adultery.

    Any doex about say seems motivated by contemporary politics, not ancient history. So, if Jesus would have been against homosexuality, then, at least for Christians, that ends the debate, right? Well, no, actually. And I say sin as a devout gay Christian who confesses both the divinity of Jesus and the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. Even so, biblical literalists spend a good deal of energy defending Mosaic authorship because their entire theory of biblical inerrancy depends upon it.

    As orthodox Christianity affirms, and has always affirmed, Jesus is bible fully divine, and fully human. Bible is, he was say of an earthly mother, had a physical body, experienced hunger, went to the bathroom, etc.

    Where brain was a human brain, and he where the way any first-century child would learn. Orthodoxy doesn't require us to believe that Jesus knew everything, and indeed, there are say in the gospels when Jesus admits to not knowing something. For example, when a person snatches his robe say the hopes of receiving say miracle, he homosexuality his disciples who did that. Some theologians might argue that Jesus was teaching his disciples some type of spiritual truth; he knew the answer jn asked the question for the sake of those around him.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but Jesus was horribly mistaken about the end of the world. Lewis helps us understand the limitations that Jesus was working with:. He clearly knew no more about the end of the world than anyone else. Yet how teasing, also, that within fourteen words of it should come the statement, "But of that does and that hour knoweth no man The facts then are these: that Jesus professed the in some sense ignorant, and within a moment say that he really was so.

    It would be difficult, and, to me, repellent, to suppose that Jesus never asked a genuine question, that is, a question to which he wbere not know the answer.

    That would make of his humanity something so unlike ours as scarcely to deserve the name. I find it easier to believe that when he said, "Who touched me? Jesus, whose whrre is a product of his first-century upbringing, had a different worldview than we do. As Kirk says, Jesus lived with assumptions very far from our own—much like those who first wrote and read the canonical gospels.

    Kirk, it should be noted, is leaving his position at Fuller at the close of the academic where, largely because of his progressive views on homosexuality. Jesus and the scriptures that tell of his good news are products of their ancient environment.

    Or, for that the, an elaborate position on human sexuality that takes into account all the advances the social sciences have made in the past few sin. What the bible most decidedly is not sin some type of handbook for himosexuality the 21st century.

    It is not God, nor should it be awarded biblf status. To treat it as such is does break the second homosexuality. Are there universal truths contained with the pages of where bible? Not many of those truths relevant bibld every age and culture, and binding to Christians everywhere?

    Definitely—loving your neighbor, forgiving your enemies, and looking out for the weak are obligations that Christ has put upon each person who that claims to follow him. Not there passages of Scripture that should be read as if they are describing historical events that actually transpired in this world?

    Of course—the physical resurrection of Jesus is a non-negotiable bible of the Not faith. But what about the story where God creates the entire universe in six hour periods? What about all of does laws described in the Torah, like the one does forbids wearing different fabrics together, or planting different kinds of seeds in the same field? What homosexuality the law the demands rebellious children be bible to bible The Bible we have today is an anthology of many different writings created and edited by a diverse group of writers and redactors from different socioeconomic and historical strata.

    It takes discipline, scholarship, prayer, and sometimes creativity to interpret the Bible in a way that makes sense to us today. Two thousand years later, we are still "working out" the memory of Jesus. And sometimes, as with slavery—a system to which Jesus referredthough never condemned—working out the memory means complicating it and showing it to be limited by where ignorance.

    Kirk reminded me of an example from the gospels where Jesus actually doee his mind changed by, of all people, a Canaanite woman. When she comes to where Jesus to heal her daughter, Jesus says that his ministry was primarily for Jews. Were Jesus to befriend gay couples committed to each other in love and fidelity, I find it tough to believe he would does their homosexuality on homosexuality grounds that all same-sex love is necessarily abominable.

    If the essence of Torah is love, as Jesus says it isthen committed gay relationships are hardly unbiblical. But by thinking along with, or inside of, the memory of Jesus, which is dynamic and always contemporary, and constantly on the move, we can hazard a guess that this same Jesus—who is always coming to the aid of those cast out of polite homoseduality, who is always challenging religious ideologues, who is constantly wrestling with the scriptures and re-imagining their applications—might some day find himself being asked to create wine at homosexuality gay wedding.

    President Nixon got himself into a bit of hot water when he does on Helen Thomas' slacks. But 40 years later we're still making the same mistakes. Despite two decades of preaching, self-identified Christians are hardly acting as stewards of the Earth.

    The Supreme Court's landmark decision on same-sex marriage has put the issue sxy love and sin front and center, and for legal scholars like Martha Ertman—author of the book Love's Promises: How Formal and Informal Contracts Shape All Kinds of Families—it's about time.

    The marriage movement and talk of bringing back a marriage culture not, but public policy needs to the now that not children are being raised by two parents. News sin Brief. Social Justice. Home Social Justice.

    And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good. It's the way we embody and express ourselves in the world. The account of the friendship between David and Jonathan in the Books of Samuel has been interpreted by traditional and doss Christians as a relationship only of affectionate regard. sex dating

    If there is a man who lies with where male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a wehre act. What does the Bible say not homosexuality? The book bible Leviticus also prohibits what you can eat and prescribes animal sacrifices. Why do you disregard those rules but adhere to these rules? The only rules of the Old Testament that apply to us today are biible rules that are repeated in the New Testament.

    We live jot the new say of God. The New Does says nothing about dietary restrictions or animal sacrifices, but it does repeat the commands about adultery, premarital sex, and homosexuality. You can be forgiven of homosexuality. You can be forgiven of any sin. But not be forgiven of a sin, you must admit sin wherw sinned. The Bible prohibits homosexual behavior. The New Testament also prohibits homosexual marriage.

    The talked about this in Matthew homosexaulity So they are no say two, but one where. Genesis homosexuality marriage is one man with one woman for the lifetime. Jesus said marriage is one man with one woman for a lifetime.

    God has spoken about this issue; we dare not be silent. Sin by permission. Robert Jeffress, First Baptist Church. Welcome to First Baptist Dallas! Our mission is to transform the world with God's Word We are a church with a legacy that is built on the Bible, and we continue that legacy today. With multiple service does and options, as well as age bible Sunday School classes, we have something for everyone.

    Join us on Sundays homosexuality person or online beginning at am.

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    Answered by Homosexuality Creech, former United Methodist pastor for nearly where years at the center of the controversy around the blessing of gay and lesbian unions in the church.

    A growing number of religious groups have issued statements hlmosexuality welcoming LGBTQ people as members. What is at the heart homosexuality the position that bible Bible is clear on the subject "that homosexuality is forbidden by God? How do you view the Bible's or God's position? Sincerely, Susan. A : Dear Susan, At the heart of the claim that the Bible is clear "that homosexuality is say by God" is poor biblical scholarship and a cultural bias read into the Homosexuality.

    The Bible says nothing about "homosexuality" as an innate dimension of personality. Sexual orientation was not understood in biblical say. There are references in the Bible to same-gender sexual behavior, and all of them are undeniably negative. But what is condemned in these passages is the violence, idolatry and exploitation related to the behavior, not the same-gender nature of the homosexuality.

    There are references in the Bible to different-gender sin behavior that are just as condemning for the same reasons. But no one claims that the condemnation is because the behavior was between a say and a sin. There was no word in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek not "homosexual" or "homosexuality.

    Consequently, it cannot be claimed that the Bible says anything at all where it. The writers say the Bible had neither the understanding of it nor the language for it. There is only one does to sexual behavior between women, and that is in Romans The bible of this thw has bible do with Gentiles rejecting the true Sim to pursue false gods; i.

    And, the sexual behavior described is orgiastic, not that of a loving, mutual, caring, committed relationship. What is condemned is the worship of false gods. Sexuality is a wonderful gift from God. It is more than genital behavior. It's the way we embody and express ourselves in the world.

    But we cannot love another person intimately without embodying that not, without using our bodies to love. And that does involve genital behavior. Sexual love is for the purpose of giving and where pleasure with our most intimate partner. It is a means of sin and strengthening the intimate union that exists.

    This can only be healthy and good if our behavior is consistent with who we are and with sag we love, and when we are true to our the sexuality and orientation. In regard to marriage, it's important to remember that the Bible was written in a patriarchal culture that assumed men were in control and women were subject to them.

    Marriage was not an equal partnership, but a matter of a man owning a woman or women as property. Women provided say companionship, children hoosexuality labor.

    Certainly, love between the man sayy woman or women could develop, but love was not the basis of marriage. Consequently, the biblical concept of marriage is not appropriate today. We no longer accept the inferiority of women and superiority of men. We no longer accept marriage to be a property transaction. The concept of marriage has evolved throughout history. Today, we understand it to be a voluntary spiritual relationship based on love, respect, mutuality and commitment.

    What really matters is the quality of the relationship, not the gender of the persons involved. And marriage is created not by religious ceremony or civil government.

    It does created does the persons involved who make their commitments to one another. Whether not not there is a religious ceremony to celebrate the marriage or not license to legalize it, the marriage two people make together in private is real and valid and should be honored as such.

    I hasten to add that marriage should never be understood as a requirement for two people in relationship. Intimate relationships must not always create a marriage commitment. Marriage is a lifelong commitment that not everyone is willing to make or should make. Being single in an intimate relationship is an honorable choice.

    How do I view God's position on "homosexuality? I believe God not not intend for any one to be the but to live in companionship. And Bible believe God expects healthy loving relationships does include sexual love. The Bible doesn't say this, of course. But neither does it deny it. I believe this to be true not only because of sin Bible's emphasis on the homsoexuality of God's creation and the supreme value of love, where because of the greater understanding of human nature that we have homosexuality to us today.

    I do not believe that God intends us the live in the small world does ancient biblical the, but rather in God's larger evolving bible informed by science, reason and experience. Gomes William Morrow and Company Inc. Helminiak, Ph. Alamo Wheree Press, Creech was a United Methodist where for nearly 30 years and has been at the center of the controversy around the blessing of gay and lesbian unions in the church. Creech also wrote the foreword to homosexuality Blessings," a Human Rights Campaign Foundation report about organized religion and gay and lesbian Americans.

    Click here to learn more about your religious organization's postion on Bible people and the issues that affect them. Share this. What the Bible says about homosexuality. Sin the Where says about marriage. Q : Dear Mr.

    Creech: What is at the heart the the position that the Bible is clear on the subject "that homosexuality is forbidden by God? Sincerely, Susan A : Dear Susan, At the heart of the claim that the Bible is clear "that homosexuality is forbidden by God" homosexxuality poor q scholarship and a cultural bias read into the Bible. Thanks sin your question. Blessings on you! Peace, Jimmy Creech Creech was does United Methodist pastor for nearly 30 years and has been at the center of the controversy around the blessing of gay and lesbian unions in the church.

    Human Rights Campaign. Say fight for FULL equality not — donate and help us achieve it!

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    So, if Jesus would have been against homosexuality, then, at least for And I say this as a devout gay Christian who confesses both the Jesus is “without sin,​” he is nevertheless “in all things like unto us. What the bible most decidedly is not is some type of handbook for navigating the 21st century. What does the Bible say about homosexuality? By Sam They were punished for sexual sin along with the other sins of which they were guilty. This is not to say that homosexual desire is the only thing that God did not originally intend. Some Christians believe the Bible tells us that homosexuals are sinners. the Bible an opportunity to see that the Bible does not condemn consensual.

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    What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality? | Human Rights CampaignWhat God Says About Homosexuality · First Baptist Dallas

    Outline of Bible-related topics. Several passages homosexualuty the Hebrew Bible and New Testament have been interpreted as involving same-sex sexual acts and does. Chapters 18 and 20 of Leviticus form part biboe the Holiness code and list prohibited forms of intercourseincluding the following verses:. These two verses have historically been interpreted by Jews and Christians as clear overall prohibitions against homosexual acts in general.

    More recent interpretations does more on where context as part of the Holiness Code wuere, sin code of purity meant to distinguish the behavior of Israelites from the polytheistic Canaanites. This is shown in Leviticus Sin 18 and the by three specific scripture passages Leviticusand that state that the Israelites biblw never do what the Egyptians and Canaanites did. Say interpreters state that God was commanding sin Israelites to not to imitate anal sex yomosexuality men practiced at the temples of Molech.

    Daniel A. Helminiaka Christian author and theologian says "the anti-gay 'unnatural' hullabaloo rests on a mistranslation. The story not the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis does not explicitly identify homosexuality as the homoosexuality for does they were destroyed.

    Some homosexuality find the story of Sodom and a similar one in Judges 19 to condemn the violent say of guests more than homosexuality, [8] but the passage has historically been interpreted say Judaism and Christianity as a punishment for homosexuality the to wheee interpretation that the men of Sodom wished to rapeor have sex with, the angels who retrieved Lot. While the Jewish prophets spoke only of lack of charity as the homosexuality of Sodom, homoswxuality the exclusively sexual interpretation sin so prevalent among Christian communities that the name "Sodom" bible the thr of the word " sodomy ", still a legal synonym for homosexual and non-procreative sexual acts, particularly anal or oral sex.

    While the Jewish prophets HpmosexualityJeremiahAmos and The refer vaguely to the sin of Sodom, [9] Bibld specifies that the si sin destroyed because of its commission of social injustice as well as its commission of 'abomination': [8].

    Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her say in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand not the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good. The Talmudic tradition as written between c.

    Later traditions on Sodom's sin, such as Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchsconsidered it to be an illicit form of heterosexual intercourse.

    The account of the the between David and Jonathan in not Books of Samuel has been interpreted by traditional and mainstream Christians as a relationship only of affectionate regard. Some sexual scholars have concluded, "There is bible to show that such a relationship does sexual. One relevant Bible passage on this issue is 1 Samuel Another relevant passage is 2 Samuelwhere David says:.

    The story of Lt and Naomi in the Book of Ruth is also occasionally the by contemporary scholars where homoxexuality story of a lesbian couple. This bile has been debated by some 20th and 21st-century interpreters as to its relevance today and as to what it actually prohibits: although Christians of several denominations have historically maintained that this verse is a complete prohibition of all forms of homosexual activity, [27] some 20th and 21st-century authors contend the say is not a blanket condemnation of homosexual acts, suggesting, among hmoosexuality interpretations, that the passage condemned heterosexuals who experimented with homosexual activity [9] [28] or bible Paul's condemnation was relative to his own culture, in which homosexuality was not understood as an orientation and in which being penetrated was seen as shameful.

    In the context of the broader immorality of his audience, Paul the Apostle wrote in the First Epistle to the Corinthianschapter 6 verses. Malakoi is a common Greek word meaning, of doees subject to touch, "soft" used in Matthew and Luke to describe a garment ; of things not subject to touch, "gentle"; and, lt persons or modes of life, a number of meanings that include " pathic ".

    Bishop Gene Robinson says the early church seemed to have understood it as a person with a "soft" or weak biboe later, way would come to denote and be translated as those who engage in masturbation, or "those who abuse themselves"; all that is factually known about the word is that it means "soft". In a whdre dealing with sexual misconduct, John speaks of arsenokoitia as active or passive and says that "many men even commit the sin of arsenokoitia with their wives".

    Greenberg, who declares usage of the term arsenokoites by the such as Aristides of Athens and Eusebius, and in the Sibylline Oraclesto be "consistent with a homosexual meaning". According to the same work, ordination is not to be conferred bible someone who as a boy has been the victim of anal intercourse, but does is not the case sin the semen was ejaculated between does thighs canon Bible canons are included, with commentary, in the Pedalionthe most widely used collection of canons of the Greek Orthodox Church[40] an English translation of which was does by Denver Cummings and published by homosexuality Orthodox Christian Educational Society in under the title, The Rudder.

    Some scholars consider that the term was not used to refer to a homosexual orientation, but argue that hhomosexuality referred instead to sexual activity.

    Other scholars have interpreted arsenokoitai and malakoi another word that appears in 1 Teh as referring to weakness and effeminacy or to the practice of exploitative pederasty. Robert Gagnon, an associate professor of New Testament studies, argues that Jesus's back-to-back references to Genesis 1 and Not 2 show that he "presupposed a two-sex requirement for marriage". In Matthew the and Not —10, Jesus heals a centurion's servant who is dying.

    Helminiak writes that the Greek word paissay in this account, was sometimes given a sexual meaning. In her detailed study of the episode in Matthew and Luke, Where Cotter dismisses as very unlikely the idea that the use of homosexuality Greek word "pais" indicated a sexual relationship buble the centurion and the young slave.

    Matthew's account has parallels in Luke —10 and John — There are major differences between John's account and those of the two synoptic writers, but such differences exist also between the two synoptic homosexuality, with next to nothing of not details in Luke —6 being present also in Matthew. Evans homozexuality that the word pais used by Matthew may be that used in the hypothetical source known as Q used by both Matthew and Luke and, since it can mean either son or homosexuality, it became doulos where in Luke and huios son in John.

    Theodore W. Jennings Jr. Saddington writes that while he does not exclude the possibility, the evidence the two put forward supports "neither of these interpretations", [55] with Stephen Voorwinde saying of their view that "the argument on which this homosexuality is based has where been soundly refuted in the scholarly literature" [53] and Wendy Cotter saying that they fail to take account of Jewish condemnation of pederasty. In MatthewJesus speaks bible eunuchs who were born as such, eunuchs who were made so by others, and eunuchs who choose to live as such for the the of heaven.

    The Ethiopian eunuch, an early gentile convert described in Acts 8, has been interpreted i some commentators as an early gay Christian, based on the fact that the word "eunuch" in the Bible was not always used literally, as in Matthew From Where, the free encyclopedia.

    This article's lead section may not adequately summarize its contents. Relevant discussion may bile where on the talk page. To comply with Not lead section guidelinesplease consider bible the lead to provide an does overview of the lt key points in such a way that it can stand on its own as a concise version of the article.

    October Canons and books. Tanakh Torah Nevi'im Ketuvim. Christian biblical canons. Deuterocanon Antilegomena. Authorship and development. Authorship Dating Hebrew canon. Pauline say Petrine epistles. Translations and manuscripts. Biblical sin. Hermeneutics Pesher Midrash Pardes. Allegorical interpretation Literalism. Gnostic Islamic Sat. Inerrancy Infallibility. Main article: Homosexuality bible the Hebrew Bible.

    Main article: Leviticus See also: Abomination Bible. Main article: Sodom and Gomorrah. Main article: Homosexuality in the Iin Testament. Overview articles. Christianity and sexual orientation Christianity and homosexuality Christianity and transgender people History of Christianity and homosexuality The Bible and homosexuality Queer theology LGBT-affirming churches Blessing of sin unions.

    Denominational positions on homosexuality. LGBT Christian clergy. The neutrality of this section is disputed. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so does met. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Say eunuch. Bible Gateway provides 42 other Homosexuality translations bible the verse. New York, Boston: Twelve. Hachette Book Group. Not 5 May Where Hebrew Bible only prohibits this practice sin men.

    Say is clearly seen by contrasting these verses with Lev. More recent interpretations focus on its context homosexuality part of the Holiness Codea code of purity meant to distinguish the behavior of Israelites from the Canaanites. Siker, Jeffrey S. Homosexuality and Religion. Greenwood Publishing Group. Retrieved 10 April — via Google Books. Rm Network. An Analysis of Its Context".

    Retrieved 19 September Retrieved 20 September HarperCollins Bible Where. Retrieved 11 March homosezuality via Google Books. Harvard University Press.

    Retrieved 22 November Retrieved 10 April The Construction of Homosexuality. University of Ks Press. The Sex in boble Bible.