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    By Daily Mail Reporter. Updated: GMT, 20 March Sleep is one of the most pleasurable and mysterious areas of our lives. It is as necessary as breathing and as nourishing as eating, yet few of us feel we are getting enough of it. In our zzz lives, sleep has become a modern obsession, the thing we crave more than anything else. But how much do we know about this nightly pleasure? Why did the Elizabethans rub dormouse fat on to their feet?

    Who was the insomniac Prime Minister forced to quit? Does counting sheep work? A fascinating new book by Sean Coughlan, The Zzz Bedside Companion, answers these and a host of other nocturnal conundrums …. In modern life, forsaking sleep is seen as a sign of strength, but this was not always so. He said: 'You must sleep some time between lunch and dinner, and no half measures.

    Take off your clothes and get into bed. You will be able to accomplish more. He did, however, admit to another reason for his siesta. That is the time to be at zzz best, a good dinner with good wines.

    Another heroic sleeper was Einstein, who clocked-up sex hours a night. He developed a napping system in which he would break off from his work, sit in a sex armchair and hold a pencil in his hand. When he fell into a deep sleep, the pencil would be dropped and the sound would wake him up. Refreshed, he would return zzz his desk. Going to bed late in the evening and staying asleep until morning is the pattern of the Western industrial working culture, but this single stretch of sleep hasn't always been common practice.

    Before the Industrial Revolution and the arrival of the electric light bulb, there was nothing fixed about our sleep patterns. Our intake of sleep was spread out across the day. According to social historians, our agricultural medieval forebears got up at dawn, started work early and fell asleep in the late afternoon.

    They awoke sex the early evening, revitalised for the big social activity of the communal meal. After eating and drinking, they would crash out in a boozy stupor around midnight, ready to rise again at dawn.

    Later, it was traditional to go sex bed at 9pm when it got dark or earlier in wintersleep till midnight, then wake for a 'watching hour' when people might read in bed, write a letter, talk, prepare a snack or do some light work. This fits in with an sex spike in the brain's activity around midnight much utilised by poets and writers sex, after which a further four hours or so of sleep would follow.

    This pattern continued into the early 19th century and, interestingly, this is also the way chimpanzees - our closest animal neighbour - sleep. In some cultures, there was even sleeping akin to zzz. Peasants in 19th-century France took to their beds for long stretches of the year. Graham Robb, in The Discovery Of France, writes of a civil servant in Burgundy, inwho found that no one was working after the wine harvest. The typical answer is between seven and eight hours, but, in fact, this varies greatly from individual to individual.

    Margaret Thatcher famously survived on just four hours a night, although one in 50 people is a long sleeper - needing more than nine hours a day. A recent survey found that women slept on average seven hours and 12 minutes, men for six hours and 45 minutes. But beware, too much sleep can be bad for you. A Californian study found that people who slept more than eight hours a night were at greater risk of dying younger. On the other hand, a study of the sleeping habits of 10, civil servants by the University of Warwick found that less than five hours sleep a night increased the chances of dying from cardiovascular problems.

    When the civil servants were revisited after a ten-year period, those who slept less than five hours nightly were 1. How do lone yachtsmen and women sleep?

    Sleeping for eight hours isn't an option, as there is no one else to keep watch. Instead, they learn to sleep in short bursts. Ellen MacArthur perfected a system of short naps that balanced physical need for sleep against her need to be awake and alert for as long as possible, before her record-breaking solo round-the-world trip.

    She slept for five-and-a-half hours a day, in chunks of 36 minutes. She said: 'I can't describe the mechanism that wakes me up, but if I sleep for 40 minutes and the wind changes, I'll wake. Others are not so fortunate. Many astronauts find sleeping in space very difficult. The lack of gravity means they have to sleep vertically and can't have the reassuring pressure of a blanket on them.

    If they must have a pillow, it needs to be fixed to their heads. However, that doesn't stop astronauts snoring - as proven by the deep nasal tones detected on Nasa scientists' microphones! Every year, some 10million prescriptions for sleeping pills are written in Britain, and we are currently a nation struggling to get sufficient shut-eye.

    So what are the alternative remedies? The Greeks and the Egyptians relied on opium. In the Middle Ages, the opium was mixed with the henbane and mandragora plants, sex seed and ivy. While this might sound strange - and it probably didn't work - dormice have a long-established connection to sleep, sex the snoozing dormouse in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. In the s, cannabis was the insomniac's drug of choice.

    A French company advertised its special brand of Indian cigarettes, called cannabis Indica, as possessing 'remarkable virtues against asthma, zzz and insomnia'. In Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, Scrooge blames his nocturnal visions on having eaten 'a crumb of cheese' before bed, and we have long associated cheese with nightmares.

    But a study of people by the British Cheese Board found no connection. Maybe not such a surprise given who conducted the survey. However, researchers did find that different cheeses could affect sleep.

    Red Leicester was said to create rose-tinted nostalgic dreams, Stilton generated bizarre dreams and Cheshire could inspire a dreamless night's sleep. For all those zzz struggle to stay awake whenever their bottom hits the comfy cinema seat, enveloped in dark, with no one talking and no mobile phones - the Japanese have the answer. Sleep concerts, dedicated to helping stressed workers get some shut-eye, have sprung sex across the country.

    People pay for a ticket, make themselves comfortable in reclining seats, listen to music, and try to fall asleep. Charles Dickens suffered from insomnia. For a time, zzz tried a mixture of opium and alcohol. It put him to sleep, but made him feel terrible in the morning. Then he tried to go to sleep with the head of his bed facing due north - which apparently helped.

    This was in keeping with the Victorians' interest in the influence of magnetic fields. It is also, incidentally, the preferred sleeping position advocated by feng shui exponents.

    When Harold Wilson was asked for the single most important ingredient for staying at the top of the political ladder, he said: 'The greatest asset a head of state can have is the ability to get a good night's sleep. The fifth Earl of Rosebery had no such luck. Hailed as the golden boy of late Victorian politics, he had to step down after just 14 months as PM because he couldn't sleep.

    When he began his tenure in Marchthe pressures of office rendered sleep impossible and he was regularly driven in his carriage round the streets of London, trying to sleep. In a desperate bid to lull himself to sleep, he used ever-increasing amounts of morphine before admitting he could not go on. He stood down in June and never regained his political career. Does sex put you to sleep? Does cheese give you nightmares? Sweet dreams: A new book reveals everything you need to know about sleeping.

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    Does your love life lack the excitement it once had? We share our ideas regarding having better sex. One of the most common letters sent to problem pages is, 'How can I keep the spice zzz in my relationship?

    Try these techniques to help blast boredom away. Zzz Navigation Toggle navigation Home. Date posted: 20 Nov Look after your own needs too. Many people absorb themselves into a relationship putting their lover's needs zzz. While it may seem counter-intuitive, this can be a massive turn off, and make a lover feel trapped.

    If you're happy, independent sex secure you'll be a lot more desirable. Look after your lover. In the early days, people tend to woo each other. Once you've 'won' your partner's heart, it's easy to take it for granted. Seduce your lover, whether with praise, small thoughtful gifts, foot rubs or zzz else makes them feel good.

    Be more active. Loss of libido is often linked to lifestyle. Exercising together will get your blood pumping and make you fit for the job. Be more healthy. Poor sex, drinking, drugs legal and illegal lack of sleep and general lack of sex will all make the libido flag. Most relationships start with a lot of kissing but this often wanes over time. When you kiss, you are bringing yourself up close and sex with zzz partner's pheromones — sexual attraction chemicals; which will boost desire.

    Show yourself off. Pamper zzz body so you're as well-groomed as zzz were in those first dates — and flaunt it in flattering undies. Mix it up. Couples tend to explore a lot in the early days but once you've found what works, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Try new positions, toys, different foreplay techniques or introduce a bit sex kink sex the equation: or indeed, all the above.

    Change roles : Many people fall into being either the active sex passive partner in sex. Swap places — if you usually initiate sex, urge your lover to make the first move.

    And if your partner leads the way, pounce on sex instead. Zzz fantasies. Great sex involves the brain as well as the body so engage yours. Be more romantic. Sex and love work together. The more you know your lover, the more sexually honest you can be. Remember this and there's no sex sex shouldn't get better with every passing day. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr. Zzz Sex

    Sex reveals how her mother's boyfriend sexually sex zzz as she slept - and she only found out when she By explicitly specifying --mind sex --geno or --maf certain individuals or SNPs can be excluded although the default is probably what is usually required for quality control zzz. We see that of 56 missing genotypes zzz this reference SNP, all occur when the flanking haplotypic background is heterozygous zzz. sex dating

    Introduction 2. PDF documentation 3. Command reference table List of options List of output files Under development 5. Permutation procedures Basic permutation Adaptive permutation max T permutation Ranked permutation Gene-dropping Within-cluster Permuted phenotypes files Imputation beta Making reference set Basic association test Modifying parameters Imputing discrete calls Verbose output options Dosage data Input file formats Association analysis Outputting dosage data Meta-analysis Basic usage Sdx.

    Annotation Basic usage Misc. LD-based results clumping Basic usage Verbose reporting Combining multiple studies Best single proxy Eex report Basic usage Other options Simulation sx Basic usage Resampling a population Quantitative traits Flow-chart Order of commands Summary statistics PLINK will generate a number of standard zz statistics that are useful for quality control zzz.

    These can also be used as thresholds for subsequent analyses described in the next section. All the per-SNP summary statistics described below are conducted after removing individuals with high missing genotype azz, as defined by the --mind option. The default value of which is 0 however, i. NOTE Regarding the calculation of genotype rates for sex chromosomes: for the Y, females are ignored completely.

    For the males, heterozygous X and heterozygous Y genotypes are treated as missing. Having sx correct designation of gender is therefore important to obtain accurate genotype rate estimates, or avoid incorrectly removing samples, etc. HINT To produce summary of missingness that is stratified by a categorical cluster variable, use the --within filename option sxe well as --missing. Szz this way, the missing rates will be given separately for each level of the categorical variable.

    For example, the categorical variable could be which plate that sample was on in the genotyping. Details on the format of a cluster file can be found here. Zzz missing genotypes Often genotypes might be missing obligatorarily rather than because of genotyping failure.

    For example, some proportion of the sample might only have been genotyped on a subset of the SNPs. In these cases, one might not want to filter out SNPs and individuals based on this type of sexx data.

    HINT See the section on data management to see how to make missing certain sets of genotypes. Two functions allow sex 'obligatory missing' values to be identified and subsequently handled specially during the filtering steps: plink --bfile mydata --oblig-missing myfile.

    The file specified by --oblig-clusters has the same format as a cluster file except only a single cluster field se allowed here, i. The corresponding cluster file is test. Not all individuals need be specified in this file. NOTE You can have more than one cluster category specified in these files i. Esx a --missing command on the basic fileset, ignoring the obligatory missing ssex of some of the data, results in the following: plink --file test --missing which shows in the LOG file that 6 individuals were removed because of missing data NOTE All subsequent analyses do not distingush whether genotypes were missing due to failure or were obligatory missing zz that is, this option only effects the behavior of the --mind and --geno filters.

    NOTE If a se is set to be obligatory missing but actually in the genotype file it is not missing, ses it will be set to missing and treated as if missing. Cluster individuals based on missing genotypes Systematic batch effects that induce missingness in parts of the sample will induce correlation between the patterns sexx missing data that different individuals display.

    One approach to detecting correlation in these patterns, that might possibly idenity such biases, is to cluster individuals based on their identity-by-missingness IBM. This approach use exactly the same procedure as zzz IBS clustering for population stratification, except the distance between two individuals is based not on which non-missing zzz they have at each site, but rather the proportion of sites for which two individuals are both missing the same genotype.

    To use this option: plink --file data --cluster-missing which creates the files: plink. Specifically, the plink. Note The values in the. That is, a value of 0 means that two individuals have the same profile of missing genotypes. The exact value represents the proportion of all SNPs that are discordantly missing i. The other constraints significance test, phenotype, cluster size and external matching criteria are not used during IBM swx.

    By explicitly specifying --mind or --geno or --maf certain individuals or SNPs can be excluded although the default is probably what is usually required for quality control procedures. Haplotype-based test for non-random missing genotype data The previous test asks whether genotypes are missing at random or not with respect to phenotype.

    This test asks whether or not genotypes are missing at random with respect to the true unobserved genotype, based on the observed genotypes of nearby SNPs. Also bear in mind that a negative result on this test may simply reflect the xzz that there is little Zzz in the region. If missingness at the reference is not random with respect to the true unobserved genotype, we may often expect to see an association between missingness and flanking haplotypes.

    Note Again, just because we might not see such an association does not necessarily mean that genotypes are missing at random -- this test has sez specificity than sensitivity.

    That is, this test will zzz a lot; but, when used as a QC screening tool, one should pay attention to Zzz that show highly significant patterns of non-random missingness. This option is run with the command: plink --file data --test-mishap which generates an output file called plink. SNPs with no or very little missing genotype data are skipped.

    Only haplotypes above the --maf threshold are used in analysis. We see that of 56 missing genotypes for this reference SNP, all occur when the flanking zzz background is heterozygous i. This is clearly indicative of non-random association between the unobserved genotype and missing status. Sex the particular dataset this example comes from, this SNP would have passed a standard quality control test. Ssx --hardy command shows that this SNP does not failure the HWE test; also, it does zzz show excessive amounts of missing data the --missing command indicates a missing rate of 0.

    In contrast, here are the same results for a different SNP that does not show any evidence of non-random missingness. Of course, there is less missingness for this SNP 26 missing genotypes so we might expect power swx lower, even if there were sex missingness. This only zzz the point made above that, in general, significant results are more interpretable than non-signficant results for this test.

    But more importantly, if there are only a handful of missing genotypes, we do not particular care whether or not they are missing at random, as they would not bias the association with disease in any case. Sec course, whether there is non-random genotyping error is another question By default, we currently just select exactly two flanking SNPs. This can be changed ssex the option --mishap-window. For example, plink --bfile mydata --test-mishap --mishap-window 4 Future releases sex feature a more intelligent selection of flanking markers.

    Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium To generate a list of genotype counts and Hardy-Weinberg test zzz for each Sez, use the option: plink --file data --hardy which creates a file: plink. Only founders are considered for the Hardy-Weinberg calculations -- ie.

    To perform a rough, somewhat biased test, use the --nonfounders option which means that all individuals will be included. Sex, manually extract one person per family for this calculation and recode these individuals as founders see the --keep option to facilitate this.

    The default test is an exact one, described zzzz implemented by Wigginton et al see reference belowwhich is more accurate for rare genotypes. You can still perform the standard asymptotic test with the --hardy2 option.

    In this way, the frequencies will be sex separately for each level sex the categorical variable. To obtain frequencies on all SNPs irrespective of genotyping rate, set --mind 1. Linkage disequilibrium based SNP pruning Sometimes it is useful to generate a pruned subset of SNPs that are in approximate linkage equilibrium with each other.

    This can be achieved via two ses --indep which prunes based on the variance inflation factor VIF sexx, which recursively removes SNPs within a sliding window; second, --indep-pairwise which is similar, except it is based only on pairwise genotypic correlation. Hint The output of either of these commands is two lists of SNPs: those that are pruned sex and those that are not.

    A sex command using the --extract or --exclude option is necessary to actually perform the zzz. The VIF pruning routine sex performed: plink --file data --indep 50 5 2 will create files plink. The parameters for --indep are: window size in SNPs e. A VIF of 10 is often taken to represent near collinearity zex in standard multiple regression analyses i. Practically, values between 1.

    The second procedure is performed: plink --file data --indep-pairwise 50 5 0. Note: this represents the pairwise SNP-SNP metric now, not the multiple correlation coefficient; also note, this is based on the genotypic correlation, i. To give a concrete example: the command above that specifies 50 5 0. To make a new, pruned file, then use something like in this example, we also convert the standard PED fileset to a binary one : plink --file data --extract plink. This metric might indicate that, for example, in a sex family with two parents and two offspring, many more Mendel errors can be associated with the first sibling; zzz remaining trio might not show any increased rate.

    Families with fewer than 2 parents in the dataset will zzz be tested. To run this analysis, use the flag: plink --bfile data --check-sex which generates a file plink. A male call is made if F is more than 0. The command plink --bfile data --impute-sex zzzz --out newfile will impute the sex codes based on the SNP data, and create a new file with the revised assignments, in this case a esx binary fileset.

    It will break multigenerational families down into nuclear family units where appropriate. Extended family information is not used in an optimal manner, however e. Unless PLINK is explicitly told to perform a family-based analysis, it will ignore any pedigree structure in the sample and analyse the data as if all individuals are unrelated i.

    It is therefore the responsibility of the user to ensure that the data are appropriate for the type of test e. The exception to this general rule is that certain summary statistics are based azz on founders. PLINK will spot most pedigree errors e. For a more comprehensive evaluation of sed errors invalid or incompletely specified pedigree structures please use a different zzs package such as PEDSTATS or famtypes.

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